24 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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There is saying that nothing matches the beauty of a mother bearing her child and while the saying goes perfectly, there are often some hindrances that mask the events sweet fragrance. Looking at those happy faces in the glossy magazines, one thinks pregnancy can be quite the fun. But sadly it is only a matters time until the sweet thought of bearing a new life turns into hours of sleepless nights and pandemonium days.

24 Weeks Pregnant

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At first the pregnancy kicks off with the sperms race to the ovary. At this point this is all nothing but a scientific calculation of days within which the egg fertilized now travels to the ovary through the fallopian tubes and finding a suitable wall of the ovary also known as placenta, it plants itself there. This scientific procedure now adds an emotional touch to it when this egg or blastocyst transforms into an embryo and eventually into a fetus or a miniature human form. The baby fetus now grows every single day with a little bit of his developments being accomplished. Once the nine month period is over, the baby prepares itself to be taken out of his protective shell and into the arms of his loved ones.

This entire nine month worth of difficulty and bliss is in doctor terms counted on a week basis since it makes the frequent monitoring facility a lot easier. This way the latest to latest update can be received on a month’s notice. For this a total 40 weeks constitute nine months. This 40 weeks are further divided into three categories, that is the first second and third trimester which is based on the developmental stages of the baby. In this article we talk about the 24th week of the fetal development.

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What to Think About This Week:

Through the happy moments of shifting through pages of baby names, the sickening mornings arrive where at the crack of the dawn she runs to the bathroom emptying her. The morning sickness then slowly subsides and one thinks the nauseous feelings are now gone for good. But with the lessening of nausea comes the greater challenges like occasional mood swings and monster hunger along with depression or sadness which might even be a result of your body producing an excess of estrogen. The beautiful radiant glows of pregnancy as described in the magazines have reverse effects which pour out in the form of patches and spots and acnes.

Fetal Development of the Baby:

Being a 40 week count, by the 20th week one has already reached the halfway and as you pass the weeks the more closely you get to the final day. Some of the fetal developments in this stage are.

Growing Needs:

With the passing weeks your baby now has mastered the art of wanting its needs cleared. What was once nothing but a little ball of life now is weighing a good one and half pound with almost eight and half inches in length. However some babies might be over this weight or under. If it does not very much, there is no need to worry about weights. Now she slowly starts feeling cramped or crowded inside the uterus of the mother so probably this is the time you might feel a sudden punch or kick which is the baby, trying to make space. The formation of finger prints are still going on steady as is her heartbeat and lung completion. The air sacs in the lungs are filling out. Her body is proportional now.

Firmer Actions:

The skin which was just a good weeks ago transparent and too soft to touch is now slowly mastering the adult skin format as it gets its proper color and texture. The greasy white layer keeps on growing protecting the formation of this baby soft skin. Along with a steady beating heart and functioning liver, the baby’s senses are now picking up stuff, like sensitivity to light and sense of taste and touch. Her hearing ability is growing stronger too.

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Face Formation:

At around this time the long process of forming a face is now slowly completing itself with the perfect features falling like puzzles into a puzzle piece. The face now takes a distinct shape with the eyebrows and eyelashes forming and so is her pretty pink puckers. The eyes are getting their pretty shape. the hair in her head has formed too but it is still white since it has still not received the proper pigments.

Fat Deposition:

All this while the formation was at its top speed and once the formation process of the baby is rounding up to an end, the lean structure of your baby attracts more and more fat deposition for the baby’s proper health. At the end of week 24 you might see your baby plumper than last week and looking more healthy in those bouncy baby red cheeks.

Amniotic Fluid:

The baby will now be able to open its mouth and it will be able to suck the amniotic fluid on mom’s womb. The little one mouth can be opened; she/he can yawn, swallow and suck the amniotic fluid.


At this stage, legs and arms of your baby will be formed fully and the baby will try to go in the new position.

Symptoms of 24th Week Pregnancy and How to Overcome

The mother goes through changes to alongside the baby.


Every morning the mother wakes up to see her baby bump a bit more heavier and plumper than last time. This is because f the inner baby that is continuously going through changes. This causes a weird stretchy feel in the ovarian and abdomen muscle. This in medical term is known as the Braxton Hicks Contraction which might make the stretched area itchy and dry making it scratch.


While diabetes are a common sickness, often a condition called the gestation diabetes occurs in pregnant woman and this might be a good week to check in with your doctor regarding this matter.

Subsidiary Problems:

Often along with pregnancy comes substantial health problems like blurriness of eye, common cold and chills, heat burns or hot flashes etc.

Morning Sickness:

In the second trimester, the hormones will begin to level off and hence it will decrease the morning sickness. The uterus will shift upwards and hence the frequency of urinating will be low. But it also has some negatives, the flatulence and heartburn will get increased.


It is also referred as the “mask of pregnancy” and is a very common symptom during pregnancy. During this period, you might have noticed the discolored and brownish patches or some other marks on your foreheads, chin and cheeks. About 70% of the women will face this problem and if you hide yourself from sun exposure, these patches will not get darken. Chloasma will result as an increased level of production of melanin and that is nothing than a skin pigment which helps the people to protect themselves from the harmful UV rays.

24th Week Activities:

For pregnant women, moving each month will definitely be a challenge as they were swirling with lots of thoughts that come across their minds especially during the first pregnancy. The best thing to be done at this situation is to schedule the work of visiting the doctor at first. Next is to have more time with the family members and plan for a shopping in the upcoming months. Other than these will be not such important and you should need to maintain a good sleep, diet and also the exercise plans. When you are getting involved with works, try to reduce the strain caused by it.

You can have the time for refreshment by taking a walk in the evening or by cooking your favorite food. At the 24th week, you should be settled down with everything so that the next months will be moved well. Definitely the seldom will happen at your time. If you are working women, you could find yourself juggling that includes dilemmas, anxiety and hormonal changes. Have a regular checkup that makes your parenthood as a best thing.

Diet and Exercise for the 24th Week:

Diet plans-

1. Water level:

At this stage, you should not overlook at the hydration as you need to support the life present inside you. Having enough water will help you sustain that comes your way and makes you stay healthy for a longer time.

2. Iron and Vitamin B6:

If you are planning for a diet, make sure that it involves all the iron supplements with some changes. You can add eggs, beans, broccoli, and potatoes that add healthy benefits to your health. You can also try out some other options that include nuts and salmon.

3. Fiber:

When you are trying a bowel movement, you should intake the fiber rich contents that give a healthy change. You can east fruits like pomegranate, oranges, pine apple and watermelons.

4. Calcium:

During this stage, your child’s bone will get developed and hence, having fresh milk is very important that helps the baby bone growth. Milk is indeed as it is having the essential nutrients and milk foods as prescribed by the doctor. You can have the foods like yogurt, cheese and creams but you should take this twice in a week only. Also eat bananas through the month.

5. Meats:

During this time, taking meats will be the right choice especially the lean meats are the best for pregnant ladies.

Prenatal Exercise:

  • The pregnancy is not the correct time trying to lose the weight but the exercises will ease your pregnancy pain.
  • Walking and parental yoga will improve your posture and which will overcome the suffering of extra weight on the belly. These exercises also increase the circulation of blood.
  • The walk around will also relive your stress and energize your body.
  • It also strengthens the muscles during the delivery days. It will also make more confident on the time of delivery. It increases the chances of losing weight post pregnancy and make it easier process.

Sex During Pregnancy in 24th Week:

Having sex at this stage will be good only after getting the doctor consultation. If there is no problem then you can carry on as this is the way that brings back the intimacy which you have lost during the past few weeks. Feel free to talk with your partner as the parenthood is very essential for you at this stage.

Tips To Overcome Stress During Pregnancy:

  1. Try to keep your emotions under control at this stage. This will save you and your baby health too.
  2. Going and attending the parental classes will be the best ideas as this would help you move ahead smartly.
  3. During this stage, having the enough time for rest is highly recommended by the doctors as this will help you get cured against the stress.
  4. Daily, try to have a short walking with your partner which will enhance your mental health by reducing the stress.
  5. Discuss with your partner about the future plans like buying the essential things for your baby depending upon your financial situations.

Medical Treatments and Checkup:

At this stage, having your routine checkup is very essential as this will help you know about the right growth of your baby. You have to follow the same procedure which you have been undergone for the past six months. Try to avoid the medicines that harm your baby’s health and go with the best medicines as prescribed by your doctor.

  • Fever- Paracetamol or Acyclovir
  • Heartburn- Antacids
  • Constipation- Do avoid Laxatives and Mineral Oil. You can take drugs like Metamucil
  • Cough- Dextromethorphan

Tips and Precautions:

  1. Eat not more than 12 ounces of cooked food daily
  2. The alcohol during pregnancy may cause Fetal Alcohol syndrome. Babies with that syndrome may grow slowly and have learning problems, and abnormal facial features.
  3. You should watch regularly and maintain your health. Take the advice from the fitness advisers to maintain your hormonal craziness.
  4. Make sure that you are able to walk well as this is very important for you.
  5. Avoid eating raw foods and try to go with the sea foods. Be sure to avoid the beef and try to eat eggs and protein substances.

Pregnancy might be a difficult time for you, but not the hardest one. You will give birth to a beautiful child and start a family soon enough. That should give you good motivation to overcome all hurdles and keep you going. All the best.