3 Month Old Baby – Weight, Baby care, Development & Milestones

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Finally the time is here when your baby is maturing and you can get a little more rest than before. About six to seven hours of sleep is just what you wanted and now is when you are seeing a lot more hope for that.

3 Month Old Baby

1. Weight:

Talking of your child’s weight now, this is the stage when you will notice a rapid growth in your child, which will obviously lead to an increase of weight. This will continue until he is around 7 months old and has reached a steady weight measurement. About 6 ounces per week of growth will be seen in your child in average. This may also range anywhere from about a 3 and half ounces to 7 ounces. There is nothing to worry about as long as there is no abnormal growth. Once you have seen him grow and reach a steady spurt, know that now he’ll stop growing rapidly and take his own pace, developing internally meanwhile.

2. Baby Care:

Coming to how you should comprehend your child’s behavior and take care of him, you can expect a lot of squeals when he is a 3 month toddler. He is still learning about the new things around him. Your baby will coo out of delight and practice different noises with his vocals including adjusting the pitch and tone to express different emotions. This procedure effectively helps testing their larynx. You should take proper care of your baby as he is still too small. Make noises by blowing air into his stomach and watch his laugh. If its too noisy, he is ticklish, else not that much. Reassuring your baby about your presence by being pleasant and interactive will assure a good bond between the two of you. When you give him baths, make sure you test the water first and check if it is warm and not too hot. You would also want to wash all the towels and clothes with disinfectants since your baby is so young and still vulnerable to rashes and diseases. Another thing to make sure of would be to change diapers every few hours after a check.

3. Sleep:

In case you are sleeping and wake up to your little one’s crying sound, give it a wait of 30 seconds before running to the nursery. This is because it so happens that sometimes baby’s tend to fall asleep in a little while. However running into his bed might make it harder for him to fall asleep on his own later. Of course you can’t expect a good night’s sleep from a 3 month old. But if you find him taking unbroken naps for about 5-6 hours a day that should mean he is completely healthy. If otherwise though, do make sure you consult your doctor for a suggestion and check up once.

4. Feeding:

At 3 months, your little one will be quite the feeder and be perfected expressing his hunger. You too will be able to read his emotions by this time to determine what he is asking of you. Since all cries are different, recognizing the hunger cry means its time to feed him. Feed him both day and night at least twice and otherwise whenever he asks for. When he is done, he should usually fall asleep soon after. There will be a lot of drooling, sucking and chomping at this point. Although too young to grow out teeth, your little one will still find the gums just as fine for the force they need to generate.

5. Development:

Luckily, your child will finally develop a personality of his own and focus on the kind of things that will soon manifest themselves as his favourite. You will also learn which part of the day is his favourite activity. You can yourself play a part and help in the development by holding their head outwards when you take them out for a walk. That way your child gets a new insight to the world he lives in and slowly starts comprehending the meaning of everything around him.

6. Food and Toys:

Your child is still breastfeeding since he is just 3 months old and hasn’t grown out teeth yet to be available for chewing solid food. You need to be around at all times just in case he gets hungry after sleeping for long. Try bottle feeding your milk a few times each week to give him the idea of what is to come soon.

Talking of toys, right now you are you little one’s favourite toy. At 3 months, he is still learning about where he fits and how to associate and react to everyone around. You are the one teaching him all of that and you are the only toy he is allowed to be around since he still needs constant attention. There are things that he will look up to you for and you need to invent games to get to know how he reacts better.

7. Dressing:

When talking of growth, inevitably, your child will grow longer and bigger visibly. Their previous clothing won’t fit them well enough and of course in case its summer time you don’t even need to bother as long as your diapers are set. A singlet should be around, just in case he feels cold at night. Also buy some clothes and winter wear that should be worn for special occasions. You can see your little one react to the colour that they like.

You can always give playgroups a try. Baby massages are quite common too. The whole idea is to not isolate yourself from the others and just lead a rather friendly motherhood with your child. Your feeling and your child’s love for you should both show by now and you should bask in the new found relationship between you two.