9 Best 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Wedding Anniversary is the best remembered day in every couple’s lives and both are often wondering what gifts they should get for their spouse. Not only the husband and wife are confused, the guests who are invited for the anniversary day celebrations are also pondering as to what gift to purchase? Moreover, if it happens to be the 35th Wedding Anniversary it becomes very confusing to choose the right gift.

35th Wedding Anniversary – Gift Ideas:

Here are a few suggestions for the 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas,

1. Jade Cufflinks:

Jade Cufflinks

These awesome green jade cufflinks are a stunning gift to give your husband for the 35th wedding anniversary. This checkered jade pattern is truly striking to look at. Green colored gives softness for a outfit. It makes a very formal look and goes well with suits and blazers.

2. Coral Heart Frame:

Coral Heart Frame

Gift this adorable coral heart frame to your parents for their 35th anniversary. This stunning frame can be made by sticking together small corals in the shape of a heart. You can write down wishes for the couple at the bottom of the heart. It gives a reminder of your past happy moments which together you have spending in life.

3. Coral Cake:

Coral Cake

Make your 35th anniversary gift sweet and delicious by gifting a wonderful coral cake. The decorations on the cake are filled with coral pink buttons as well as petal shapes in the color coral. The cake can be any flavor and can be topped with a coral cake topper. If you are ok with a little expensive gift to your dear then this one is really a fabulous gift for your wedding anniversary evening.

4. Coral Ring:

Coral Ring

This gorgeous coral and diamond ring will look stunning on the finger. Gift a coral ring to your wife as a 35 wedding anniversary present. She will truly have a happy and memorable anniversary ever. This looks little different but it catches the attention among crowd, gets this one for your lovely sweetheart.

5. Coral Stone Clock:

Coral Stone Clock

This lovely centerpiece is made from coral stones that are cut into pieces. The curved top looks great along with its shiny edge. The clock in the center is a quartz clock that uses batteries. This will look good as a 35 year anniversary gift. It represents the love of your life.

6. Coral Wall Art:

Coral Wall Art

This collection of 4 ceramic squares with corals stuck on them makes an eye-catching 35th wedding anniversary gift. The wall art can be placed together in a row or placed artistically. The nice white look of the coral makes the room bright. Give her this gift to make your bedroom beautiful on the day of wedding anniversary.

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7. Anniversary Cookies:

Anniversary Cookies

This is a lovely set of anniversary cookies that are decorated in the color coral and jade. The sweet decorations make the cookies look great and can be packed to be gifted as the 35 anniversary gift. A box of these decadent cookies will be especially appreciated by all. You can customized these cookies with greeting card too.

8. Coral Earrings:

Coral Earrings

For your 35 wedding anniversary gift for your wife, you can give her these lovely coral earrings. The coral and pearl earrings are wonderful for occasions and functions. Coral is known for attracting love and prosperity.

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9. Coral Rings:

Coral Rings

Here are gorgeous red coral copper wire wrapped ring that is nice to gift for the 35th wedding anniversary gift idea. The coral rings can be used as a pair for the husband and the wife. Make this a special gift for the anniversary.

35th anniversary gifts are precious items that bring love and prosperity to the couple. Jade and Coral items seem perfect for that. These are surely loved by every husband and wife as they are a class apart. They also make the event unforgettable. 35th anniversary gifts that are of coral and jade are the most precious gifts to give your spouse.

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