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28 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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The word pregnancy is a very simple sounding logical word but what wraps around the word is a complex scarf of many a difficult days with sleepless nights. This is where it all begins. The first decision to bring a new life to earth, having a progeny that will carry your name. The amalgamation of the sperm and the egg forms the blastocyst which still at that point of time is a scientific term of an early baby. Once it passes the fallopian tubes and into the ovary, it attaches himself to the side called placenta where for the next nine months it grows and nourishes itself from the mother’s residues eventually turning into a baby after its embryo and fetus stage.

However at first it is just an irregular shape of flesh with a beating heart beat. The early Days of pregnancy are sorted out to be the toughest especially for a first try at motherhood. The following months sees you easying into your new shoes as you slowly get the hang of the matter.

28 Weeks of Pregnancy


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What to Think About This Week:

Emotions are haphazardly strewn all across you. From a sudden fit of happiness the world might seem gloomy when you know you can no more tag along with your friends for a girl’s night out. The next moment you think about the responsibility you are carrying inside you. The new flesh you are about to give life to. Such is the charisma of pregnancy this week.

Fetal Development of the Baby:

Usually the 9 months of pregnancy is summed up in 40 weeks due to the frequent doctor visits and monitoring of the baby. This is why these 40 weeks are further divided into three trimesters. The first trimester showcases the formation of the baby and the second and third trimester is responsible for the development of the baby with every passing time. The closer you edge to your final day the more development rate speeds up. Week 28 falls under the third trimester with the baby almost developed now.

The Gift of Sight:

At the earlier stages you baby is not fully aware of the usage of her eyes but with the passing of time she slowly opens her eye to the new world inside her mother’s stomach. The iris develops a bit later but by the 28th week, there is significant change in her eyes. She has now developed sensitivity in her eyes and can blink properly. One says if during ultrasound you flash a light to the mother’s belly you can see your baby squinting or looking away from the light.


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During her earlier weeks inside her cozy nestling area she has developed the sense of hearing or words and sentences, music and voices. Now starting this week the doctor’s say she will be able to recognize the familiarity of the sound. Maybe her favorite music will do the trick if she is getting bored inside the stomach. Your child now can hear and recognize familiar voices and can judge surroundings based on past experiences.

Dream Come True:

All this time you were dreaming about how your little one will look, who will he resemble, exactly how small his hands will be put against yours and a whole lot many other dreams. In this week you will notice that your child too is now developing the capability to dream. Often during ultrasound, the doctors say that if you are lucky you can catch your child dreaming in his sleep maybe making facial gestures like smiling.

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Proper Breathing:

With the passing days your baby’s heartbeat is growing stronger and stronger. From a faint throb to a strong beat, now your child is focusing on his air sacs or lungs. There are various vessels that form the interior of the lungs where we use the oxygenated blood to channel through these vessels before traveling to the required spaces. Even though he is not yet breathing in fresh oxygen, the oxygen from the mother’s blood is now channelizing itself to the newly formed vessels this week. Once he is exposed to outside air, the oxygen will fill his lungs and continue on its due course through the vessels.


Often there is a substance that separates the two lung sacs from sticking in together. This surfactant is now developing in the baby this week.

Reproductive System:

Reproductive system development starts during fifth week with formation of Gonodalridge .Male fetuses testicles drop into the scrotum and with female fetuses clitoris is relatively prominent. when Y chromosome fertilizes the egg then it’s a male ,when its X chromosome fertilizers the egg then it’s a female.


Developments of Kidneys or nephrogenesis .The nephricstructure develops in steps: Pronephrons, Mesonephrons and Metanephrons. Kidney helps in maintenance of stable environment with cellular and tissue metabolic activity.

Symptoms of 28thWeek Pregnancy and How to Overcome:

Here is the mother’s update of this week.

Mask of Pregnancy:

With your pregnancy rolling into the 28th week, for some there might be a warm glow of motherhood and for the others there will be lots of acne, on the face and the back followed by soft brown splotches on the skin or maybe a bad dry hair. The formation of stretch marks in special places like the hips or breasts or more certainly in the abdominal region will be eminent. This is usually called the mask of pregnancy. The best to do is to rough it out and bear with it.But if things get out of hand, do make sure to talk to your doctor about your growing discomfort. The mask can be soothed by using fac masks as the doctor advises.


Your baby now weighs a good 2 pound which is probably why your baby bump has gained more weight than before making you a bit messy and shuffling on your feet. At around this time a slight dizziness along with an enormous exhaustion is expected. Be careful not to stand up or climb stairs while you feel dizzy.Along with fatigue, a strong sense of breathlessness affects you as well. To overcome the problem, most of what you need is rest. And water of course. Limit your stress level, and that will take you a long way in feeling more energetic.

Stretch Marks:

In the 29th week the weight around the stomach goes more than normal.Which leads in stretching of the elastic muscle under the skin ,which leads to stretch marks.They are not harmful ,signs of stretch marks are itching around the area ,usually in the stomach ,breast region ,where the growth of body part is more.The original skin can be regained after pregnancy if proper diet is maintained .

Braxton Hicks Contractions:

This is a intermittent uterine contraction occur between the pregnancy. This type of contraction is not usually felt during early stages .The good part to it is these are painful and does not cause any side effects. During the third trimester this time off contraction is felt more ,some women may think it as even true labor.Tighten and relaxing of Uterusor Groin area is generally experienced and usually don’t cause pain .When it gets dis comfort follow these steps: Drinking water to reduce dehydration, change in position or activity, breathing exercise which helps to comp up with the discomfort,

28thWeek Activities:

For the 28th week, you are well ahead into the third trimester now. This week activities might make it seem like everything is in place. You might feel more tired of course, but that is about natural. A few things however needs to be monitored are Blood Sugar level and Hemoglobin percentage.Aside that, the constant change weight and pressure in your case should be throughout kept in check. Now that your baby is growing, his heartbeat and your overall health will be checked as well. You have nothing to worry your symptoms, as long as all seems well.

Diet and Exercise for the 28thWeek:


Folate Rich Foods:

Much like the first few weeks, the last few are crucial for your baby’s blood cell developments. And iron supplements all by itself won’t be enough. Try food like eggs, bananas, spinach, papaya.


Water is important source of getting our body hydrated .And for pregnant women it is very important ,since they need to balance the water content in the body .Fruits like watermelon, Citrus fruits or through soups water can be taken . One thought is that “dehydration can promote the release of anti diuretic hormone from the kidney to preserve water excretion, which in turn promotes oxytocin, leading to premature contractions,” says Dr. Fuhrman.


Your food cravings must have died down by now, but the health benefits of smoothies haven’t. Every time the same old fruits can be turned to smoothies, your baby might be in for a surprise. You never know if he might kick to let you know of its approval.


Fiber rich food helps in prevention of Glucose intolerance, a condition which leads to Gestational diabetics and proper bowel movement for the mother.Consumption of Whole wheat bread, whole grain biscuits, Quinoa which has got less Glycemic Index when compared to rice, wheat bread which has got high GI value, which increases the sugar level.Fiber rich nuts like almonds,Walnut which can eating as snack than pop corn or rice products


Salads make our stomach full easily due to high fiber content .Salads can be of Green salads, Fruits Salads, Bean and Grain salad ,Meat and sea food salad.We can use chick peas or soya beans along with vegetables. One important thing to be considered before consuming the salad is the hygiene.All the vegetables and fruits need to washed.Some amount of dirt can also lead fatal for the fetus.



You need to keep your cool and enhance your endurance power at this stage. And yoga and meditation works wonders for the same.

Sleeping :

Regular 8 hours of sleep is mandatory for any person.Same goes for pregnant ladies too.Undisturbed sleep is very important for the mother as well for the fetus.Sleeping posture plays an important role.Lying down straight need to be avoided, since the whole weight of the uterus is put on the spine, back muscles and arteries.This will led to decrease in blood supply to the body and for the baby.Recommended posture is lying on one side with knees bent and pillows can used as support.


Its either cycling or swimming now. The 28th week is here, and that brings an extra urge to stay in shape. Roads might not be as safe as it was before, but swimming can be a preference as well.

Stomach Adjustment:
As days counts during pregnancy, the stomach increases in size .Proper clothing helps in less pressure on the stomach .


The final movement for the body is squatting helps in relaxation of the pelvic muscles and the pelvic bone also gets strengthened. Relaxed sitting posture should be followed and intermittent break between the exercise

Sex during Pregnancy in 28thWeek:

Probably not the best week to give life to your sexual activity at this stage, with everything on your plate, but a safe intercourse can be carried out .Only with the Gynecologist advice. Since chances of Infections and inflammation is more.Better to avoid than to regret about it later

Tips To Overcome Stress during Pregnancy:

  • Go out for shopping and try to bring on a change in your mood with the positivity. This week, you are another step closer to motherhood, and this tip will hold its place for the next few months to come.
  • Now is the time to decide names of your kid, and not stress over these responsibilities.
  • Spending time with your loved ones is very important, by which the fetus also gets the good vibes needed for the development.
  • Exercise well, since it might improve your mood. You can indulge in yoga and meditation as well, if your stress is severe.
  • Getting enrolled in knitting class, and learning to stich lovely clothes for the baby.This feeling of enjoyment makes the stress factor to go down

Medical Treatments and Checkup:

Monthly check ups and consulation is important to monitor the fetus growth and development.Periodic blood test for Sugar ,thyroid should be done .
Soreness- Acetaminophen. Dont indulge in Ibuprofen and Naproxen.

  • Allergy- Antihistamines and Ioratidine. Shun use of Pseudophedrine and Decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  • Cough- Dextromethorphan.
  • Constipation- Metamucil. Avoid mineral oil.
  • Heartburn- Antacids.

Tips and Precautions:

  1. Watch each step while walking, to prevent any kind of accident and driving can be avoided since it may lead to stress.
  2. Interactions with medicines can be harmful in your situation. Do not forget to consult your doctor before any intake of drugs.
  3. Avoid any radiation exposure
  4. Recommended not to use any scented perfumes or creams .

You are now in the 28thweek, and another week closer to your pregnancy coming to an end and you giving birth to a healthy baby. Of course you cannot wait, but your baby needs all your rest and diet to develop. We know your week will pass by in a jiffy. Take Care!