35 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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The simple transition from a woman to a mother is when you finally start to realize how privileged we are as women to have the ability to support a new blooming life right in front of us. The earlier months are the toughest with the new born life still not in her senses trying to fit in just like any of us. The morning sickness, the sleepless nights- now when you look back were all worth it if at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold waiting for you.

The baby as the days roll by requires a constant monitoring and therefore the entire of the nine month pregnancy process is separated into a weekly format where in medical terms 40 weeks make up the entire pregnancy process. This is why by the 35th week you know you are already edging towards the final day.

35 Weeks of Pregnancy

Gender Recognition:

No longer do you have to wait for the baby names to pile in. by the 35th week the ultrasound will be able to tell whether you are hosting a he or a she. The fetus in your womb growing by this week would surely develop and mature her sex organs by now. Even though the process started way back, by the end of this week it would perfect themselves. In case of a boy, the development of your fetus’ scrotum has developed to the fullest and now the testicles are almost there just sliding down and waiting for it to drop down. In case of a baby girl, her genitals would mature soon with the outer labia lips growing. You will be surprised to know she already has storage of seven billion primitive eggs. The count would then go down to two as she is born.


You know how you yawn when you are sleepy and how you blink when a bright light is disturbing you? Well no one taught that to you and same is the case for your wee little baby.  By this week you would notice the little heart showing some common reflex. The first starting is with hiccups which are slow and gradual and can be felt by the mother. Once again neither of them is having any problem. The next reflex is yawning followed by sleeping which is when if you are lucky enough you can catch him sleeping in his favorite position.

Get the Flabs:

Initially when the baby started growing it was nothing but a skeletal structure trying to make himself perfect. With time he grew up more and more and now by the end of this week he would be filled with chubby cheeks and flabby arms. Slowly as the vernix caseosa, the soft cheese like substance covering his body starts to melt away the fat layers deposit underneath and therefore your baby by the end of this week would be healthy and flabby. He is growing on more and more weight with time and now weighs a little over 5 pounds.


All this while, the baby has been listening to you talk, listening to your favorite jam and assessing the world around you. So now by the end of the 35th week, you would realize that your baby now has familiarized herself with those specific voices and has started responding to it. You can use your voice to trigger her movements in the ultrasound. Also her sensitivity to light to light develops which is why if you shine a light to her face above the stomach, it would make her squirm or look away. She might respond to you with a subtle kick or punch.

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Probable Measure:

The baby will be measured as soon as it arrives. Proper measurement of the baby is always required as it will determine his or her life. At the 35 week period, the baby will weight around 2.4 kilograms and will be around 46 cm (from head to toe). This is the basic measurement of the baby and if it is more than this, then there will be some issues with the birth procedure.

Amniotic Fluids:

Compared to the rest of the weeks, there will be less amniotic fluids and there will be more portion of the baby in the uterus. Which means, that you are slowly heading to the final week and will be giving girth a few days later.

Along with the baby the mother too suffers some changes. The 40 week frame is divided into three trimesters where in the first trimester the beginning of the process is marked with discomfort which slowly eases in the second trimester. The third trimester then sees the baby and the mother again facing the problems.


With the baby growing more and more you can pretty well imagine the baby pushing and kicking stuff out of the way to make space for herself. During such process the baby pushes up the stomach contents that shelter the muscular stomach bag. With the space for the bag decreasing, the functions are affected too as the stomach bag now feels the lack of space to process the food. This may be a rising cause for you severe indigestion.

Frequent Bathroom Breaks:

The need for the bathroom break increases as the baby now puts a whole lot more pressure on the lower abdomen where the urinary bladder is. On a normal day, without being pregnant the woman can let the urine pool in till it fills and then release. With the baby passing her own urine and the excess pressure she’s creating, the mother now loses the ability to hold in urine and thus the frequent bathroom breaks of the first trimester are now back.

Mask of Pregnancy:

By now you would notice the mask for pregnancy becoming more and more clear. With time the baby now grows up and with him the other problems too. The acnes of your teenage years now again haunt you along with the patches and freckles that grow with every single day. However do not be upset about it since as your pregnancy days come to an end so will your patches and splotches.

Labor Preparations:

At around this time, the Braxton Hick’s labor would knock off at a steady speed with the intervals increasing. These are mock contractions that your body practices and as a part of this involuntary demo, you have to adjust to the discomfort and get a firsthand experience of what it’s going to be like. This is just a wakeup call for your body to keep getting into practice for the upcoming action ahead.

Weight Gain:

Weight gain can be a real problem for the pregnant woman. Besides, the extra weight of the baby, most women seem to put on some extra pounds during pregnancy and having excessive amounts of healthy foods can termed to be responsible for this. If you are having some serious meal issues, then try to cut the cheat meals as you are having some unhealthy stuffs sometimes as well since, no one can eat healthy foods straight for many weeks. If you are having problems arranging your diet routine, then consult an expert. Sometimes such excess weight gain issues many arise, due to less exercise. Even when you are pregnant, you should try to stay fit as much as possible. You only will have to carry your excess pounds and no one else will. Staying hydrated also assists in staying fit and reducing foods. Eating small meals within lesser time intervals trick also helps with maintaining the right weight during pregnancy.

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Tender Breasts:

One of the most-common symptoms of pregnancy is tender breasts. If you are dealing with tender breast and breast pain, there besides consulting an expert (doctor), there is nothing much that you can do. On the other hand, there are somethings that do not have that kind of long-lasting relief. But you can try them. Ice pack, breast massage done by the victim, chaste berry, etc are some of the things that do help and can be done by the woman who is dealing with these kind of chest issues.

Week Activity:

This week, your daily activities will be a little different from what they used to be. There are certain serious changes in the activities this week, that will totally change your lifestyle. For example, you will have to be totally sure about the amount of rest you are getting. Since, you are slowly approaching to the final weeks, there will be an increase in the sleep hours and you will just have to go through that. If you are willing to keep yourself and the baby healthy, then follow the diet schedule that the doctor has given. For fitness, take short walks outside your house. A field will be proper for you and streets might be a little risky during this time. If you are feeling week, then go for a better diet and consult the dietitian. For staying happy and healthy, follow a healthy lifestyle. The growing baby take a little more space in the womb than expected. Obviously, everyone thinks how much space can a small baby takes. But these things don’t happen according to your expectations. The weight of the baby does make you sick and can get your fat as well and that is when staying fit during this time comes into the equation.

Week Diet and Exercise:

Proper diet is required at this time of pregnancy. After all, what you eat the baby will be provided with that. The baby is delicate and will obviously go through certain changes, while it is tucked inside you belly. Thus, one of the most important things during this time is the diet that will allow you to keep in track with the upcoming changes. The diet is a big part, so let’s discuss about it a bit.

Eating Well Is The Trick Here:

Rich and Fatty Foods:

if you are suffering from indigestion problems, stomach infection, etc, then stop having appetizers with chocolate and also stop eating rich and fatty foods. There are some spicy foods that does not help and thus except certain spices, avoid the rest or you can get really sick with indigestion, acidity, heartburn, etc and that won’t be nice, especially during this 35th week.

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Proper intake of vitamin K during the 35th period is required. If you are willing to stay healthy, then take green leafy vegetables that come with vitamin K and one of them is Cauliflower. There are other vitamin-K rich foods such as broccoli, cabbage, green beans, etc.


This is another awesome thing that will keep you healthy. Soyabean comes with good proportions of vitamin K and that will obviously be helpful for you. If you don’t want to suffer from indigestion and still have some healthy stuffs, then take soyabean. They are a really good and healthy food.


The increasing weight is one of the problems that irritate those women, especially those who life a healthy lifestyle. They will just have to deal with it now. But, you can still stay fit and agile by eating healthy foods and doing low-intensity walks in the morning. Walking always helps in keeping the body healthy and the mind active.

Sex During This Week:

You surely can indulge in some sexual activities this week. During this week, sex is OK and unless and until you make it quite intense, you can surely have some sex. Getting involved with love making won’t hurt the baby and there is always room for some new tricks that can lighten up the woman. All men should consider this is a special opportunity to please their loving wife during this time, as they have been going through a lot for the past weeks.

Tips For Overcoming Stress During 35 Weeks Pregnancy:

Stress is one of those things during pregnancy that cannot be avoided. Beware, it will strike you hard. You cannot be prepared for it but you can take some measure to reduce it and stay positive from the mind. The following are certain stuffs that you can do to reduce stress easily.

Talk To People About It:

Talking to people about your stress will surely help reducing it. People might have been in your situation and you can get some good help from people. They will offer your tips to have positive mind set and might also want to meet you for discussing your problem face to face.

Take A Night Out With Friends:

when will friends come in need? Take a night out with friends and try to have some drinks with low proportions of alcohol. Have cheat meals as well as sometimes listening to your heat can reduce depression.

Exercise Daily :

Proper exercise can make your life great. Doing some meditation will assist with reduction of stress and depression. Other than that, daily exercise should be performed anyway. It should be like a lifestyle.

Make some plans for the family life – imagine how you will live your life with your child and your husband. Make some plans about it and that will allow you to spend some serous amount of time and not get bored and which will in turn lead to less depression.

Accept the situation that you are in – some women don’t exactly want a family life and unfortunately, end up having a baby just after marriage. If you want to live happily with your family without any kind of stress and depression, then get rid of the bad feelings and simply accept the situation you are in.

Medical Treatment and Regular Checkup:

Medical treatment and regular checkups are crucial during this time. Stay away from the restricted foods and do regular checkup to track the movement of the baby.

Medication should be availed, whenever you feel fatigue or stomach infection symptoms.

A lot of woman face sterp throat during pregnancy and luckily that problem can be solved. This is nothing but mere bacterial infection that occurs in the throat and also takes place in the tonsils. It can cause sore effects in the throat and the pregnant woman can face troubles speaking. Take medicines for sore throat such as Coricidin HBP Oral.

If you are experiencing flu, then Tamiflu will be sufficient for you. This is something that the pregnant woman must take before anything else.

If you are suffering from pains, then regular medicines such as acetaminophen will be sufficient.

If you are facing some bowel movement issues which have now led to constipation, then do consult a doctor. But first take a Colace, which is prescribed by almost all doctors.

Week Tips and Precautions for 35 Weeks Pregnancy:

You would want to remain uptight and keep your body in a leaning forward position but don’t bend so much that you’ll fall. This will reduce severe pressure that allows the baby’s head to automatically and smoothly move down the cervix.

You will be tested with the presence of some dangerous bacteria during this time and this is a serious precaution. This bacteria can be passed on the to baby and you should get rid of it by taking some medication after getting diagnosed with it.

If you want to learn some experts information regarding your 35week pregnancy, then this article is the perfect destination of relevant knowledge. If you are experiencing some changes, then here are points that will not make you feel alone. As a lot of women will be facing them and info regarding how to overcome are also provided here.

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