27 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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The nature of human life goes on and as a part of the human life process we reproduce. The reel of life goes on and what was once just a thought after a good nine months notice now will carry your name. The pregnancy word is very sublime and short making the word sound as easy as its pronunciation. However that is a conflicting thought when it comes to actually living the scene. Pregnancy is not an easy matter that can be done within a few days.

27 week pregnant

The transformation from blastocyst to embryo marks the development of the baby inside. Immediately you will be handed a strict dos and don’t s list with a straight diet and a soft heart. Yes, right about this time you will be the centre of attraction with all your loved ones trying to take care of you to the fullest.

However no love in the world can match up to the one you are feeling right now for your little one, so amongst the pandemonium and unruly emotions, you will soon find your piece of peace as you learn to live with him. Slowly you will figure out his discomforts and wishes, his favorites and his routine. The nine months is a good long time to bond with your baby. In medical terms this nine months is calculated on a weekly forum where the total of nine months are considered as 40 weeks.

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Within these 40 weeks the baby turns from a speck of life to a fully fledged miniature human baby form. The first of the process sees the baby attaching itself to the mother’s ovarian walls or placenta that supports the life of the then blastocyst which is just a 4 or 5 day old fertilized egg. Then the baby turns into an alien shape of nothing but irregular mass with a speck of life. This is when the baby is an embryo and from there a fetus which is when the formation of his body is complete and he awaits development.

That is why the baby is now given chance to grow and prosper taking help from the mother. These 40 weeks are hence grouped into three parts. The first second and third trimester. While the first only deal with the formation of it, the second and the third deals with the baby’s development.

What to Think About This Week

It is a matter where precision is required along with the sleek and slender rules, unbendable. The starting of pregnancy is marked with the rushing to the bathrooms early in the morning. This morning sickness is then directly related to the oncoming months of perils. The morning sickness however subsides once the baby starts to take formation. This week will keep you busy with the surge of ups and downs on your mind.

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Fetal Development of the Baby

Your next of the kin is now at his 27th week and in case you are wondering exactly what is going on with him, here’s a sneak peak.


All this time your little baby used his imagination and senses of touch to feel the space around you, but in this week his eye will start to complete itself. As his eyes develop, the retina in his eyes will start perfecting itself. The eyelashes are by now formed as it starts to work protecting the eye from foreign substances.

Sleep Pattern:

Now you can see your baby developing a little bit every time. With the passing weeks this week if you are lucky you might catch your baby yawn. This is the first sign of him feeling sleepy. Now that his brain has developed he is able to feel a certain number of feelings like sleeping. This is why he now has intervals of time which he dedicates to sleeping. He might even have his favorite sleeping position like maybe a hand to the chin or hands fold in the front belly etc.


The highlight of this week is the sudden growth spurt in the body which is marked by increase of a whole inch throughout the week. At the end of this week you will notice that your baby has grown a full new inch and now he weighs somewhere around two pounds with a 14 inch measurement. This sudden growth spurt is extremely hard to catch and occurs occasionally.


Here is the highlight of the 27th week. The formation of his taste buds which allows him now to try all the different tastes of food you are consuming. This is when the baby picks up the spices from the amniotic fluid of the mother and this is when he learns to differentiate between tastes. At times he might even hiccup if the taste is different to him.

Bone Marrow:

The stem cells get divided into the red blood cells and white blood cells and platelets.Hematopoietic stem cells reside in a specialized niche and interacts with vasculature ,osteoblastic and plasma cells .During 27th week there is significant increase in range of Erythropoiesis and Granulopoiesis,by which the growth of bones is enhanced.

Skin Care:

Most topical agents applied on to the skin by the mother gets absorbed by the skin and it can cross the placental barrier.Examples like Retinoids which is present in skin cream(anti –aging )can cause Birth defects and Salicylic Acid which belongs to the family of Aspirin (Anti Clotting Agent) should be strictly avoided as it is classified under harmful drug during pregnancy. Since it is mostly recommended topical cream for acne problems.

Best way for skin care for the foetus is through Hydration .Drinking lot of plain water without soda, Coconut water and Critic juices is the best way for skin maintenance.Going herbal is also good way for developing baby.

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Symptoms of 27th Week Pregnancy and How to Overcome

There is always the mother who goes through changes too.

Manage your Emotions:

It is often a hectic schedule for the mother to maintain an inner peace while her mind screams of fear regarding her coming delivery, fear of failing as a mother and many more. This is because of your female hormones producing itself in excess that makes this journey unbearably hard. This emotional downfall might affect your lifestyle including your babies so maintain your inner peace. To stay out of the pit fall of stress, don’t worry too much. Indulge in good things, like watching a comedy movie, or a happy walk with your best friend. Talk to your doctor about every decision you make, so that you don’t count your moments wondering if you made the right one. A few tips to manage your stress are given soon ahead in the article

Shortage of Breath:

Breathlessness might be a problem now since the baby is growing more and more and occupying more space than before. In a desperate attempt to make more space the baby then pushes into the chest cavity and this might cause shortage of breath. Along with this subsidiary events might follow for example varicose vein which is a nerve condition mainly affecting your lower limbs or hemorrhoids due to the excessive pressure by the baby who each week gains a pound more. A case of acute back pain may also follow if you are not sleeping on your sides. To overcome breathlessness, don’t strain yourself. Try and relax, and take deep breaths every few seconds for your situation and health to get back to normal.

Abdomen Cramps:

It is often seen that with passing time the abdomen cramps may go from bad to worse along with your baby kicking and punching. Do not fret since this is normal for many mothers. Try to keep your baby’s position well maintained, a good posture is suggested. The second that goes wrong, a lot of belly uneasiness shows up. You wouldn’t want that to bother you on the 27th week, with so many developments all around already. Which is why, try to get through the whole thing with a little exercise and a balanced center of gravity. That is all you need to do to overcome your situation.


One week left to enter the third trimester, now comes back in full force all the old Pregnancy symptoms.Fatigue and tiredness increases.Due to weight to the baby getting cramps at late night also comes into play, which reflects on mothers centre of gravity(due to the growing bump) .Muscle control and coordination of the actions is also reduced .All these changes definitely leads to feel of clumsiness by the Mother.But this change is only temporary ,until the delivery.

Frequent Bathroom Trips:

Shortly after pregnancy, hormonal changes occur which causes blood to flow quickly to kidneys, which leads to filling the bladder often.Frequency of urination is more during night since, when the Pregnant Women lie down the fluids which are retained in legs and feet gets into the blood stream which then moves to bladder, this leads to frequent urination during night. To avoid frequent urination, reduce to intake to diuretic beverages like Coffee and tee.

27th Week Activities:

27th week means fishing into the third trimester.By now She must be exhausted with all the physical and emotional changes .But to continue being healthy is important for a normal delivery.By routine exercise and steady movement helps in growth of the baby too.Development of fetus brain and expansion of lungs takes place during this stage and Braxton Hicks Contractions also happens ,means that enough amount of oxygen is needed during the brain development and the contractions also need to checked always.Heavy Contraction’s can lead into labor control.


  • Big 5 Nutrients :Folate, calcium ,zinc, calcium and fiber must be included into the diet.Since folate(form of vitamin B is not secreted by the body itself.Food supplements with folate is necessary.Vitamin B Supplements is helpful preventing Neural tube defects
  • “Iron is difficult to get from the diet, so take an iron supplement or prenatal vitamin with iron,” advises Hope Ricciotti, M.D., an associate professor of OB-GYN at Harvard Medical School Iron is an important nutrient for you since you need a lot of red blood cells to develop your little one. Do make sure you do not drink coffee or tea right after having a food rich in iron.
  • Don’t eat for two :which only leads to Weight gain.Proper combination dietary fibers an vitamins is recommended for a healthy Mother and Fetus
  • Whole grain food rich in fiber, zinc ,magnesium can be supplemented instead if rice.Which can prevent from Juvenile Diabetes.
  • Omega 3 fatty acid supplements.The National Institute if Health recommends of at least 300 milligrams of DHA in their daily diet by Pregnant and Nursing women.Flax seed oil ,Fish, walnuts are good natural source of fatty acids and anti oxidants


  • Pelvic Stretches:

This type of exercise helps to alleviate backaches and because these stretches also concentrate’s on breathing, which helps in relieving tension .Types of stretches can be like Low back stretches, Backward stretch with fitness ball ,Standing Pelvic tilt, torso rotation .Each exercise can be repeated for 10 times.Any discomfort during the exercise, should consult the doctor immediately.

  • Squat:

One of the essential and beneficial exercise to be done during pregnancy.With legs wide apart from the Shoulder level and spine straight .the exercise of half sitting and getting up is followed with proper breathing cycle.Benefits of squat are: Increase pelvis floor muscle strength, Prevents Back and pelvic pain , Prepare for labor, Stronger birth position of the fetus

  • Yoga:

Yoga is definitely a good tool for a normal delivery.It helps in calming down the body from stress and hormonal imbalance.Pre natal Yoga class is always recommended by the Gynecologist now a days.Most recommended yoga asanas are like Butterfly stretch, Cat Cow, Side angle pose.Combing yoga and cardio exercise like walking helps in reducing complications during labor and post labor.

  • Pelvic Rest:

Doctors recommend to avoid pelvic activity during pregnancy.It is fancy way of saying not to have sex during this stage.When down followed may lead to bleeding ,Preterm labor pain,Placental complications.

  • Walking:

Cardio activity is highly recommended since it helps in regulation of oxygen supply and activity of blood pump is also initated. This is a simple way of physical activity which needs no investment.A good pair of walking shoes which and Comfort cloths are the only requirement.

Sex During Pregnancy in 27th Week:

Pelvic rest is necessary during pregnancy, since disturbance of the placenta and damage of the embryonic sac is highest risk factor which will lead to miscarriage.

Tips To Overcome Stress during Pregnancy

  • Financial issues need your attention right away, and the 27th week means the seventh month, and now would be the right time to start off.
  • Balanced life with good nutritional food and good thoughts in mind is the key to get away from stress. Reading lot of books helps to calm mind.
  • You can get all the support you want from prenatal classes, so don’t forget to check those out around your area.
  • Yoga is a good way to let go of everything worrying you and strengthen your mind. Give it a try to de-stress.
  • If you plan on a home birth, now would be a good time to start. Talk to someone who can arrange a midwife for you.

Medical Treatments and Checkup:

At this stage, a blood test is done to check if your baby is suffering from any abnormalities. Ultrasound scan is always done during each trimester to check in the movement and position of the fetus. .Healthy food and no alcohol will definitely prevent from pain.Dental (Radiographic scanning ) scanning during 1st and 3rd trimester should be avoided.No Invasive treatment is recommended.Medicines are given only with doctor advice

  • Aches and pains- Acetaminophen. Steer clear of Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  • Allergy- Antihistamines and Ioratidine. Avoid Pseudophedrine and Decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  • Cough- Dextromethorphan and Guaifenesin.
  • Constipation- Metamucil and Colace. Avoid laxatives and mineral oil.
  • Heartburn- Antacids and Famotidine.

Tips and Precautions:

  • For skin rashes and ulcers herbal treatment, natural home made recipes can be followed.For skin rashes coconut oil is preferred since it has got Anti fungal properties or ulcers Turmeric powder can used since it has got anti inflammatory effect
  • Pain killers like Tylenol (Acetaminophens an be taken)
  • Do not Over strain at work place.Regular movement during work hour is very important.Can practice breathing exercise during lunch hours.
  • Talk to your family members about your progress.

The period of ten months in a women live ,awaits for new soul entering into to this beautiful world of Earth.Entering into Pregnancy stage is a dream for ever women and she does it well with full deication. But its not a single man army.Cooperation from the man she loves is most important and the family whom she is related with.