34 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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A young woman can only know the hardships of a mother when she crosses that subtle line to enter into motherhood. Form the very first announcement, the words of wisdom from the old folks starts reverberating in your ears. The friends already experienced now will give you tips and tricks. The elders would confine in you their story of motherhood but you won’t feel a peep until you yourself manage to enter one.

The earlier weeks are tough with insomnia being your friend. The morning sickness every morning would be more disappointing but with the passing time you would notice the doorway to motherhood open and wide. The entire of the nine months are separated into a weekly format where 40 weeks sum up the pregnancy process. In this article we talk about the 34th week which is almost the end and the best part of this week will be somewhat like this.

34 Weeks of Pregnancy

Gender Detection:

Even though the gender detection process can be revealed a long many week back by the 34th week the bay’s gender would be perfectly formed and matured and ready. By the end of this week the scrotum would be perfectly formed with the testicles fully descended and ready to function even though he has to wait a good twenty to thirty years to put them to use. The genitalia are fully formed. He now no longer needs the cord connecting his mother to relieve himself. For the girls, her labia major, the one on the top just finished with perfecting itself. The ovary of your little one would now surprisingly already be the owner to seven billion primitive eggs. However the count goes down to two which is the normal egg count.

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Lung Function:

All throughout your baby was inhaling a little bit of the amniotic fluid surrounding her and trying to perfect her lung functions. Many a times it has happened that the baby has a premature birth which by this week is quite possible. This is why the baby’s lungs already by now are functioning to its best. It can not only receive and filter air, the substance between the two lung sacs that keeps the lungs from friction has also developed so that she never faces danger once outside.

Bone Development:

Even though almost 90 percent of the body’s formation has been set to place, the bones of the baby is still weak and brittle. This is just God’s creation where these soft brittle bones would help the baby force himself out of the vagina. This is why the skull is still pretty strong and hardy and in a normal shape but the bones connecting it to the neck or the spine is still not yet perfected. After birth these bones themselves would perfect so there is no worry at all.

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Baby Fat:

During the initial stages, the fetus would resemble a skeletal structure with a thin muscular layer while the internal organs still form and perfect themselves. With the passing time once the organs are perfected and well settled and functioning you would notice your baby bump gaining a few more pounds. That is why in the 34th week of your pregnancy your little one would weigh somewhere around a five and a half pound with fat layers filling his thighs and plump cheeks.

Positioned to Place:

By now your baby is completely upside down with the head positioned near your cervix and the feet up in the stomach pushing and kicking letting you know he needs to be out. Many cases have noticed the baby venture out in this week but for those who still haven’t, your baby is in position readying himself. But the upside down position does not harm him, in fact he is quiet comfortably fitted in your pear shaped ovary.

With the baby coming in heavy the 40 weeks are separated into three trimesters. The first trimester, the second and the third which in the 34th week you are currently living.  With the handsome developments in your baby, the mother too goes through a lot of changes.

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Belly Button Change:

By now you would notice a typical change in your belly button. What was once inside in a crater like shape has now protruded and looks like a small bulb. This is a common pregnancy scenario even though not all face it. When faced with problem use a tape or a patch to cover the place since at around this time it might be too sensitive and the constant friction with your dress makes it worse.

Due to the tremendous pressure of the upcoming events, often a paranoia sets in where the events as your planned were not executed to the proper. Being a mother and nearing the final day can be both scary and exciting. On top of that there is the added pressure of your babies. All mixed up, these situations may give way to drop or increase in levels of blood pressure. Do not pop in a medicine since these harsh medicines have effects on the child inside you. Consult your doctor about it.

Calcium Intake:

This is the time when your baby is perfecting his bones and therefore as a mother he will partake from you so watch your diet. Doctor’s often at this time advices to stick to calcium intakes since this is the last chance for your baby to have some bone strength in him.


With the days edging nearby the Braxton Hick’s contractions grow more and more severe and surprisingly now matches the feel of a real contraction maybe much lower in intensity. The frequency of these contractions seem to increase with each day too. These contractions are in real, mock contractions which lets you know your body is preparing itself for the upcoming events.