Diamonds are the weakness of almost all women for the beauty, sparkle and love and men too in respect of status and wealth. The bigger the diamond is, the more it gets flattered. But in real meaning, it is not the diamond’s size that decides the diamond’s uniqueness and standard. The quality of the diamond is decided by how it is cut and shaped with perfectness. The clarity, visibility of the cuts in light and the shine make it pricier. Some unique diamonds like the real diamond, sapphire or ruby and emeralds are costly, but the three C’s decide the value of the diamond.

Best Quality 3 KT Diamond Rings:

Here we enlisted the 9 best designs of 3-carat diamond rings for engagement couples.

1. 3 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring:

A 3-carat solitaire diamond ring stud in between a bordered pave ring and pave diamonds all over the ring band also looks stunning. The shine and cut of the diamond can be shallow and flat, and the glare can be fantastic with that cut too.

2. 3 Carat Wedding Ring:

A 3-carat diamond ring superb cut with a cushion shape and stud in perfectly round shape pave diamond both on the border and on the ring band. Such a cushion-cut 3-carat diamond is rare and more lightweight than it is seen.

3. 3 Carat Pair Diamond Ring:

A beautiful 3 karat diamond ring with a pave diamond ring as a supplementary ring looks incredible together. A perfect single 3-carat diamond on the centre top looks just eye-catching and mesmerizing with its shine.

4. 3  Karat Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring:

A 3-carat round diamond ring flat shape cut too shallow in look is perfect for a ring that settles perfectly on the finger. A designer ring with a split shank design and hollow looks incredible and in a proper range.

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5. 3 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond Ring:

A 3-carat engagement ring with a diamond cut in perfect marquise shape bordered with pave diamond and paves diamond decoration on the ring band looks brilliant for a ceremony for engagement.

6. 3 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Ring:

A 3-carat princess cut diamond ring with such an elegant royal design is needed for the wedding ceremony. The pave diamond stud in the half of the ring band is a three-sided stud. The platinum ring is one of the royal designs of designer rings.

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7. Pear Shape 3 Carat Diamond Ring:

A diamond ring mounted in the centre with a shallow cut shape shining single looks incredible. The pear shape diamond is 3 carat stone engagement ring looks perfect for a proposal. Pear shape diamond rings are very rarely chosen because of their unique cut.

8. 3 Carat Diamond in Gold Ring:

A 3-carat round diamond ring perfectly placed in the gold looks simple yet incredible with its royal glance. A diamond’s 3-carat and shallow flat cut has a unique glaze and sets beautifully on the finger.

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9. Oval Shaped 3 Carat Diamond Ring:

An oval-shaped diamond ring with a beautifully cut, clarity colour and carat is a brilliant diamond perfect for the proposals. The beautiful light yellow oval shape 3-carat diamond ring looks marvellous for anyone to present to their love.

3-carat diamond rings are considered perfect for everybody to count for. Even the not-so-rich people can afford a beautiful 3-carat diamond. The shape of the diamond does not decide the number of units of a carat; hence it’s not, and like a 3-carat diamond is small or big in look. A 3-carat diamond can be cut shallow or less depth to be shaped big. While the deep-cut diamonds also look similarly incredible. The perfect are the ones cut not too deep and not too shallow.


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