30 years of age is the most crucial at any given person’s life. These are the years that a person starts to enjoy his or her life fully – and that’s why gifts at this age need to be more than being special. It needs to be cutting edge and cool too. People at 30 years of age enjoy their birthday more differently than at 50, 60 or even 75. Thus, the gifts need to different as well. This 30th birthday gifts list will go through each and every one of them and help you choose the perfect one for that special person of yours.

Best 30th Birthday Gifts And Present Ideas:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 9 best 30th birthday gifts for men and women.

1. E-Reader:

Looking for 30th birthday gift ideas? Get this new e-reader. Available in various colours, it has a 7-inch display and can be seen in direct sunlight. Its IPX8 waterproof, and has Bluetooth support as well. A single charge will last for weeks, and it has two storage options – 8GB or 32GB. Save paper, save trees and gift this e-reader.

2. Wireless Earphones:

A wireless earphone will always be one of the most fabulous 30th birthday present ideas ever. These are true wireless earphones with no such wires between them. Gives a secure and comfortable fit. It has fast charging and 12-hour battery life. Also, sweat proof and water resistant as well. Great for gyms and jogging. Also, has brilliant sound as well.

3. Wireless Speaker:

If your wife or sister loves listening to music, then this speaker will be one of the most unique 30th birthday gifts for her. It has a 5-hour charge cycle, with great sound quality. Has a very small, compact shape and operates via Bluetooth. Can control volume and phone call as well. Definitely one of the most musical 30th birthday gift ideas for her any time.

4. Smart Watch:

This smartwatch will one of the most beautiful 30th birthday gifts for men. All black looks, this watch is water and splash resistant. Has a whole lot of sensors like light and ambient sensor, as well as a heart rate monitor too. Enclosed in a full aluminum case and has a sport band.

5. Laptop:

Looking for a smart little gift for your dad or husband? A laptop will always be one of the greatest 30th birthday gift ideas for him. This laptop comes with an Intel i7 processor, with 16 gigabytes of memory, 512 gigabytes of storage and an AMD graphic card. Also, comes fully built in an aluminium enclosure with a great build quality and a nice looking screen as well. Absolutely one of the best 30th birthday ideas for him.

6. Smart Phone:

All women love iPhone. And that’s why this will be one of the most popular 30th birthday presents for her – be it your sister or wife. Has a 5.8 inch LED display, with 12 mega pixels of a camera. Has wireless charging and water-resistant as well. The camera lens has a sapphire crystal cover as well. Will be perfect for her daily needs.

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7. Shoes:

Women have a fetish for shoes, and that’s why this is one of the most perfect 30th birthday present ideas for her – either it is your wife or sister. Truly made up of leather, and has leather sole as well. The heel size is approximately 4 inches and will be the perfect shoe for your loved ones.

8. Camera:

If your husband loves to shoot photos, then this camera will be one of the most creative 30th birthday presents for him. Has 24.2 mega pixels, with full frame image sensor. Has very great contrast and auto focus. Can shoot very good looking, professional like videos and photos, and will be great for family trips as well.

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9. Sunglasses:

A pair of sunglasses will be one of the coolest 30th birthday ideas for men. It’s fully made of metal and has crystal lens. It has UV coating as well, and the lens are also prescription ready as well. Looks cool and stylish too. Perfect ageless gift for any man.

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After looking at this above list, one thing is sure – the age of 30 is the most energetic and technologically adventurous point of time. Most people at 30 years of age are very socially active as well. Therefore, giving a gift to a person of this age will need more gadgets and cool, stylish stuff and less other normal things. And that’s why this list of suggestions is here to help you with.


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