This year, congratulatory messages will be on a roll, and along with that, you know, a couple of goals for a lot of youngsters. That being said, here are some 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas that you can think of to gift each other or anyone celebrating 35 years of marriage. We are sure they are going to appreciate your pick.

What is The Common Traditional and Modern 35th Anniversary Gift?

The traditional gifting option on the 35th wedding anniversary has been coral. Coral is usually found on sea beds. Generally, coral takes years to form, and thus this signifies the union that you have developed with time and that you have withstood a lot of tides. The coral is polished and sculpted to perfection.

The modern gifting option has been jade. Jade has a very distinct green colour. It stands for fortune and wisdom, something that you have developed over time.

35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband and Wife:

Here are a few suggestions for the 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for your husband and wife.

1. Jade Cufflinks:

These awesome green jade cufflinks are a good pick for your husband for the 35th wedding anniversary. The green colour ensures that it goes well with blazers and other dark-coloured shirts or tee.

2. Coral Ring:

This gorgeous coral and diamond ring will look stunning on the finger. Gift a coral ring to your wife as a 35 wedding anniversary present. She will truly have the happy and most memorable anniversary ever. This is a unique kind of gift she would have ever received.

3. Anniversary Cookies:

Anniversary cookies are a different kind of happiness. They are cute and colourful. They come in various shapes and have happy things written on them. Gift a box of this as a 35th wedding anniversary gift for husband.

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4. Coral Earrings:

Coral earrings will be a new set of addition to her collection. Find out a cool colour and a beautiful earring set to go with her skin tone.

5. Coral Rings:

This gorgeous copper wire-wrapped red stone ring is a hit in the market today. There is a range of stones available, and they come in fancy packing too. It is time to gift this as a 35th wedding anniversary gift for wife.

6. Coir Bag:

Bags need not always be of leather. This time, get her a chic-looking bag that is lightweight and also useful at the same time. A coir bag is environment-friendly too.

7. Jute Bags:

If you are not happy about coir or leather bags, we urge you to check out jute bags for her. Jute bags are smart and chic, and anyone can fall in love with them. It is super comfortable and comes in a range of sizes and colours.

8. Tree Initials Wall Art:

This is a very romantic wall art to gift your wife. You can stick the tree on the wall and paste the initials in the space provided. These initials could also include your children’s and grandchildren’s initials. This way, you have a complete family tree at home.

9. Then and Now Photo Frame:

You can gift your wife a beautiful photo frame that will have a picture of her younger self and a photo of hers now.

10. Momento Box:

This is a classic way to tell her to keep all the things she has collected about you guys and the past so far. Let her put them in this box and rewind to the past days.

11. Essential Oils:

Sometimes, all you need is a relaxing bath and some soothing music. You can gift your wife some cool essential oils to go with the mood.

12. Leather Wall Art:

Here is a beautiful 35th wedding anniversary gift for husband. This leather wall art will have the picture/initials of your family members and will also stand the test of time.

13. Anniversary Photo Canvas:

This one is a romantic one for your husband. You can give a customised photo frame that will have all the events that happened in life since the time you guys said ‘I do’.

14. Canvas Art:

This one will be a classic romantic one to give your husband. Gift him a beautiful canvas art, one that has a romantic painting on it.

15. Travel Destination Map:

Have a travel destination in mind? Here is one that will constantly remind him of this. It is time you made a checklist of all these and actually achieved them.

16. Beer Mugs:

These never go out of fashion. Beer mugs are a beautiful thing to gift. They come in fancy shapes of various sizes.

17. Embroidered Pieces:

You can do totally personalised embroidery work for your husband. You can give him a couch sheet or even a handkerchief. Either of these will have a personal touch.

18. Twisted Candle Sticks:

This one is a romantic gift for your husband. This candle stand and the fragrant candle will light the beginning of many more romantic evenings.

19. Heart Garden Stone:

This is another romantic one to start with. This one will have the names or initials engraved on the stone. You can place them in your home garden to give it a more personalised touch.

20. Leather Jacket:

The leather jacket is always a classic gift! Check out some of the classic collections of leather jackets.

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35th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her:

Here is a list of things you can buy for your special someone.

1. Straw Bags:

You need not always think of leather bags. Straw bags are equally chic and classy. They are eco-friendly. This can be a cool 35th anniversary gift idea for her.

2. Cards:

There is a range of shops online that allow you to make your own card based on her personality. They give you all the themes, and all you have to do is to pick out the choices and put them across!

3. Multi-purpose Pouch:

This multi-purpose pouch will come in very handy most of the time. It can hold all the essentials, and some of them are so big that they house an iPad too.

4. Fragrant Candles:

These fragrant candles are a must and are probably a very simple and classy gift. Fragrant candles have been in use for a long time.

5. Champagne:

Probably the best way to celebrate and raise a toast! Champagnes come in a range of prices, and you could choose your own one to celebrate the occasion.

6. Weekend Bag:

This will; serve a great purpose. For all those quick small trips, this leather bag will come in as a saviour.

7. Portable Coffee Maker:

If your special someone loves coffee but is too busy to grab one, here is a portable coffee maker that he will find very useful. He is going to love these 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

8. Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant is now everyone’s favourite. Gift him a good VA that he can cherish for all his life ahead.

9. Shades:

A cool-looking shade, either wayfarer or the classic regular one, will be a good choice. Take him to try it out.

10. Perfume:

There are plenty of perfumes to try from the exotic collection. You could choose a mild or a strong one based on his liking.

35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents:

1. Coral Heart Frame:

Gift this adorable coral heart frame to your parents for their 35th anniversary. This stunning frame can be made by sticking together small corals in the shape of a heart. You can write down wishes for the couple at the bottom of your heart. It gives a reminder of your past happy moments which together you have spent in life.

2. Coral Cake:

Heard of this? A coral cake comes in many colours and shapes. You can also ask for a specific design for the cake. It is topped with a coral reef that is edible. You can gift your husband a stunning coral cake to show your cake.

3. Coral Stone Clock:

This lovely centrepiece is made from coral stones that are cut into pieces. The curved top looks great, along with its shiny edge. The clock in the center is a quartz clock that uses batteries. This will look good as a 35 year anniversary gift. It represents the love of your life.

4. Coral Wall Art:

This collection of 4 ceramic squares with corals stuck on them makes an eye-catching 35th wedding anniversary gift. The wall art can be placed together in a row or placed artistically. The nice white look of the coral makes the room bright. Give her this gift to make your bedroom beautiful on the day of the wedding anniversary.

5. Comfy Chair:

A comfy wooden or leather chair is something your parents will always love. Gift something that will make them comfortable!

6. Favourites:

This is probably the best time to gift them what they have wanted for a long time. Plan the surprise and surprise them all the more. Let them know you care for them. This would be a good gift for your parents and your favourite people.

7. Picture Album:

Your parents and your couple will love a romantic picture of them. Customize the size as per your favourite size and design.

8. Bluetooth Speaker:

Another good gift is to let him grove to his taste in music. A Bluetooth speaker will be a classic addition to his collection of gadgets.

9. Cookware:

If they love to cook, it is time you gift them or your parents the best of the best cookware. Pick out the colour of your choice.

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Traditional and Modern Jade Gifts:

Here are some things that live up to the theme of the anniversary.

1. Coral Photo Frame:

This will be a good coral-based gift to give anyone. They come in many sizes, designs and shapes.

2. Pendant:

A jade pendant is a classic gift for your loved one. The blue colour sits amidst the gold ring and will be a beautiful combination.

3. Coral Bowl:

Coral bowls come in various shapes. You can buy them in many colours or else leave them to shine as it is.

4. Jade Pitcher:

A Jade pitcher is a very thoughtful gift to give. The pitcher looks raw, with beautiful sculpting to perfection. This is a beautiful 35th wedding anniversary gift.

5. Jade Flower Pots:

Jade flower pots are cool and rare. This one will add to your beautiful collection of garden items.

How to Celebrate Thirty Fifth Year Wedding Anniversary and How to Present?

The best way to celebrate your 35th wedding anniversary would be in an auditorium. Invite all the people you know or who have been in touch with for a while. Exchange experiences and talk about your partner. Gift them on the stage and watch the joy of gifting on their faces.

What to do on the 35th Wedding Anniversary?

  • Adopt an orphan and take responsibility for his or her studies and future.
  • Make a vow o visit an orphanage and feed them.
  • Visit an old age home and spend time with people there.

35th anniversary gifts are precious items that bring love and prosperity to the couple. Jade and Coral items seem perfect for that. More than the gifting, this year is about sharing experiences and telling what and how the journey has been so far. We are sure it will be worth listening to.


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