With every passing week, there will be an increase in anxiety and happiness of holding your little bundle of joy in your hands soon. At 34 weeks pregnant, your baby is the size of a cantaloupe and is now almost the length that he will be when he is born. Read here to know various developments in the baby this week and symptoms when 34 weeks pregnant.

Only a woman can know the hardships of a mother when she crosses that subtle line to enter into motherhood. From the very first announcement, the countless pieces of advice from the elders around start reverberating in your ears. Friends who are already mothers narrate their experiences and will now begin giving you their tips.

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The earlier weeks are tough with insomnia being your friend. The morning sickness every morning would be more disappointing. But with the passing of time, you would notice the doorway to motherhood open and wide. The entire period of nine months is separated into a weekly format. Where 40 weeks will sum up the pregnancy process. In this article, we talk about the 34th week of pregnancy, which is almost the end and the best part to experience.

Months and Trimester Indicating for 34 Weeks Pregnant:

If you have a 34 week old pregnancy, then you are in the 8th month and 3rd trimester of your pregnancy. Congratulations! You have just one more month to go before you can hold your little bundle of joy in your hands.

34 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms, Baby Size, Weight, Diet and Exercises:

Discover what to expect at 34 weeks pregnant. Learn about your baby’s development, common symptoms, and essential tips for a healthy pregnancy journey. Get insights on prenatal care and preparations for the upcoming arrival.

1. Bloating and Gases:

Now that you are progressing into your third trimester, you might begin experiencing bloating, gases, anxiety and tension that is just going to make the situation worse. Breathing deeply, inhaling through the nose and exhaling out from the mouth for a couple of minutes each day might help.

2. Blurred Vision:

Due to pregnancy hormones, your vision might seem blurry, and there is also a reduction in the production of tears, which may leave your eyes dry and irritated.

3. Increased Vaginal Discharge:

As the pregnancy progresses, there is an increase in vaginal discharge. This is because the pregnancy hormones (estrogen in particular) increase the blood flow to the pelvic area and stimulate the mucous membranes.

4. Backaches:

The shifting of gravity from back to belly puts increased pressure on the lower back, causing a lot of discomfort. There are a lot of solutions to treat this ache so if one doesn’t work, try another. One of the tried and tested solutions is to take frequent breaks and stand, walk or stretch. Sitting in a single position for long hours can hurt your back even more.

5. Leg Cramps:

Leg cramps are more frequent now, and the three major culprits for this are pregnancy weight, swelling, and fatigue.

6. Stretch Marks:

If you have a genetic predisposition towards stretch marks or have fairer skin, then you are more likely to get stretch marks. However, they can be kept to a minimum by gaining weight slowly and steadily.

7. Edema:

As your size increases your body tissues retain more fluid, and you may experience swelling, particularly in your feet and fingers.

8. Shortness of Breath:

As the pregnancy belly increases in size, your lungs don’t get space to expand fully, and so you feel winded even after a short trip to the washroom. Sleeping on the left side can help you with this.

9. Faster Growing Hair:

You knew that your hair would be growing faster and more lustrous during pregnancy, but you didn’t know that it would even be growing in unwanted places such as cheeks, chin, and back. Though waxing is safe during pregnancy, your skin is extra sensitive and so using a sensitive formula is advisable.

10. Insomnia:

This is a common complaint during pregnancy, and as you are progressing into your pregnancy, your trips to washrooms and leg cramps will be increasing, leaving very little room for you to shut your eyes.

11. Leaking Colostrum:

As you are approaching your due date, your breasts might leak yellowish pre-milk called colostrum. This is your baby’s first drink, and you won’t be leaking more than a few drops, but if you are uncomfortable, you may try using nursing pads.

34 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size and Weight:

During this week, your baby is as big as a cantaloupe. The length of the baby is 43-46cm, and its weight is approximately 2.1 to 2.3kg. The height of the baby at this stage is approximately the same as it would be at the time of birth. If you want to feel how your baby born now would feel, then hold a 5-pound flour bag in your arms. This is exactly how your baby would feel. Now stack 3 such bags one on another, this is the length of your baby born at the full term.

Baby and Belly Look Like in 34 Weeks Pregnancy:

  • During the 34th week of pregnancy, the baby is fully developed. He is of almost the birth length.
  • The top of the uterus can be felt now at approximately 51/2inches above the belly button
  • The baby’s body has begun to fill in the fat under the skin
  • The central nervous system of the baby is continuing to mature, and the lungs are now well developed.
  • Though it is advisable to carry your baby till the 38th or 40th week, the baby has a good chance of survival in the outside world at this stage.

34 Week Pregnancy Baby Position– Fetal and Physical:

The following are the various stages of fetal development at 34 weeks that you can observe:

  • Thickening of the Skin: The waxy coating on the skin begins to thicken this week before it starts shedding from the next week.
  • Poking Through: By this time, you might be able to see the body parts such as fists and legs poking out from the belly.
  • Sleep Schedule: The baby now closes his eyes when he is sleeping and opens them when he is awake. This will help him in developing a sleep schedule.
  • Gender Differences: If the baby is male then his testicles will make their way down from the abdomen to the scrotum
  • Tiny Fingernails and Toenails: By this time, the tiny fingernails and toenails of the baby reach the tip of the finger and are getting ready for their first postpartum manicure.
  • Fully Functional Lungs: The lungs by this time are fully ready to be able to survive in the outside world. They can not only receive and filter the air from the outside but also the material between the two lung sacs is fully developed will avoid the friction and enable survival once they are out of the body
  • Development of Bones: By this time, 90% of the bones are developed and set in place. However, they are still very soft and brittle, which will aid the baby to push out of the vagina. Once the baby is out, these bones will automatically strengthen.
  • Upside Down Position: By this time, the baby is already in an upside-down position with its face towards the uterus and legs towards the abdomen. Soon the head will get fixed in the cervix, and you will experience a lightening which will indicate that now is the time for the baby to bid farewell to the womb.
  • Belly Button: During this time, the belly button which once inside popped out. Though this is normal, there is no need to worry. You might need to cover it as the constant friction with the dress could cause irritation to an already sensitive part.

Pregnancy Diet and Exercises During 34 Weeks Pregnant:

Exercises When 34 Weeks Pregnant:

The following are the exercises that you should be doing regularly now that you are nearing your labour

  • Kegel Exercise: This exercise strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. This exercise can also help you from getting haemorrhoids and leaking urine.
  • Pelvic Tilt: The pelvic tilt is an exercise that strengthens the stomach muscles. This not only improves your flexibility for birth but also helps you in alleviating your back pain.
  • Tailor Sitting: This exercise strengthens your back and thigh muscles and makes the pelvis joint more flexible for an easier delivery.
  • Steps to Do The Tailor Sitting:
  • Sit on the floor with your back erect.
  • While bending your knees at the side, bring the soles of the feet together and pull them inside towards the groin.
  • Push the knees towards the floor until you feel the stretch in your inner thighs

34 Weeks Pregnancy Diet:

Now that you are fast approaching D-Day sticking to healthy habits (which you should have stuck to throughout the pregnancy) is equally important during the breastfeeding stage. The following are some nutrients that are vital for the healthy development of your baby during the first few months of life:

  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D supports the healthy development of the bones in the baby. Continuing to take the Vitamin D supplement even beyond the pregnancy will ensure that your baby and you get the recommended 10mcg every day.
  • LCPs (long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids) particularly DHA (called omega-3 fatty acids) – Aid in the neural development of the baby. You can get an extra dose of DHA by including one or two portions of oily fish in your weekly diet.
  • Iron: This supports the cognitive development of the baby now and even after birth. It is a key component of the red blood cells that helps in transportation of the oxygen through the body. Foods that are rich in iron include green leafy vegetables, oily fish, meat and green vegetables.

Medical Tests and Scans During 34 Weeks Pregnant:

The following are the various tests done when you visit your health expert during 34 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Blood Pressure
  • Measuring The Tummy to Check The Baby’s Growth
  • Checking your health and addressing the problems that you might be facing
  • Checking the baby’s heartbeats and movements
  • A urine test if you have any UTI or increased blood pressure
  • A vaginal swab for testing the possibility of Group B Streptococcus
  • If your blood group is Rh Negative, then you might be administered a second dose of anti-D immunoglobulin injection at this stage
  • Assessing the presentation and the station
  • There are no 34 weeks pregnant ultrasounds required. However, a specialized 3D or 4D scan may be done to assess certain conditions such as cleft lip or heart problems.

Tips and Precautions to Take During 34 Weeks Pregnancy:

The following are the 34-week pregnancy precautions you should observe:

  • It is time now that you should be avoiding long car trips and flights as much as possible
  • If you have to travel, try to stretch your legs and walk around at least once in 1-2 hours.
  • This is the last week that you can travel after this most airlines will not allow you to board the flight.
  • Avoid unpurified drinking water, unpasteurized milk and inadequately cooked meat or sprouts.
  • Avoid sleeping on your back as this may reduce the blood flow to the uterus and fetus.

Tips for This Week:

  • Buy your car seat and get it installed. 85% of the parents do it wrong on the first go. Get it checked by a technician to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Your eyes may feel dry and irritated. Keep your eye drops handy
  • Feeling depressed? Nearly 10-15% of pregnant ladies suffer from depression during pregnancy. Some anti-depressants are safe during pregnancy. Talk to your health care provider for the same.
  • If you still have the energy left, then this is the best time to put the final finishing touches to your nursery. Once your due date is near little, would you like to go shopping or do things more than necessary?

Risks During 34 Weeks of Pregnancy:

The following are the various risks that can be a cause of concern during the 34th week of pregnancy

  • Gestational diabetes can be a cause of concern
  • Preeclampsia is a serious condition and can cause serious complications for the mother and the baby. Generally, women aged 35 and older with their first pregnancy are at a higher risk of this condition
  • Preterm labour is again a serious condition and infants born preterm are at a higher risk of health problems, particularly lung problems as they are not fully developed.
  • Premature rupture of membranes happens at this stage and is a cause of concern as it will lead to pre-term delivery
  • Placenta previa increases the risk of bleeding before and during delivery
  • Placenta Abruption – This is a rare condition where the placenta separates from the uterus prior to labour. This can cause fetal death and lead to a serious shock to the mother.

Checklist During 34 Weeks Pregnant:

  • By this week you should get yourself familiarized by the signs of labor.
  • Get yourself a week-by-week growth and changes checklist to ensure the well-being and proper growth of both your baby and you during the complete 9 months.
  • Review your birth plan with your midwife or your doctor.
  • Attend classes for infant CPR, baby care or breastfeeding. Once the baby arrives, there will be little time to get these lessons, and you might feel lost or worried.

34 Weeks Pregnant with Twins:

If your pregnancy is in the 34th week and if you are carrying twins, you might be feeling a little antsy. These may be the signs that the babies are coming soon. For a twin mom, the countdown has finally begun as the average pregnancy with multiples lies somewhere between 35 to 37 weeks.

Gender Detection:

Even though the gender detection process can be revealed several weeks earlier by the 34th week, the baby’s gender would be perfectly formed and matured and ready. By the end of this week, the scrotum would be perfectly formed with the testicles fully descended and ready to function. The genitalia is fully formed. He now no longer needs the cord connecting his mother to relieve himself. For the girls, the labia majora, the one on the top just finished with perfecting itself. The ovary of your little one would now surprisingly already be the owner of seven billion primitive eggs. However, the count goes down to two, which is the normal egg count.

Lung Function:

All throughout your baby was inhaling a little bit of the amniotic fluid surrounding her and trying to perfect her lung functions. Many times it has happened that the baby has a premature birth which by this week is quite possible. This is why the baby’s lungs by now are functioning at their best. It can not only receive and filter the air; the substance between the two lung sacs that keeps the lungs from friction has also developed so that she never faces danger once outside.

Bone Development:

Even though almost 90 per cent of the body’s formation has been set to place, the bones of the baby are still weak and brittle. This is just God’s creation where these soft, brittle bones would help the baby force himself out of the vagina. This is why the skull is still pretty strong and hardy and in a normal shape but the bones connecting it to the neck or the spine are still not yet perfected. After birth these bones themselves would perfect so there is no worry at all.

Baby Fat:

During the initial stages, the fetus would resemble a skeletal structure with a thin muscular layer while the internal organs still form and perfect themselves. With the passing of time, once the organs are perfected and well settled and functioning, you would notice your baby bump gaining a few more pounds. That is why in the 34th week of your pregnancy, your little one would weigh somewhere around five and a half pounds with fat layers filling his thighs and plump cheeks.

Positioned to Place:

By now, your baby is completely upside down with the head positioned near your cervix and the feet up in the stomach, pushing and kicking letting you know that the baby is ready for his journey out. Many cases have noticed the baby venture out this week, but for those who still haven’t, your baby is in position readying himself. The upside-down position does not harm him; in fact, he is quite comfortably fitted in your pear-shaped uterus.

Pregnancy can be divided into three trimesters. The first trimester, the second and the third, which is the 34th week you are currently in. With the handsome developments in your baby, the mother too goes through a lot of changes.

Belly Button Change:

By now you would notice a typical change in your belly button. What was once inside like a crater has now protruded and looks like a small bulb. This is a common pregnancy scenario even though not all face it. When faced with a problem, use a tape or a patch to cover the place since at around this time, it might be too sensitive, and the constant friction with your dress makes it worse.

Due to the tremendous pressure of the upcoming events, often paranoia sets in. Being a mother and nearing the final day can be both scary and exciting. On top of that, there is the added pressure of your babies. All mixed up, these situations may give way to a drop or increase in levels of blood pressure. Do not pop in medicine since these harsh medicines have effects on the child inside you. Consult your doctor about it.

Calcium Intake:

This is the time when your baby is perfecting his bones, and therefore as a mother, he will partake from you, so watch your diet. Doctor’s often at this time advices you to stick to calcium intake since this is the last chance for your baby to have some bone strength in him.


With the days edging nearby Braxton Hick’s contractions grow more and more severe and surprisingly now matches the feel of a real contraction may be much lower in intensity. The frequency of these contractions seems to increase with each day too. These contractions are in real, mock contractions which lets you know your body is preparing itself for the upcoming events.

As the time for your delivery is fast approaching, you will be experiencing mixed feelings of anxiety and happiness. The 34 weeks pregnant is a very crucial benchmark as, by this time, the baby is almost developed and can survive in the outside world even if delivered preterm. However, it is best that the baby is delivered at full term so that he is fit to survive in the outside world on his own.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

Q1: Is Traveling Safe for Pregnant Women During 34 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Ans: Long-distance car travel should be avoided during this stage of pregnancy. If you have to travel, make sure you keep your legs stretched out and walk a bit every couple of hours as sitting for a long time in one position could be problematic. Most of the airlines would not allow you to travel after this week of pregnancy.

Q2: What is The Sleeping Position for 34 Weeks, Pregnant Women?

Ans: Sleeping sideways, especially on your left side, is the best sleeping position during the 34 weeks of pregnancy. Sleeping on the back is not advisable at this stage due to the increased risk of stillbirths.

Q3: When to Consult a Doctor During 34 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Ans: During the third trimester, you need to see the doctor every alternate week from 28-36 weeks and every week from the 36th week onwards. However, if you have any of the following symptoms, then you are advised to see your doctor immediately:

  • Bleeding
  • Severe nausea and vomiting
  • The activity level of the baby declines severely
  • Contractions
  • Water bag breaking
  • Persistent severe headache, abdominal pain, visual disturbance
  • Symptoms of flu

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