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31 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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“A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die.” –Mary Mason

Who once used to keep you up at nights now snores away with you. The one who used to make you feel like your emotions are overflowing now shares a bite into your humble food and breathes through you. The fetus now grown and strong inside you rumbles around letting you know he is ready for the world.

The subtle kicks depict his discomfort in a cramped place and so on another week rolls by. Usually in medical terms ,the entire pregnancy process due to medical assistance is summed up in week instead of months, this way frequent monitoring of your young one is possible. The entire of the 40 weeks is what sums up the nine months and in your 31st week the baby’s changes can be recorded in the ultrasound.

31 Weeks of Pregnancy

Fetal Development of the Baby:

Change in Movements:

Until a certain point of time, the baby has no sense to reciprocate on but with the days ageing in the baby’s sense starts growing. Slow and steady he recognizes the surrounding he is in. he recognizes the factors keeping him alive, his body masters the art of normal human body functions. This all piles up to the point where he can work on his own. Now his muscles stabilize and he can move them at will. This is when the movements start. The initial stage records the baby tumbling around rolling by but by the 31st week the movements change. The baby now starts kicks and punches letting the mother know he feels cramped in the place.

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Hearing Aid:

The hearing aid that is the ear is now working in full form receiving noise and changing it to sense as the brain impulses kick up to work full speed on it. A human ear can only decode a sound when not only the ear elements work together but also when the impulse heard or received can be perceived and decoded by the brain. By the 31st week, the brain has already started taking up the proper shape and now can receive impulses and work on it. This is why your baby’s audible detection of your voice and surrounding may not be a surprise to you. She can now hear your voice, any specific music or stories that you read.

Double Himself:

By now your baby weighs a good 3.5 pounds and with his growth spurt ending, he now measures up to an 18 inch give or take. Half of this weight belongs to the now fat layers growing underneath the skin. The arms now start to take up a chubby shape along with the gut and thighs. The amniotic fluid in which your baby was afloat all this time now begins to reduce itself to provide more space for the growing baby.

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Involuntary Actions:

In the 31st week, the baby’s reflex actions have taken up a broad range. The ultrasound now not only reveals his hearing capability loud and clear but the doctor’s say if you flash a bright light right in the middle of the belly button your baby just might respond to it by either moving his head away or towards the light. By now those flittering little peepers have somewhat gotten used to the sensitivity of light. The other reflex action now involves yawning which can be noticed if lucky by catching a moment of it in the ultrasound. He may even have his favorite sleeping position that might be clear this week. These subtle actions this week will prepare your baby for the outside world.

Breathe Away:

With time the baby’s lungs are developing more and more. this is not a one day work and would require some time but be assured by the end of this week he would have a sound lung expanding and contracting to the now red blood cells produced by none other than himself. The lungs maturing slowly also helps the trachea or the wind pipe to open up so that baby no longer requires the mother’s umbilical cord to pass in oxygen and breathe out carbon di oxide.


The food and oxygen supply from the mother through placenta is doing the work for the fetus heart to function.Later of the birth the work is taken care by the lungs of the baby.During the third week of the fetus growth the heart starts to beat and by 30th week the baby is already on the pelvic floor for coming into the world.

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Symptoms of 31stWeek Pregnancy and How to Overcome:

The entire of the 40 weeks explained prior to this is further segregated into three stages. The first trimester when the mother has to yet get used to the changes rapidly occurring in her body. The next trimester is referred to as the golden trimester where the baby and the mother forms an understanding well enough. The third trimester, the 31st week considered in it again sees the problems reoccurring.

Back Pain:

Right about now you would feel a sharp pain shooting down your spine right in the middle of the night. You would wake up with a jolt and lie down for hours trying to make the pain go away but as long as you are on your back it never will. This is because with the baby growing inside the space he requires slowly closes in on him. As a result when you are laid down on your back, he pushes around for more space and eventually pushes your spines back to accommodate for him. Avoid this by sleeping on your side.To overcome this uneasiness, try sitting up straight, as this restricts the movement of your baby. However, do not do this all the time, since this hampers his play time inside your womb.

Subsidiary Problems:

The usual problems on the first weeks of the pregnancy will be back now. The frequent urination is back along with faulty bowel movements. Never before have you woken up at four in the night to rush to the bathroom but now you just might. Besides this the sorry appetite of yours might give way to indigestion or heart burn which is due to the over production of female hormones messing with the other body hormones.One way to overcome this situation is limit your liquid intake like coffee ,tea and sugary drinks.

Mask of Pregnancy:

While some glow in glory for most of us, the shining scarf of pregnancy might not be flawless. The usual of us experiences a mask of pregnancy that masks our face along with irrelevant body parts. The back acne, the stretch marks are just a side effect of the brown blotches or freckles your face sports now. This too is to be blamed on the female hormones which would subside once the 40 weeks are over.Aloe Vera is your friend now, and you need it for a favorable experience with your skin. Of course it does not solve your marks, but most certainly works on the way of reducing it.


Breathlessness is common issue faced by women during pregnancy.This is mainly due to growth of the fetus, which put pressure on the blood vessels and the oxygen supply to the brain and body is reduced which leads to difficulty in breathing.Expansion of the ribs also happens during pregnancy, and doctors recommend not to wear tight clothes might will compress the ribs ,leading to breathlessness


Feeling of clumsiness creeps in due to feel of overweight and pain caused during heavy contractions.Womens feel ungainly and studies shows that one quarter of the women fall during pregnancy.Add to the hormonal changes which causes the muscles in the pelvis ,knee loosen much ,which is the main factor for falling down.Edema in the leg causes tingling sensation due to the pressure put by the fluid retention on the nerves.

31st Week Activities:

During 31st week it is not possible to do all the activities like during the first and second trimester due to the growth of the fetus which causes more stress on the muscle and the center of gravity of the women is also balanced ,which will lead to imbalanced posture.which exerts pressures on the Spinal cord.

Diet and Exercise for the 31stWeek:


  • If you are a vegetarian, tofu and soybeans should help you with your protein level maintenance. On the other hand if you are a non-vegetarian your usual lean meat content should do just fine.
  • For the healthy development of blood cells in your child, don’t forget your iron supplements and folic acid in your diet. Spinach and bananas should be your hot choice.
  • Dairy products should be present in the scene as well. You cannot take calcium supplements as a substitute of natural diet products.
  • You balanced diet should include the essential vegetables as well. Cabbage, Pumpkin, Tomatoes and Beans are our personal picks.
  • Fruits can be a great breakfast source and a good way to start your day and your diet. They can also serve as your snack time supply.


  • Breathing asana is highly recommended . Which helps in clearing the airway passage and purification of lungs
  • For a perfect pregnancy squat,Foot apart angulated to the level of the shoulder and hands raised out and parallel to the floor and slowly lower done into squat position with heels on the ground and knee should not protrude out in front of the foot and with back straight .Breathing while getting up and breathing out while getting down into squat position.
  • It may seem strange, but at this stage with the baby bump growing on you right up, sleeping in your usual position will be difficult and more like an exercise you need to master.
  • For the 31st week of pregnancy,walking is the best way of exercise which doesn’t need any apparatus
  • Aqua aerobics can be done to ease down pressure on the feet.

Sex during Pregnancy in 31stWeek:

Sex or intercourse is not advised during he last trimester.Controlling emotional factor is the key for a normal delivery and reduces the chances for any sort of infection.

Tips To Overcome Stress during Pregnancy:

  • Cherish your new phase that is soon about to arrive. Enjoy with people around and make the environment more positive.
  • Reducing workload and working hours.
  • Be honest about yourself to your partner. Parenthood is the right for both of you. Do not stress and overburden yourself by not sharing anything
  • Replenish by going for sauna or a body massage.

Medical Treatments and Checkup:

Monthly check up can also help in detecting Chromosomal abnormalities during the early stages as well as in the last trimester with help of scan and blood check up and any birth defects can be diagnosed at this stage with help of ultra scan or Tissue related scan with MRI

  1. Soreness- Acetaminophen. Dont indulge in Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  2. Allergy- Antihistamines and Ioratidine. Shun use of Pseudophedrine and Decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  3. Cough- Dextromethorphan.
  4. Constipation- Metamucil. Avoid mineral oil.
  5. Heartburn- Antacids.

Tips and Precautions:

  1. Pampering yourself might be a good idea at this stage, since you need to feel better and uplift your mood.
  2. Doing knitting work or painting helps stress level to reduce
  3. Weigh your health and your risks, and decide what’s best for you. Don’t let others pile their decisions on you and work you up.
  4. Go for regular checkups to avoid stress about how baby’s health. This is not only necessary, but also stops ruining your health when you worry about the whole situation

The 31st week is here, and you are just as worried as to how the delivery going to happen .Relaxing with yoga and with positive vibes You will do well with your pregnancy, the way you have so far. Don’t forget to soar high.