32 weeks pregnant what to expect? Well, a lot. If you look back, you and your baby made very good progress, a step a day closer to delivery. The initial emotional hurdles would have become a regular thing for you. It is time for you to relax a little bit and take a moment to understand your body.

What Month and Trimester Are You In at 32 Weeks Pregnant?

You are in your seventh month and in the last trimester of pregnancy. This means you still have some more time left to mentally prepare yourself for the day.

32 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms & Developments

1. Set in His Position:

When it all starts, the baby will be seen to float in the amniotic fluid head up and legs down, but at the 32nd week he senses his days of leave, and so one morning you might feel a lot of rumbling and tumbling in your tummy and guess what the ultrasound will find your baby to be like? By now, your baby has turned upside down and positioned himself at the entrance. The usual kick and punches would let you know he can no longer live the boxed-in life. But do not worry he is not uncomfortable since his head fits better that way in your pear-shaped uterus.

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2. Skin Affairs:

The initial stage of the fetus would be nothing, but a piece of skin on a skeletal structure but God knows best how to create the perfect human, so he waits for all these months to perfect the internal affairs. Now that it is done from the 30th week, the inner layers of fat develop. Now in the 32nd week, the baby’s once saggy crinkly skin is now being filled with layers of baby fat. His cheeks are inflating, and so is his gut as he consumes more food. A white waxy substance called the vernixcaseosa that once covered his skin now has worn off giving the amniotic fluid a light milky colour. The lanugo or the soft baby hair covering his body is retracting too.

3. Gender Detection:

Even though the gender can be known far earlier than to wait until the 32nd week, by now the genders have almost matured and perfected themselves. For a boy, his scrotum has to develop before his testicles start dropping down. This process is completed by this month when the baby’s testicles have successfully descended to the scrotum below. For a girl, her labia majora lips are now ready covering her labia minora lips. If you do not know any better, there is already a deposit of primitive egg numbering in 7 billion in her wee little ovary. This count drops down to 2 billion afterwards.

4. Touch Ups:

Much like the last minute touchups you do, the baby’s toe and finger nails along with the hair follicles maybe with some hair in it are now perfecting themselves as he gets ready to leave. This includes the nervous system too with the optic nerves or the smell and hearing nerves perfecting themselves.

5. Measurement:

About this time, the baby will weigh around 107 kilograms and will be 42 cm long from head to toe. For the first few months (until 32), the baby will have a pretty good chance of surviving and thriving.

6. Lungs:

Lungs will be one of the most important parts of the baby, though, by this time, they will not be fully developed. This will grow properly a little before birth, and for then, the baby will be inhaling amniotic fluid to keep the lungs in a proper state.

The full nine months is divided into 40 weeks which is further categorized into three segments. The first trimester is hard on both the baby and the mother as they both struggle for their ease. In the second trimester, they acquire the ease they have been fighting for and finally in the third trimester they again start their fight for ease. The mother also goes through a certain number of changes along with the baby.

7. Contractions:

At around this time, you would feel a soft contraction occurring and reoccurring at time. This in the medical world is termed Braxton Hicks contraction, which is nothing but your body or ovary getting ready for the final day. This is the best time to sign up for labor classes where they teach you a comfortable way to easy childbirth. These contractions, however, are not painful but may produce a little discomfort.

8. Spilling and Paining:

By now, you might experience your body glands and muscles losing its perks. Your hip girdles might expand by now causing a slight pain. This may also be the case of your breasts which too might expand now, and with the body producing more and more female hormones, slight pain in the mammary glands might occur. With the ovaries stretching a slight pain in the abdominal area is also possible, which is totally normal.

9. Pick Up Advice:

By now you should be more and more careful of the incoming problems and tips and tricks about to hit you. This is why to consult doctors and midwives is the best. The strict to do chart formulated by the doctor should be the mantra of your week now.

10. Subsidiary Problems:

The subsidiary problems all relate to the growth of the baby. By now, your baby measures almost 19 inches and weighs 4 pounds which is why the baby keeps pushing the contents in your stomach upwards. This causes the stomach components to push upwards, cramping the empty space making the lungs expand less. This causes breathlessness. The other problems include indigestion, heartburns and frequent urinations. Bodily problems will also stem at this point.

11. Fatigue:

This is one of the most important symptoms during this time that is quite commonly visible. Fatigue is probably one of those that you will have to go through. Along with fatigue, there is one more thing that you will have to sustain, that is sleepless nights. If you are looking to live a healthy life with the baby, then try getting some sleep during the daytime. This will allow you to stay awake during the night, and the rest will also remove the fatigue. A lot of women find the process of sleeping during the daytime hard at first. But later on, they all go through it, and that is how they get adjusted to it.

12. Nagging Symptoms:

Some of the commonly seen symptoms during the 32week phase of pregnancy are heartburn, knee swelling, acidity, etc. and other similar medical conditions that can make you feel worse. If you are looking for some serious solution of symptoms, then reduce these issues while you have time. Or else, later on, you will have to go through it, and that will be a serious issue. Heartburn and acidity can be reduced by taking proper medication, and there are also some techniques, exercises, medicines, etc. for reducing the swelling effect of the knees. Consulting a doctor after receiving these symptoms would be appropriate.

32 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size and Weight:

Your baby at 32 weeks pregnant baby weight will be 3.8 pounds and 16.7 inches. Your baby will be the size of squash now! Yes, a little more grown from the last week.

32 Weeks Pregnant Belly and Baby:

Your belly will measure about 30 to 34 centimetres, starting from the top of the uterus to the pelvic bone. Wondering at 32 weeks pregnant how is the baby positioned? Well, he/she will most likely be in a head-down position. He or she will now be feeling even more cramped.

At 32 weeks pregnant with twins means you might naturally feel very weighed down. There are also chances that you might be closer to delivery as the average twin pregnancy is regarded to be 37 weeks.

Thirty-two Weeks Pregnant Activity:

During the week, a lot of things will be happening, and most of them will be new for you. Your baby will be growing heavy, and so will you and here comes the issue of excess weight. The body is always designed to sustain the weight it should, and some women worry a lot. There is no need to worry about this matter, until and unless a proper diet is maintained. Because of the proper diet, the body will be able to have the right food that will provide strength to the mother’s body and also keep her fit during this time.

A lot of yoga poses and leg workouts such as squats should be practised to get rid of pain in the prime portions of the limbs. This has helped a lot of people and will surely help you as well. The fetus will be practising breathing motions and will be preparing for birth as well. There surely will be feelings such as depression, mood swings, etc. and you want to take proper care of your emotions by hanging out with the right people who spread positivity. You do not want to head to the next week with a sad
face but with high expectations and excitement.

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Pregnancy Diet and Exercise:

Proper diet is always required to get through these kinds of situations. If you are not willing to make some changes to the diet schedule, then there will be times when you will fall sick easily and then recovering will be a real problem. This is probably the last trimester, and for going through it, you will require some serious medical care. The energy requirement for supporting the baby’s growth increases during this period.

1. Calories:

This is an important thing during this week. Calorie requirement should be met. A pregnant mother only requires around 200 calories in the last trimester, and that requirement can be easily met. Though, there are some experts, who recommend consuming around 300 calories. Eating proper vegetables, bread, fruits, etc. can assist you to meet that requirement.

2. Staying Hydrated:

If you are residing in tropical countries, then proper hydration is always required as the sweating process will not stop even during pregnancy and with this extra life growing inside you, you definitely do not want to lose the salts from the body. This is a pretty serious issue and it should be kept in mind that eating the right foods will provide the baby with the right things as well. Carry filtered or boiled water when you go out.

3. Excessive Heat:

If you are having stomach issues such as indigestion and this is because of the heat, then having some cooling side dishes with food won’t hurt. Drinking more water during this time will keep your body hydrated and fresh and having proper amounts of foods like pineapple, carrot, etc. and Indian side dishes such as veg curry, raita, etc. will be helpful during this time. Drink some coconut water to reduce stress.

Exercise is always an important issue, when you are pregnant since there is no end to fitness. If you are willing to stay fit then reducing the aches in the different parts of the limbs will always help. If you want to reduce the pain during pregnancy, then try some yoga, walking, etc. Do not do jogging during this week of the trimester. Since you are in the trimester phase, then avoid doing the exercises, that will put serious stress on the abdomen.

4. Sex During This Week:

It is not like that sex will be the last thing on your mind during this time. Though, when a lot of women hit the trimester phase, they avoid having sexual activities, it is completely fine to have intercourse. Sometimes, it can prove to be a total game-changer when it comes to inducing labor. Sex is also a mind-changer. When you are fed up with the stress, the excess baby weight, the physique damage, you will be willing to make some serious changes in your daily recreation routine and sex can be one of them. It can surely take your mind off the stress and allow you to have some fun with your partner. Plus, when has sweet love caused any kind of trouble? Sometimes, sex will feel like the only option. However, try to keep the intensity factor out of the equation during having sex.

Tips To Overcome Stress During 32 Weeks Pregnancy:

Overcoming stress is like winning a battle during pregnancy when enough has been won already. A lot of women have different reasons for their stressful period during pregnancy. If you are willing to overcome stress during pregnancy, then talk to some professional about it or consult friends. As staying with your partner, all the time can be one of the reasons behind the stress when mood swings are on the rise. Sometimes, excessive stress can lead to sleeping disorders, depression, bad appetite, etc. and many more things that can make you really sick physically and mentally. You have to be stronger mentally to deal with all the issues that can fix you. If you are willing to reduce stress easily, then take some expert help and talk to those who care and actually understand.

What Are The Risks to Face?

  • You will experience more Braxton Hicks contractions. They tend to get stronger and frequent now.
  • You will observe darker nipples, and no one knows why this happens.
  • Shortness of breath is a common symptom.
  •  Leaky breasts are common now. Your breasts get bigger and would have begun producing colostrum, a thick yellow fluid.
  • Vaginal discharge will also be common now. It is the way your body prepares itself for delivery by keeping infection at bay.

Medical Treatment and Regular Checkup:

There are many medical conditions that need to be dealt with during this time of pregnancy. Medical conditions such as excessive stress, cough, stomach issues, leg cramps, etc. are the most common ones. Here, we will be discussing some medicines that will hopefully help you with all the probable medical conditions.

  1. For excessive physical aches, acetaminophen is one of the best medicines out there.
  2. Stomach problems and bowel issues such as constipation, Dulcolax is pretty good medicine that can be easily availed.
  3. For yeast infection, Gyne-Lotrimin can be claimed to be the best one.
  4. Some women experience common cold, and Vicks Formula 44 is one of the best ones in this category. Plus, if you are looking for some serious medication, then consult a doctor before taking any kind of strong cold pills.
  5. The regular checkup should be done to track and movement and growth of the baby.

32 Weeks Pregnant Week Tips and Precautions:

There are certain things that should be kept in mind. Most of the physical issue during pregnancy cannot be determined beforehand.

  • If you are dealing with some serious physical problems, then you should have the knowledge and the ability to identify them beforehand. For example, for contraction-induced changes in the cervix, the membranes may be responsible.
  • If you have an infection in the membranes or preterm premature rupture of the membranes, then labor delays can be one of the main outcomes. This is probably one of the best and rare tips that anyone can provide you during this particular time span of pregnancy.
  • For precautions, there are certain things that you will have to avoid. Those are high-intensity workouts, smoking, alcohol, excessively fatty foods, etc.

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Checklists for 32 Weeks Pregnancy Care:

  1. It is time for you to schedule your next week’s prenatal visit.
  2. Begin shopping and install a baby seat in your car.
  3. It is also time to call up your insurance.

The article is an insight into all that happens to you and your baby at 32 weeks pregnant. 32 weeks pregnant ultrasound gets exciting, and you might actually see a miniature human. Well, the anxiety can sometimes bog you down, and therefore, it is essential to relax a bit now. Have a healthy journey!

Frequency Asked Questions And Answers:

1. Is it Safe to Travel at 32 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Yes, it is! At 32 weeks you can travel. You only have to carry the essentials you may need to make sure you have a safe trip.

2. How to Sleep at 32 Weeks Pregnant?

It is common to experience at 32 weeks pregnant, where it gets uncomfortable for you to sleep. The baby and belly are big, and you may have difficulty finding the right position to sleep. We advise you to sleep on your left side for better blood flow and will ensure nutrient supply to the placenta.

3. When to Consult a Doctor?

You should consult a doctor if you think your cramps and pain gets difficult to bear. For that, start to learn to differentiate between a real contraction and a fake one.


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