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25 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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In this world, the art of bringing a new life form alive is a miraculous nature’s creation where amongst all the pandemonium of the nine long months consumed by the process, the bliss of a mother and a blessed child is born from the mother’s insides and welcomed to the world outside. This is how the new being is birth and presented to the world. But the process of the new being, being made is a wonderful procedure filled with sweet and sour moments, some bitter feelings and a whole lot of emotions.

The being to be made and formed is at the early stage a lifeless form of alien speck trying to form a miniature human version. Often mothers especially in their first times have dedicated this moment and named it unfathomable. The worries of a woman stepping into motherhood for the first time have always been a step too difficult to be taken by her own. Luckily her mates and loved ones are always nearby her at this moment as she transits from a woman to a mother, a new role in her life being opened to her future.

25 weeks of pregnancy

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These long nine months of pregnancy calls for the baby to be monitored frequently with strict weekly doctor visits and charts of dos and don’ts. For this the medical associates count pregnancy in weeks not months. This way weekly and frequent monitoring is easy and available. Hence, the nine months turn into a 40 week deal. This is further divided into three trimesters or stages. The first trimester deals with the formation of the baby from a blastocyst to an embryo and then to a fetus.

What to Think About This Week:

For some this is a hard ride especially the first few months where the countless morning runs to the bathroom at the crack of the dawn only ended up in them emptying themselves every morning. Former to these they have had a long streak of sleepless nights where they have fought with sleep, insomnia winning every time. With changes occurring in the body, the mother realizes she can no longer join her friends for a Saturday night out or go trekking this weekend with her husband. This upsets her and amongst her haphazard emotions she realizes her appetite for a certain kind of desirable food has enhanced. However this is just for the early months until the mother slowly eases into her new life makes a bond with the kid growing and prospering inside of her and the magic to the journey is brought back.

Fetal Development of the Baby:

These formations of him, in the second trimester starts developing and then the third trimester shows the perfection being perfected and readied for welcome to the outside world. Within these times an ultrasound monitors the baby’s growth and development which can be seen and felt too by the mother. In week 25, you have already crossed the threshold of half time since 40 weeks is the mark. By now your 5 weeks ahead of half time with your baby still going through changes. In this week the probable changes and development will be:


The baby in his 25th week has mastered the art of hearing to almost perfection. By now his ear bones are strong and enduring and his nerves in the brain have developed enough for him to familiarize himself with the surrounding voices. The baby now has developed a strong recognition to the similar voices or rhythms like maybe a melody.

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Doctors say with the baby learning up new movements, he might even respond to your voice with a kick or a punch. He might soon be able to float around your sac on his free will. Worry not, it is completely safe.

Hair Color:

With the protein keratin integrated within the cells by the starting of this week your baby’s hair follicles maybe with or without hair now gets the proper pigments it requires. So by now, you may judge the hair color from the baby through ultrasound.

Baby Fat:

While the formation was going on your baby’s internal organs were being made and perfected. In that rush the baby was still skinny growing just skin over her muscles and veins. Now with the thin veiling of the so called skin becoming prominent this week, the sagging skin is slowly getting filled by an underlying layer of fat.


All this time we were talking about the functions of the lungs as a part of the breathing process and it being perfected for the baby to breathe properly but enough of mouth breathing! This week the baby will start with his own newly formed nostrils which were plugged in all this while. With the nostrils slowly opening, the baby now can breathe through his nose too.

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Weight Gain:

With the baby growing fat at a steady pace, the weight of the baby now grows more and more as you also feel your baby bump growing heavier and heavier.  He now weighs a little somewhere one and a half pounds.

Symptoms of 25th Week Pregnancy and How to Overcome:

With the baby there are significant symptoms the mother has to bear.

Hair Care:

Usually the pregnancy can be ugly on the face since at around this time certain patches form on the front that affects the face. But the good thing out of pregnancy is the long lustrous hair. Mothers have often felt their hair grow thicker and silkier more nourished and tamed than before. The trick to it is the hormonal changes due to which the hair that you shed on a normal day sticks to your head and refuses to let go. Your hair might be a mess, but the easiest way to get around it is to wrap your hair into neat buns as often as possible. Leaving them open mean more hair fall. Add Almond oil to your rescue potion, since it works wonders.


Breathlessness might be an issue at this time since the baby is continually growing giving you lesser time to adjust your internal organs. In a need for more space she pushes your internal organs to the side. With the stomach contents being pushed up, the lungs now have lesser place to expand properly which might now give you a suffocating feeling.Do not worry, try taking in nasal sprays and resting for stuffy nose and it will clear on its own soon enough. If your unsettling feeling doesn’t subside though, talk to your doctor about it.


With the stomach contents now being pushed more and more up, the stomach now nears the esophagus so that the food downed gets little time to process before dropping into the stomach. This might cause heat burns or indigestion. Indigestion is quite common now, it is better to avoid the foods that are sour and spicy. The excess salivation will make you to irritable to spit all time more than normal. Check your diet and try to minimize the foods that induce gastric acids.


Now is the time when it will all sink in. You are soon to be a mother. It is found that 33% of women are affected by clinical depression or anxiety disorder the treatment was seemed by 20% of the women. Inquiring the women’s state by the treatment providers are less. The symptoms are tricky to diagnose and hence it can be overlapped with the symptoms of pregnancy which include appetite, energy level, concentration, and sleep. It is recommended to get help if you experience persistent symptoms of depression and if you are unable to function normally. The classes will also help you know better about baby care before and after birth.


At this stage, you will tire out easily, but find troubles falling asleep. Not only it is harder to sleep but the sleep isn’t in a good quality once they doze off. Whatever the reason behind it but it is important to know that the insomnia is not going to hurt the baby. It is very normal and affects nearly 78% of women during pregnancy. The increased size of the abdomen is one of the major cause of insomnia and there are several reasons other than that like back pain, heart burn, frequent urination in night, hormonal changes etc.

25th Week Activities:

At the 25th week your baby will be in a size of soccer ball. The activities are limited since the stomach bump will make working very hard. You will be frequently urinating and spend most of the day in restrooms. There will be more fatigue and food carvings in this period. More checkups and testes are to be done with more exercises as well will be good. This stage of pregnancy should contain more sleep and rest with regular and well balanced diet and exercises.

Diet and Exercise for the 25th Week:


1. Fruits and vegetables:

For the week, the baby will be quite large in size and needs more nutrients and vitamins to get developed. You have to intake a lot more of fresh fruits and veggies that are rich in calcium and vitamin D especially. The fruit diet should include bananas, oranges, apples, broccoli etc. the veggies like beans and spinach should be taken.

2. Raw foodstuff:

The nutrients are generally preserved more in the raw foods than foods which are boiled. The food carvings are fulfilled by the taking the more fruits and foods that can be consumed raw.

3. Water:

The water is an important fluid that has to be in taken during this period because you have to consume everything for the baby also. It also helps you to stay fit and helps reducing excessive weight.

4. Vitamin C:

The nutrients are additionally absorbed by the body with help of vitamin C. the citrus fruits are rich in vitamin c consumption of citrus fruits like lemon and oranges will be good. It is to be noted that excess consumption of vitamin c leads to preterm birth.

5. Chicken:

During pregnancy, lean meat can be taken to gain more protein needs and helps us to improve the metabolism and energy rate. The pork and seafood’s are harmful to the baby hence they are to be avoided.


1. Stomach Pull:

The breathing while pulling stomach in and stretch out the body will be good and easy exercise. It should be repeated 5 times a day.

2. Full Leg Stretch:

The legs are given more stress during the pregnancy to carry weight of both life. It should be given some break. Bend the right knee and the right foot back and up on to the buttocks. Hold for 10- 30 sec. repeat it with another leg.

3. Sleeping:

During pregnancy, you will be wrestling with bed trying make a comfortable position of sleep. The regular sleeping posture will not be helpful at the time of pregnancy. The best posture to get a good sleep is bend your knees and legs and put a pillow in the between legs.

4. Cycling:

For the 25th week of pregnancy, weight will be increased rapidly hence forming stretch marks. Cycling as weight loss regime will help to counteract the stretch mark.

5. Walking:

The most dependable exercises during pregnancy is walking. It will make you to stay active whole day.

Sex During Pregnancy in 25th Week:

No baby is hurt when her mom and her partner are making love. The baby’s womb is protected by strong muscles of the uterus that seals the cervix and safeguard the baby. But it is not preferred to involve in the sexual activities which can lead to vaginal infections.

Tips to Overcome Stress during Pregnancy:

  • You might be stressed about a lot of things this week. Keep talking to yours doctor the whole time to keep your emotions under control. The additional stress and hassles are constrained by documenting the report.
  • Have a community which is liable to discuss and consult about their own stress and things you’re going through.
  • Make more rest and as well as in contrast exercise more these are the best way to de stress pregnant women.
  • Discussing with the partner will help to distress you and make you feel well and good.
  • Think of more positive things that make you feel pleasant, make a look through pleasant past and fascinating future. Those thoughts will help overcome stress.
    Medical Treatments and Checkup

Keep in mind with more medical treatments and checkup as it is 25th week. Blood test should be done and make clear view and also the ultra sound should also be don’t make a view of the baby. The abnormalities in the fetus are checked by spinal and HCG fluids.

  1. Aches and pains- Acetaminophen. Steer clear of Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  2. Allergy- Antihistamines and Loratadine. Avoid Pseudoephedrine and Decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  3. Cough- Dextromethorphan and Guaifenesin.
  4. Constipation- Metamucil and Colace. Avoid laxatives and mineral oil.
  5. Heartburn- Antacids and Famotidine.

Tips and Precautions:

  • Keep using sunscreen to keep your baby out of skin problems.
  • Use a lot of oral hygiene now to prevent bad bouts of infections on your gums, which can pass through food and harm your little one.
  • The maternity clothes should be worn
  • The sleeping posture, walking and sitting posture should be carefully maintained to avoid aches
    Make yourself hydrated by during more water than usual drinking.

Pregnancy at this stage is getting better with time. You are coming in terms with the responsibility and seriousness of the situation. Wish you make it through the final trimester just as smoothly as the previous ones.