When you wear a good dress, your look is always incomplete without something in your neck. Not everyone likes to wear heavy neck less. Chain is mostly preferred to keep the look simple and elegant. Gold chain is good to wear for any event or for daily basis. Gold is best when it is purest. 24k gold chains for men and women comes in all styles and patterns. It gives mesmerizing shine. It is not very bling because of its purity level.

9 Latest 24k Gold Chains in Trend:

Here look at our best 24k Gold Chains in different designs with images. Choose your loved one and wear it.

1. Wide Entwine Lock 24k Gold Chain:

Wide entwine lock 24k gold chain is entwining of thin chains. They are complex to look. They are also bulky and lit high on weight. They surely catch all attention. It is liked by most middle aged women and men. It suits healthy people. It is perfect for weddings and parties.

2. Duo Twine Cable 24k Gold Chain:

Duo twine cable 24k gold chain is similar to wide entwine lock 24k gold chain. The cable chains are bound together. They look less bulky. They are lighter. This makes them suitable to use on daily basis. Women can wear it on workplace too.

3. Smooth 24k Gold Chain :

Smooth 24k gold chain has smooth round finish. It is light and very elegant. They are perfect for daily use. You can add a small pendant to it. This chain is small to medium in length. Many working women wear it to office.

4. Dragon Ends 24k Gold Chain:

As the name suggest, Dragon ends 24k Gold Chain has ends like a dragon’s head. It is a men’s chain.  You may imagine it to be worn by a Chinese mafia. But it is not just him, many rappers wear it. The look is heavy and very tough. It is perfect for giving the street look.

5. Rope 24 Carat Gold Chain:

Rope has been traditional pattern in gold chains from ages. Many forms of ropes are seen here. Rope 24k gold chain is heavier as it made to look just like a rope. It even twists and turns like a rope. It is worn by the sexes. It is more liked by men as it little bulky.

6. 24k Cuban Gold Chain:

Cuban 24k gold chain is a man’s gold chain. Almost every man who wears chain, will have it. This style of chain is broad and flat. It looks heavy and complex. It is light and very easy going. By its name, it is a Cuban style.

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7. Beaded 24ct Gold Chain:

Sometimes chains are interlocked, twisted and entwined, but beaded 24k gold chain is made of small beads of gold. These beads are attached from end to end. They are beautiful and very classy. Women of all ages wear them. It is best substitute of neck less. The beads differ in size. They are hollow and solid both.

8. 24k Modern Gold Chain:

Many young women want a refreshing touch to the regular gold chain. Modern 24k gold chain is made in different styles. It can be flat beads, to floral and leaf structures. These are perfect for office wear. You can make a huge statement at a party with this modern jewellery art.

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9. 24k Gold Herringbone Chain:

Gold chain 24k herringbone is short gold chain. It is made by arranging rectangles of gold in fancy manner. This pattern is picked up from roads payments. This style of gold chain is worn by both the sexes. Men wear it because of its bulky look. Women like it because of its unique broad design.

24k Gold chains are something that any jewellery lover will have. It is mostly owned by all women. They most liked because it can be worn daily without any worry of allergy or dampening of shine. This chain may be costly but it is perfect to replace bulky wedding necklace. It has purest form of gold. 24k Gold chains can be worn on regular basis and for party also.


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