I am 23 weeks pregnant, and what do I do? This is a common question faced by many. Firstly, let us congratulate you on this phase. At this stage, it is common to have several general problems, including vomiting, dizziness, constipation, nausea, etc. Many in this stage are not quite sure what they mean and when to worry and when not to. The worry now here is an end to your concerns.

You know you would have noticed many physical and emotional changes in your body along with the start of the baby’s movements, which will gradually increase with time. Are you excited to know more about it?? Have a look at the below-mentioned segment of your 23 weeks pregnancy!!

Table of content:

  1. Months &Trimester indicating for 23 Weeks Pregnant
  2. Physical And Psychological Changes (symptoms)
  3. 23 Weeks Pregnant baby size & weight
  4. Baby & Belly looks like in 23 Weeks Pregnancy
  5. Baby Positioning during 23 weeks of Pregnancy
  6. Pregnancy Diet and Exercises during 23 weeks pregnant
  7. Medical tests & Scan while 23 Weeks Pregnancy
  8. Precautions to take during 23 weeks of pregnancy
  9. Tips For 23rd Week Of Pregnancy
  10. Risks to face during 23 Weeks Pregnancy
  11. Checklists During 23 weeks Pregnant

Months and Trimester Indicating for 23 Weeks Pregnant:

My pregnancy stage at 23 weeks is here. Pregnancy is often tracked on per weekly basis. Tracking fertility every month results in inaccurate and inappropriate data that follows the growth rate of the baby. Henceforth, doctors or medical practitioners study fetal development on per weak basis. Besides, many women often get confused with their exact pregnancy month. If you have entered the 23rd-week pregnancy, this means that you are about to start the sixth month of this beautiful journey which will last till the 27th week of your pregnancy.


Physical and Psychological Changes in 23 Week Pregnant Lady (Symptoms):

The 23rd week of your pregnancy is easy to deal with, as your body gets habitual and adaptive towards the pregnancy. However, you would still be witnessing 23 weeks of pregnancy symptoms and below listed are the most common physical and psychological changes during this week. Have a look!!!

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1. Oedema:

At around this time, you might suffer from swelling in your limbs, especially the feet region. This condition is called oedema, which is formed by water retention in the body. However, this is not a serious condition and might not even bother you much. To prevent this condition from happening, don’t worry much and make sure you have a cold compress around to handle the situation. Try to switch to liquid through fruits instead of the usual water. That should help too.

2. Back Pain:

Another among many of the symptoms of 23 weeks of pregnancy is back pain. At around this time, the mother will feel a crushing back pain, which makes the back or lower abdomen stiff and red in pain. It may be because of the passing weeks the baby is growing. By the end of this week, your baby will be a full pound with almost 9 to 10 cm measurements. This change calls for extra space in the uterus, and while the baby craves more space, it pushes the back spine and girdles, which causes pain. To get relief from this, sleep on your side instead of your back. Use a pillow for support at all times to get rid of your backache and ease the discomfort.

3. Weight Gain:

This is the time your baby will be growing a layer of fat underneath its skin, which makes the mother prone to gain a bit of weight too. By now you will feel the load of your baby bump. Preventing weight gain during pregnancy is impossible, but you can change that with a twist of diet. Start by switching over to salads instead of cheese sandwiches for a snack. Cut down on the carbs, and bam! You are good to go. However remember, healthy weight gain should be associated with the week of pregnancy.

4. Urine Frequency:

Another in 23 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms are the frequency of urine. The size of your uterus is expanding every passing day. At this time, one of the most common symptoms is feeling the pressure of urination at frequent intervals. This is the time when you will have many bathroom breaks. But, at the same time, you will also seek the fridge for a little snack right after brunch and lunch as your appetite gets affected. Happening like this will be normal and nothing to get worried about. A better way to overcome this situation is to limit the water intake, and this doesn’t mean to be stop drinking water. You should rely on fruits and some other natural sources for hydration. Taking fruits will help you to break down the excretory system that curbs your rush into the bathroom every time.

5. Dream Weaver:

For the second trimester, by the 23rd week, a lot of women get to be part of weird dreams that their sleep centres weave for them. The thoughts are barely close to reality and are usually manifestations of stress. Of course, even though they are harmless, they can affect you mentally. Your baby isn’t part of your dreams yet, but he or she might be soon, so try to sleep by thinking of something positive. To overcome evil thoughts, do not interpret dreams or try to connect them with reality since that is a terrible decision, and you will end up regretting it.


23 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size and Weight:

It’s completely normal that your bump size grows with the development of the fetus. And it can be examined and validated by a few measurements accounting for the average length of the baby coupled with the average weight. The 23 weeks pregnant baby’s weight is expected to measure about 28.9 centimetres from crown to heel. Whereas his average weight will be around 500 grams. If we compare the 23-weeks pregnant baby size with a fruit or a vegetable, he or she will be the equivalent of a large-sized eggplant.


Baby and Belly Looks Like in 23 Weeks Pregnancy:

The weight gain process is a healthy body change by this week. On average, the weight gain by this week, the main range from 12 to 15 pounds. But, if you are expecting 23 weeks pregnant with twins, the average weight gain should be at least 23 pounds to favour the smooth growth of the babies. Additionally, you may also notice the belly size change this week. On average, 23 wks pregnant belly size full measures about 21 to 25 centimetres from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus.


Baby Positioning During 23 Weeks of Pregnancy:

I am sure everyone is excited about 23 weeks pregnant baby movement. Here the development may be associated with the full development of the fetus’s face along with the formation of tiny nipples on the baby’s chest. Studies revealed that the baby is now capable enough to listen to the heartbeat of the mother along with other sounds like barking dogs, car honking, etc. the 23 weeks pregnant baby’s position also starts to vary.23 weeks pregnant what to expect? Other changes in the 23-week fetus include:

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1. Hearing Capability:

Since the baby’s hearing capabilities have developed by this week, it is suggested that a mother should get into a habit of reading books and talking to the fetus. By this time, the baby’s ear bones should have a distinct shape and are expected to become harder to perceive sounds. You can also play nursery rhymes or soft music for your baby. It is reported that after the delivery, these similar sounds will be beneficial in calming down your baby or putting him or her to sleep.

2. Skin Formation:

This stage of pregnancy is also suitable for the baby’s skin formation process. By this time a slightly reddish one will be formed on your baby’s skin, owing to the veins and the blood rushing beneath fragile skin. However, the surface still lacks actual colour due to its early age of formation. Besides, the absence of air and body fat results in making the skin a bit soggier, which will also be filled by the end of this week.

3. Formation of Keratin:

Keratin refers to the smooth layer of the body that aids in the skin-tightening process and assures hair growth without any complications. This essential protein naturally incorporates into babies.

4. Deep Breaths are important:

By this time of pregnancy, your baby’s heartbeat will grow stronger along with the smooth functioning of the lungs. Henceforth, it is essential for the mother to breathe well to ensure and enhance lung functioning. Pneumocystis, essential lung cells are formed during this phase of pregnancy. However, the baby will be capable enough to breathe on its own in the later weeks of the pregnancy. Twenty-three weeks pregnant fetal movements are also commonly associated in this stage with the baby moving and kicking around often.

5. Amniotic Fluid:

Steady growth is also noticed for amniotic fluids, which are responsible for feasting purposes for your baby. However, it’s not a matter of concern that it might get into your baby’s mouth. You will be astonished to know that the amniotic fluid keeps on cleansing itself about 6 to 7 times a day.


Pregnancy Diet and Exercises During 23 Weeks Pregnant:

A pregnant lady should focus on a healthy and complete diet full of proteins, carbohydrates, and fibres. 23 weeks pregnant pains in mild nature due to kicking may be normal and hence exercise along with diet is quite required. Further, 23 weeks pregnant weight gain is healthy. These essential nutrients will maintain your sound health and will nourish the fetus too. Similarly, the pregnant lady should also practice yoga or exercise daily to be stress-free, pain-free and anxiety-free during her pregnancy.


Let us know what the 23 week pregnancy diet should consist of. By the 23rd week of pregnancy, your diet should be modified with the intake content of micro-nutrients like zinc, calcium, and iron to maintain the proper health of the fetus. In the case of non-vegetarian pregnant ladies, their diet is suggested with the consumption of lean meat and white fish to cover protein intake. However, the use of raw seafood, beef products, and pork meat should be avoided entirely.

On the contrary, vegetarian mothers can rely on tofu, soy products, and spinach to cover up their requirements for essential nutrients. Also, dietitians also focus on the involvement of zinc content in the diet for a pregnant lady; as it is beneficial in the cell development of the fetus.

Apart from green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits, dairy products should also be consumed by pregnant ladies to fulfil the requirement of calcium content by the body, as it results in the development of teeth and bones of your unborn baby. However, if the mother is with lactose intolerance, it is essential for her to consult the doctor about it so that the doctor or the physician can prescribe her other calcium supplements.

Apart from the food mentioned above products, a pregnant lady can also lean on fresh juices, healthy snacks and a limited amount of soft drinks.


What is 23 week pregnant exercise consisted of? Here are some clues which may help you out.

  • Squats are the smarter choice, this month, as they offer flexibility. You can get relaxed by doing the tasks for the thighs and pelvic area.
  • Yoga is the best way to enhance your body’s elasticity and endurance power. This yoga practice gives a better mind for the delivery.
  • If you do heavy exercises, then walk at a slow pace at the park.
  • Doing the Kegal exercise at this stage will be the best option which will keep your muscles around the vagina and rectum that gains more flexibility enduring the delivery strains.
  • You can take out the usual stretching exercises as they will be very safe during these months that will not cause any effects.


Medical Tests and Scan while 23 Weeks Pregnancy:

Most medical checkups will be very routine and given you have been doing them for the last six months now; you will be used to the procedure. At this stage, some final tests will be carried on to determine the right position of the baby. 23 weeks pregnant ultrasound may be recommended too. Most of counter medicines which will not cause harm to your baby can be taken with a doctor’s recommendation. Some of them are listed below.

  • Fever- Paracetamol or Acyclovir
  • Heartburn- Antacids
  • Constipation- Do avoid Laxatives and Mineral Oil. You can take drugs like Metamucil.
  • Cough- Dextromethorphan


Precautions To Take During 23 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Since it’s half to your pregnancy, you can be both nervous and excited at the same time. However, your body changes and anxiety may, at times, result in stress, which you should cope with deep breathing, light exercising, keeping calm, and taking good care of yourself.

To be on the safest side during this phase of pregnancy, the 23 weeks pregnancy precautions should be known along with a few tips for better care:

  • Consume a healthy diet enriched with nutrients.
  • Stay hydrated with at least 8 to 10 glasses of fluids every day.
  • Secure your car ride with a proper sitting position and a comfortable seat belt.
  • Make sure you have routine and regular health checkups.
  • Sleep well during night hours. However, you can also enjoy power naps during the day hours.
  • Be happy and enjoy your pregnancy.
  • Pamper yourself with maternity shopping.
  • Share your feelings with your partner to cut down on stress.


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Tips For 23rd Week Of Pregnancy:

However, there are a few precautions about which a to-be mother should be aware during the 23rd week of pregnancy. They are as follows:

  • Beware of the changes in the position of the centre of gravity as the baby will get affected when you try to change your sleeping position. This change might be seen hard the first time, but, as time goes on, this will become easy.
  • Make sure you cut out entirely on all alcohol. The first month was an easy take since your baby was still developing, but this month, things have to change.
  • Avoid eating anything raw that can prove to be harmful to you and your baby. You can eat various items like meat, fish and eggs and also vegetables like carrots.
  • Drink only pasteurized milk and make sure to talk to your doctor about the quantity beforehand to avoid complications.


Risks To Face During 23 Weeks of Pregnancy:

23rd week pregnant maybe the halfway close to your pregnancy, but still, it is an essential and crucial period for a mother. A few risks have to be taken care of to have sound health for the fetus. Pregnant women also face the risk of hypertension (CHTN), if hypertension was present before pregnancy. Hypertension state also increases the risk of fetal growth restriction, maternal outcomes and adverse fetal. Apart from this state, the risk of diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, and actual surgical problems are other risks linked to the 23rd week of pregnancy.


Checklists During 23 Weeks Pregnant:

Your checklist for this week’s pregnancy includes:

  • Keep your body hydrated with different fluids, including water, juices, soup, etc. and monitor the colour of your urine. As deep yellow-coloured urine indicates you to start drinking plenty of water, due to the increased requirements of your body.
  • Make sure to start your day by practising yoga or light exercises. This yoga session will loosen the tightening problem of the muscles and will also relieve stress from your body.
  • Avoid the intake of a heavy diet; instead, focus on many small meals throughout the day.
  • It’s a shopping period. Make sure you have ample maternity wear. Or else you can also purchase loose or large-sized clothes that are comfortable to wear. Do not wear tight clothes.


This change is primarily a first new step in the world of motherhood where first-time pregnant mothers are always having mix-and-match emotions from within. Amongst these confusions with sweet and sour moments, one should be careful about several things for the health of mother and baby. The starting line of motherhood is crossed only when the mother gets to hold her child in her arms for the first time. It is all about the time and in not much time when the mother gets to hold the baby, all pains and troubles are forgotten at a glance of the baby’s arrival. Hope this article has given you a good glance idea about 23 weeks pregnant. Do get back to us if any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Can I have a Baby at 23 Weeks?

Ans: Premature babies can also be born around 23-25 weeks of pregnancy. They may survive the delivery, and the delivery may have to be done for particular complications or health concerns. They require life support and related aspects from the doctors for survival.

Q2. How much Coffee can I take every day given that I am a Coffee Lover in my 23rd week?

Ans: You should try and limit the caffeine as much as possible. Have no more than 200 mg of coffee powder, which may be two small cups of coffee. But it is good to reduce this also slowly. Talk to your doctor about your health-related concerns in specific and how you can reduce the amount you can limit to.

Q3. How much weight should I have increased, ideally around 23 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Ans: You should have ideally been increasing four to seven kgs by now. This is the normal weight gain for many expectant mothers; however, the figures differ widely as per the case and health condition.


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