Rangoli is something that most women make in the morning at the entrance of their home. For daily use the rangoli that is created is simple. Only on occasions, they create intricate and beautiful designs that take a lot of time. The rangoli is usually made by starting with a square of dots. This can be a 3*3 square as well.

Best 3 Dots Rangoli/Pulli Kolam Designs:

Here we show you all the types of rangoli that can be created with the help of a 3*3 square,

1. Easy 3 Dot Rangoli:

Here is the great 3 dots rangoli that you can create easily without any effort. This is the simplest of the designs that can be done. The 3*3 design is normally a continuous design that starts from one dot and ends in another. You can also have 3 dots rangoli designs that join several dots to form two or three parts of the complete pattern. Try some of these patterns if you are a beginner and you will be able to then create better patterns later.

2. Beginner 3 Dot Rangoli:

One of the easy beginner designs is the 3 dots kollam. This design has the basic patterns of flowers and leaves all done in the 3*3 dot matrix. Here you can improvise and make many intricate designs too. The beginner’s rangoli is used by many people to make their entrances look wonderful. Using curves and lines you can create several wonderful pieces. Since this design is for beginners the patterns are kept simple. But you can add on to the design and create your very own unique pattern as well.

3. 3 Dots Kolangal:

Here is a 3 pulli kolangal that uses a 3*3 square to create some intricate designs. The rangoli can use lines or curves to make the design. The kolangal is made by not joining the dots but makes rounds around the dots. So here the dots are also part of the design. You can use this for temple decoration as well as entrance of the house. Give this simple design a try and you will surely enjoy making the rangoli over and over again.

4. Simple Kolam Rangoli:

Try this colourful sikku kolam with 3 dots that has wonderful patterns. The options are many and you can add more than two colours in this rangoli. Give it a vibrant touch by using bright colours with a border of white. The three dots kolam is very important for major festivals and all the women love to make these intricate designs. You can choose from the floral pattern or the geometric patterns. Fill in the colours as you like and you will find the end result to be very pretty. The kolam patterns can be done by anyone.

5. Special Rangoli Designs:

You can try your hand at this wonderful special rangoli design that includes 3 dots. The design is a pretty floral base that uses curves and dots. You need to start from one dot and continue without stopping to the last dot. This creates a continuous stream and gives rise to the floral image. Some dots of the square are also accentuated with more powder to make them look larger. There are so many types of rangoli designs that you can make easily by just following the steps provided.

Rangoli designs using a 3*3 square are great for beginners as well as experts. The designs can be made with just white powder for daily use or they can be done with several colours for festive occasions. Try out the designs using the 3 dot pattern to create floral or even geometric designs.


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