Being married for 25 years is a milestone event, and it is always something to celebrate. Gifting friends on this monumental occasion is very good. Special items can be personalised to mark the occasion. You can gift items for just the wife or the husband, or you can also opt for items that come in a pair. Here we have listed several items and products that you can buy and then personalize to give as 25th anniversary gifts. These become memorable pieces that are filled with sentiment and love.

Are you planning to celebrate the 25th anniversary of your parents? But puzzled about what to present them. Who doesn’t want to be unique? Lots of couples decide to arrange a small party and call a few close friends as well as family members to share this moment. Meant for the visitors, this type of party can attest to be a challenge, particularly while looking for a gift for this occasion. All of you know that Marriage anniversary gifts for parents can be a complicated selection.

Best 25th Anniversary Gifts For Couples Silver Jubilee Celebration 2023:

Everyone loves to create history in their way and carve their names forever. So, with these gift ideas, enjoy your parent’s silver jubilee in India.

1. Personalized Wedding Plate:

This lovely steel personalized wedding anniversary plate is a great gift for the 25th wedding anniversary. You can have the name of the couple engraved on the metal plate. It looks gorgeous on a wood base as well.

2. Silver Anniversary Clock:

Make a personalized silver wedding anniversary clock that you can make in glass. The clock can have the number 25 printed in bold. The name of the couple is also something that can be added to the clock frame. This 25th wedding anniversary gift for parents is also a great option to think of.

3. Crossword Puzzle:

The crossword puzzle is a cute way of gifting something to a couple. The puzzle is formed by adding the names of the couple in a crossword shape. You can add in some lines of the poem as well for a more romantic effect. The 25th marriage anniversary will be cherished forever with this gift. The puzzle looks great and will be a welcome present, especially for people who love to solve crossword puzzles.

4. Silver Gift Box:

A silver gift box is the perfect 25th wedding anniversary gift to give your wife. This silver box is ornate and looks stunning as a gift. She can use it to keep her jewellery or other items. The box looks traditional and classic. The ornate box is lined with felt paper or even satin material. This keeps the things inside it damage free and gives a very royal look to the box.

5. Silver Family Tree:

The silver family tree is an absolute classic gift that you can give your spouse. It involves the members of your family. The silver metal piece is shaped like a tree with branches. Each of the branches has a little heart with the name of the family member. Here is a great 25th-anniversary gift that will be loved by the couple as it is very personal.

6. Hand Stamped Key Chain:

This is a great hand-stamped key chain that you can gift your spouse. The key chain is a two-layer steel chain that has the name of the couple or the wedding year stamped on them. Add in some little love notes as well. The key chain is a wonderful 25th wedding anniversary gift idea. This is probably the best gift you can give the couple.

7. Spooning Frame:

A cool vintage-style gift for the couple is this spooning frame. You need to add two spoons that are ornate. Print out the words ‘spooning since’ and the year of the wedding in bold letters. This makes a lovely sentimental gift and a 25th-anniversary gift idea.

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8. Two Picture Frames:

This two-picture frame is the right gift for a couple. The 25th-anniversary idea is to print in bold on the top of the frame. The wedding picture is a great one to add to the frame. The other picture can be the latest picture that you can add. Make this frame memorable and gift the couple this cool frame.

9. Personalized Champagne Bottle:

This stunning champagne bottle will be the toast of the anniversary. The bottle is decorated with bows and beads to make it looks spectacular. The 25th wedding anniversary is just the right gift to give. The 25th wedding anniversary gift idea for couples is a bubbly gift that is packed to look stunning. The bubbly gift is what is great for the party for the celebration of the anniversary.

10. Coffee Mug Set:

Here is a lovely personalized wedding anniversary gift that you can give your spouse. It is a mug set that links together. The handles are in the shape of hearts. The silver heart in the mug is the right thing for the occasion. The mugs are sentimental since they are a pair and can be used by the couple. The ceramic mugs are painted with colourful prints.

11. Signature Frame:

This is a lovely sentimental piece that will have your parents happy. The frame is made with a picture of the couple in the centre. You can get all the family members to sign on the sides of the picture. This will make the couple happy.

12. Glass Plaque:

Here is a glass plaque that you can gift your spouse. It can have a picture of the couple engraved on it. There can be love notes engraved too. Place it on a wood base and light it with a bulb for added effect. This makes a wonderful keepsake that you will love forever.

13. Toasting Glasses:

These are sexy toasting glasses that you can gift for the anniversary party. These glasses have the number 25 printed on them. They are great for parties and the toasting of the party. Make this gift stunning by placing them in a gorgeous box.

14. Metal Wind Chime:

Here is a lovely metal wind chime that you can give as the 25th wedding anniversary gift. The wind chime has the name of the couple printed on it. You can add the anniversary date as well. These wind chimes made of metal are perfect for the traditional silver metal anniversary.

15. Silver Bracelet:

Choose this lovely silver bracelet for your wife on the occasion of her 25th wedding anniversary. The bracelet is made of silver and has cute beads at the ends. The silver can be of great quality, and this makes it a premium gift to give your wife. The anniversary gift is wonderful and can be given in a decorated box. You can add a little love note in the box as well.

16. Silver Rose:

This eternity rose is made from silver metal. The silver rose in a felt-lined box is beautiful and is great as a keepsake. This shows your love for your wife, and the eternal rose is the perfect symbol of that. The silver rose is made intricately, and the box for it is also luxurious.

17. Beer Mugs:

These are personalized beer mugs that you can gift your friends for the 25th marriage anniversary idea. The beer mugs are large-sized mugs with handles. They can be personalized by engraving them with the name of the couple and the year of the anniversary. A beautiful floral border on the mugs is also something that you can opt for.

18. Hooked Key Chain:

This cool key chain with the hooks attached to it is a perfect 25th-anniversary gift idea. The hooks show your love and that you are hooked on to your wife for eternity. Engrave the key chain with a love note or the year of your marriage. This hooked key chain can be a lovely gesture of your love and adoration for your spouse.

19. Personalized Caricature of Couple:

Get an expert to make a caricature of the couple. Frame this caricature, and then you can gift it to the couple. The caricature can have anniversary wishes as well. You can include a picture of the couple’s kids or the things that they like to do. These frames are unique and so make a very sentimental gift.

20. Silver Tea Set:

Here is a cool silver tea set that is grand and royal. The tea set includes a teapot along with a pot for milk and sugar. The set is placed on a silver tray that is ornately decorated. The teapot itself is ornately decorated as well. This is a very grand gift that you can give to special couples who would appreciate the item.

21. Paper Cut Frame:

This is a great frame that is made by cutting paper in such a way that you have a silhouette-type picture. The cutout can include love notes, anniversary wishes, the name of the couple, etc. The frame is also complete with decorations and bunting, along with hearts.

22. Engraved Photo Plaque:

Here is another cool gift that you can give your parents. This is an engraved photo plaque that is done on wood. The engraved picture of the couple looks stunning. You can have the wedding anniversary wishes engraved on the bottom of the plaque as well. The engraving done on the brown wood looks very attractive and eye-catching as well.

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23. Glass Vase:

Here is a keepsake that is useful as well. This glass vase for flowers is engraved with wishes for the 25th wedding anniversary. You can have the glass vase in different shapes and sizes. The tall vases are perfect for tall flowers, and the short vases can be used for a small bouquet. The glass engraving is classic and perfect for gifting.

24. Personalized Cushions:

Make a memorable gift for a couple as the gift for the 25th anniversary. This personalized cushion is printed in bold with the name of the couple. The wish for the 25th marriage anniversary is also printed on the cushion. The cushion is filled with soft stuffing that makes it cuddly and luxurious.

25. Candle Holder:

This ornate candle holder is the best thing you can give a couple. The stunning beads and decoration around the candle make the silver anniversary very special. The candle is a set of 6 candles joined together with silver metal.

26. 25th Anniversary Figurine:

These awesome precious figurines for the celebration of the 25th wedding anniversary are the perfect gifts to give a couple. The figures are made from ceramic, and they look very romantic. The man and wife figures are painted in pastel shades to give a clean look.

27. Gift Poem:

Write a romantic poem or print one from a book. This poem can then be printed onto handmade paper to be framed. Decorate the paper with hearts and romantic themed images. The poem can be gifted to your wife or husband on the occasion of the 25th marriage anniversary.

28. Silver Pendant:

This is a great luxurious heart shaped pendant made in silver with silver beads down the center of the heart. This makes a stunning pendant that can be gifted with a silver chain to your wife. Make her happy with this silver themed anniversary gift.

29. Printed T-shirt:

This printed t-shirt is another cool option that you can think of. The t-shirt is printed with the name of the couple. You can add a cartoon caricature of the couple as well. You can get a pair of these t-shirts made for the couple to wear together. The t-shirts are very modern and stylish.

30. Silver Ring:

The silver ring is a reminder of the love you have for your wife. This diamond-studded ring is perfect as it is crafted beautifully. The silver ring is great as she can wear it with her wedding ring. It adds to the rings on her finger and is a perfect 25th-anniversary gift for her.

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31. A Silver Picture Frame:

It is the most popular, traditional and best gift for your parents because spending 25 years collectively is a reason for celebration. Cheer the couple on their landmark anniversary with this gorgeous silver frame which features a “25” through clear crystals plus an elective design. This can be fixed by their names plus date having a rectangular shape and simple designs.

32. Tablet:

As you know that this is a period of technology and gifting a tab is one of the best and most significant presents for your parents. A lightweight tablet appropriated particularly for seniors can get back that enthusiasm that they need.

33. Diary-Style Book:

One another anniversary gift, many diary-style books with silver decorations. These would be a huge present intended for a 25th anniversary, mainly if their pages are not empty. You can personalize it by adding up pictures as well as small stories which take place above the course of their wedding ceremony.

34. Weekend Getaway:

The ones who can give it may want to think of giving their parents a few days off as a Gift. There is an abundance of offers for city breaks to a variety of tourist spots. Several parents can be grateful for this type of gift extra than anything as just a couple of days of rest can be a bliss plus in the end, who would speak no to a small number of days of total peacefulness plus entertainment.

35. A Photo Album:

This is vital to choose a gift for your parents to value. Moreover, a photo album is single of the most frequent however popular pick. To create a better feeling, it must be full of photos which are prearranged chronologically. Your parents will be devoted to seeing themselves and how they changed ahead of the 25 years, they have spent together.

36. Arrange a Party:

If you want to celebrate their anniversary, then organize a get-together. This is a pleasant surprise plus a great gift in addition to it would be a surprise prize. In condition, they like gatherings also just to expend time with friends as well as family, receiving them together for this occasion is the most excellent gift probable.

37. Silver Jewelry:

Ornaments are a type of gift which works with approximately any occasion. On behalf of this occasion, silver would characterize their 25th anniversary. Remember that the gift must enclose two pieces. You can present a silver wristwatch for your father along with a necklace for your Mom.

38. Champaign Glasses:

A wedding anniversary devoid of Champaign is not the right celebration. In condition there will be a gathering plus a reason to lift a glass up in the air, getting a set of high-quality Champaign glasses will show to be not only a helpful gift but also a chic plus comfortable token of festivity. With the expectation, they will utilize similar glasses for their 50th wedding anniversary.

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39. Modified CDs:

Of course, you know their favourite songs. They may still enjoy the songs to which they danced at their marriage 25 years before. You can make a custom CD with their existing as well as old favourite songs are is a better one. The box itself; otherwise, the cover must surround silver essentials to create it more suitable for a 25th anniversary.

40. Apple Watch:

A 25th wedding anniversary is a milestone event in the life of the couple. You can gift them items that use or just keepsakes. The items that are listed above are the best items that you can give the couple on the anniversary. They can be personalized and customized as well.


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