2nd Month Of Pregnancy Diet Chart-What Food To Eat And Not To Eat

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2nd month of pregnancy is as crucial as first one. This is the preliminary stage of pregnancy when expected mothers are needed to take special care of. This time women may suffer from sickness and weakness too. Therefore to stay healthy a proper diet is important during 2nd month of pregnancy. All foods are not allowed for a 2nd month pregnant women. Thus one should know about its does and don’ts.

2nd Month Pregnancy Diet

2nd Month Of Pregnancy Diet Chart :

Every pregnant women should be very careful at the time pregnancy. The 2nd month pregnancy care contains eating food items also and what should be avoid that time. Eating healthy and vitamin containing food is very essential for pregnant women at the time of 2nd month. But at the same time you have to know what type of food not to eat for healthy baby delivery. In this article we came up with a complete food description about what to eat and what not to eat during 2nd month pregnancy.

1. What Type Of Food For Diet During 2nd Month Of Pregnancy ?

Folic Acid Contains Food :

Folic acid serves the purpose vitamin B. It is necessary for developing the neural tube. Foods like spinach, cereals contain high folic acid. As per second month of pregnancy diet these foods are important. Green vegetables, eggs can be mentioned in this aspect. Compare to medical pills and supplements they are much effective for the purpose.

Foods Containing Iron :

Iron is important for a proper flow of blood. During this pregnancy period of 2nd month blood supply is very is very important. Therefore, if you do not take adequate amount of iron, there may be complications. Moreover you can feel tired and weak throughout the day. The foods which holds sufficient amount of iron are chicken, fish, dry fruits and so on.

Importance Of Calcium During Pregnancy Of 2nd Month :

The second month of pregnancy is very much vital as the bones of the baby develop. Thus it is very important that sufficient amount of calcium is supplied in the body. Being pregnant one should contain 1000mg calcium in a day. Thus bones can be more strengthen by calcium. Green vegetables are good source of calcium.

Proteins Necessary For The Pregnancy Period In 2nd Month :

It is one of the most vital ingredients among all. Protein is essential right from the beginning of pregnancy. Extra protein ensures proper development of your baby. Protein is also necessary for growth of muscles. Foods containing high protein are eggs, milk, fish, and vegetables and so on. According to doctor’s advice being pregnant you should consume 75g of protein in a day.

Chicken As Pregnancy Food :

Chicken is a good source of protein essential for this period. It is very much important as 2nd month of pregnancy diet as per doctor. Many do think that chicken is not just fruitful at this time. But according to doctor near about all meats are safe for a pregnant woman. The only thing is necessary to maintain is hygiene during cooking.

Green Vegetables Diet Necessary During 2nd Month Pregnancy :

Green vegetables are always useful as protein and vitamin. These are the two most important aspects for food during pregnancy. Apart from few all the vegetables are rich in protein, some are in iron etc. Thus it is always beneficial for pregnant woman. It is indeed a good source of energy.

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Fruits For 2nd Month Pregnancy Diet :

Fruits are considered to be one of the most essentials. Apart from few all the fruits are necessary for providing energy to the body. Especially the juicy fruits are important at this moment. Fresh fruits are always advantageous as they provide sufficient amount of vitamin to the body. Rather drinking fruit juice, eat fruits daily. It will certainly strengthen your body.

Zinc :

For normal development of baby it is very much responsible. It is a vital element needed for acid metabolism, steady biological functions and so on. Chicken, fish, dairy products, eggs, beans etc are considered as zinc containing food. If you are not sure enough then consult with your doctor in need.

Fats :

Fats are very essential part of your daily diet and you should consume fats which are beneficial for your baby in the long run.Intake of fats enables development of the eye and brain of the baby. It also helps in the growth of placenta and tissues. Fats also help in preventing any kind of abnormality during child birth.

Fibre :

This is an essential constituent of daily diet for a pregnant lady. It is very important to consume fibre for a balanced meal. You should intake about 14 grams of fibre each day while you are expecting. Consumption of fibre decreases your chance of constipation and maintains your blood pressure. It also helps in reducing any risks associated with pregnancy.

2. What Food Not To Eat During The 2nd Month Pregnancy :

Meat Spreads Are To Avoided :

During the 2nd of pregnancy meat spreads are not allowed as food. This food you must avoid at this time. It spread Listeria all over the body. The very thing can badly affect the growth of your baby. It is very much harmful during the pregnancy time. Thus make sure you avoid meat as you carry your child.

Soft Cheese :

Soft cheeses like brie, Camembert are should be avoided. You should not consume such soft cheeses in this high time. As 2nd month pregnancy food it is strictly prohibited. This is so because it contains E coli bacteria which bring complication to pregnancy. Cheeses are favorites of many but there is no way out to have it being pregnant.

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Raw Eggs :

It is better to avoid raw Eggs during your pregnancy. It can be a very good reason of spreading salmonella infection in your body. You along with your baby can be highly affected by it. The normal growth of the baby can be stopped due to this infection. Half boil or slightly cooked eggs are proved very dangerous in this purpose.

Processed Meat Should Avoid In 2nd Month Pregnancy :

Any type of processed food or meat is not at all healthy for pregnancy. As second month pregnancy diet the option is strictly no. These types of meats are preserved for long period of time and so they carry bacteria which are very much harmful for the baby you are carrying. It will certainly deteriorate your health.

Raw Fish :

Try avoiding eating seafood like crab, prawn, shrimp etc. These types of fish carries element like mercury. It often leads to miscarriage. The chemical is very harmful for a pregnant woman. Though they are tasty but do not carry any protein and so it is better to avoid during the time of pregnancy.

During the entire period of pregnancy you should have fresh foods. Mainly those, that carries high protein and vitamin. Vegetables and fruits are always important at this time. They provide sufficient amount of needed things. You need to keep an eye on what are essential foods suitable for this time. If they serve your purpose buy them to gain energy during pregnancy.

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