Your 40 weeks of gestation are now coming to a close. This means you are just weeks away from holding your baby and caressing him/her. At 37 weeks pregnant what to expect? Well, a lot of things. Your body now would have adjusted itself to the new being in you. It is probably prepping you and stressing you a little about the delivery. Here is all that you need to know about your baby and its care.

37 Weeks Pregnant How Many Months?

At this point, you are in your 9th month of pregnancy. This is your last or third trimester and you only have a few more weeks to go for the delivery.

37 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size and Weight:

37 week pregnant baby weight in kilograms is about 29kg and 48cm in length. Upon close scrutiny, your doctor will see if the cervix is dilated or effaced. The doctor will also look for any signs of labour this week.

How Do Your Baby and Belly Look now?

Baby and belly at 37 weeks the pregnancy is rather big. Your baby would have moved down to the pelvis and thus the stomach will appear bigger. The baby, on the other hand, will start making some movement of sorts every other day.

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37 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms:

Here are some things you will experience at this point.

1. Heart Beat:

If someone would have told you one day you would be the proud mother of a precious little one, you would have not been sure of yourself, but now as the days edge towards the final weeks, you know better now. You know the days and the nights would soon be filled with a little toddler, but as of yet this fetus sheltered inside you has a beating heart. The once profane faint thud the doctors would use a Doppler to listen to now is beating loud and strong. By the 37th week, the baby’s heart along with its arteries and veins would be clear and beating. Now the doctor no longer requires a special machine. A simple stethoscope of the mother’s belly would be all.

2. Move Around:

All this while, your baby would have been quiet or may not have moved around much, but now, he/she thoroughly enjoys moving around in there. You would have started experiencing this quite often by now.

3. Kick it Up:

He/she will just not stop by just moving around but will start kicking you too, indicating that it wants to come out of you. It seems to need more space now.

4. Brave Words:

He/she would have now developed sensory organs. Over the weeks and months you have been talking to people, you have been putting on your favourite music and reading a book aloud. All these are registered in her mind and now at this end stage, she has mastered the ability to recognize and familiarize herself with the voices and the music. The doctors say later these same audios and voices would help you calm her down, but for now, enjoy an early morning conversation with your little one. This is a 37 week pregnant baby development.

5. Sleep Little One:

He/she now has a strong requirement for slumber now and if you are lucky the ultrasound will catch him sleeping in his favourite position maybe arm over eyes. He may even have a specific time for sleeping.

6. Skin Care:

The previous weeks from the beginning had seen him covered in a white waxy substance with a layer of soft hair. These are all protection that allows the baby’s skin to be soft and not wrinkled due to the amniotic fluid or anything else. But now with time, the waxy substance is being washed away revealing his soft skin. The baby hair on him too is shedding. While the baby happily plays around in there, here is what will happen to you.

7. The Sleepless Nights:

By now your baby has a fit chance of survival outside of you, so you never know when he is going to drop the bomb. The tension and the worry will have an integral part to play with the fear building inside of you. The precision with which you have dreamed of executing the deed now seems a bit shaken. You want that perfection and in pursuit of that you end up staying up at night and sleeping through the oddest of times the next day.

8.  The Frequent Got to Go’s:

With the baby now grown up to a whopping 7 pounds and more, his weight adds additional pressure to the bladder. When your little one passes urine, it gets stored in the same bladder of yours through the cord and then there is your own. All these factors make it up to the point where you now lose your ability to hold the pee any longer. With the excess pressure on your bladder, the urine pressure cannot be controlled and as a result, you have to run to the bathroom every now and then.

9. Breathlessness:

The baby now has grown up to the point where he requires more space in spite of your uterine walls stretching to the fullest. As a result, your baby bump has now ended up from your pelvic regions to the lower part of your diaphragm. With lesser and lesser space, the baby now pushes the contents inside you around and this gives the lungs lesser space to expand properly. This is why you might feel shortness of breath at times.

10. Back Aches:

This is going to be difficult. The baby’s head has already moved down and the weight of the baby has also increased. This has led to increased pressure on the lower portion of the stomach and this also leads to contractions. Such a sudden change in the measurement and the movement of the baby generally triggers backaches. If you are facing this symptom, then there are always medicines to reduce these aches. You could talk to your doctor as well.

11.  Expansion and Sensitivity:

There will be an expansion of the waistline during this time of the week. Your breast will also grow larger and this is one of the main symptoms during this time. If you lose track of the week (which generally never happens), you will be able to see these symptoms and identify this stage of the trimester. The breasts will be filled with stuff that the baby will be feeding for the first few months. The breasts will be giving out a liquid-like substance called colostrum. If you find the wet breast marks embarrassing, then nursing pads are always there to watch your back. One more thing regarding the breasts at this time is that they will grow extremely sensitive and there might be a painful sensation if they are touched. This is pretty normal and happens to almost anyone and everyone. The worst thing about this is that there is nothing much you can do about this. You will just have to deal with it.

37 Weeks Pregnant Baby Position:

What position is your baby in now? Well, this period is called the full term and now, the head of the baby will be seen going into the pelvis. When the baby moves into your pelvis, it is called ‘engaged’ and you will notice that bump would have moved down a little too. Ideally, it is an indication that the baby is ready to come out.

37th Week of Pregnancy Activity:

The activities are not limited. Since you are almost at the last stage of a trimester, you will have to get proper rest and take some time off your daily schedule and try something new to keep your mind relaxed and stay off depression. Stress and depression can easily ruin your mood during this time, thus you will have to get morning walks with low heart rate intensity. If you want to stay totally fit and have a healthy mental state, then read your diet chart describing the foods that you should consume and make something new and exciting out of it. For example, if you are tired of eating fruit juices, wash the fruits and cut them according to your will to make a good-looking healthy fruit salad. Daily sex will be fine during this time, which will be discussed later in this article.

37 Week Pregnancy Diet and Exercises:

Protein is one of the main essential elements required by the body of the pregnant woman. Diet experts, prefer to recommend their clients foods such as:

1. Eggs:

This is one of the prime protein sources. If you are eager to get good portions of protein in your body, then eating egg whites surely helps. It is one of the best foods that keep you healthy and provides the right amount of protein that your body requires during the 37th week of pregnancy. You should consume the proper amount of eggs during this week.

2. Lean Meat:

Here, we have another good food that provides the body with proper sources of vitamins along with rich proportions of protein. Along with lean meat, there are some other foods such as fish (not fat), poultry, etc.

When it comes to vegetables, they are also proper sources of natural elements that make the body healthy from the core.

3. Beans:

Beans are a good source of protein during pregnancy. These are those natural foods, without which one cannot simply be healthy.

4. Tofu:

This is another awesome and tasty way to stay healthy during pregnancy. Protein allows the body to fight against many bacterial infections during pregnancy.

5. Peanut Butter:

Peanut comes with the goodness of nature and is probably one of the finest sources of protein. They provide the body with natural strength that is long-lasting and is required by the body.

Milk and dairy products are avoided by women during this time due to fear of stomach upsets. Too much healthy and heavy milk can make the stomach feel heavy and those who have an intolerance to a dairy products will be suffering from nausea and other physical problems. Milk is also a good source of protein

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Exercise is one of those things that will allow pregnant women to stay fit and healthy. Women should try some basic exercises that will help with the movement and positioning of the baby. Here are some examples.

1. Squats with Pillow:

There are some of the finest things that will help the cervix and will strengthen the legs, which were required during the time of birth. For good delivery, squats should be practised beforehand. They are some of the best things for pregnant women out there.

2. Leaning on a Medicine Ball:

Since you have hit the trimester, you should do the simple and easy stuff. The baby will be positioned better if the learning routine is followed. This will also help with some lower back issues and will reduce abdominal aches as well.

3. Walking:

Some of the most simple exercises do really good benefits. Walking is one of them. Taking some morning strolls will help with recovering from the swelling and will also reduce bowel movement issues and also deal with heartburn.

Sex During 37th Week of Pregnancy:

At this time you are risk of preterm labour. Still, it can be said that sex is totally safe and it is a part of pregnancy, rather an essential part. People often seem to worry about the fact, that sex might be harmful during this crucial time of pregnancy. No! It won’t. Often couples are concerned about how it will feel at this point in time. The woman can sustain this and it won’t be a problem. Safe sex is always good.

On the other hand, there are some doctors who for the sake of safety precautions, recommend their patients and clients avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy. The labour contractions are the same as orgasm contractions and this might not be good for the pregnant mother. If you want to stay on the safe side, then avoid sex during this trimester of pregnancy.

Tips To Overcome Stress During 37 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Stress is something that happens to everyone during pregnancy and there are some really easy ways to survive that. Here are some expert tips for going through and defeating stress during pregnancy.

Resting and focusing on the baby: Resting properly will act as a time killer and it will allow you to focus on the baby. The birth period determines everything and you will need to prepare for that by thinking about the baby’s introduction and growth in this world.

Eating Well:

Believe it or not, eating well does helping in reducing stress during pregnancy. If you eat proper food (including fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, etc.) there will be fewer chances of depression and this has been proven.

Preparing for Birth:

Preparing for birth does not always mean taking preps physically. Mental preparation and willpower are always required before birth and women can handle things better than any man can ever dream of.


Sometimes therapies have a widespread effect on mental health and that does assist in reducing all kinds of stress and depression symptoms. If you are suffering from excessive stress, then one of the best ways to reduce that is to contact a good therapist who will assist you with your situation.


Yoga is a great way to escape the excessive stress that pregnant women often face. Being pregnant can have certain drawbacks from the mental side and yoga helps in removing all of them.

Medical Treatment and Regular Checkups:

Regular checkup facilities should be availed as those are the things that will update you on the movement of the baby inside you. Medications have a massive role when you are 37 weeks pregnant. You will be suffering from some generally caused medical conditions for which medicines are available.

For Pain:

If you are experiencing pain, then taking Tylenol will be beneficial for you as it is one of the best painkillers recommended by doctors to pregnant women. Naproxen is also a pretty good painkiller during this trimester.

For Constipation:

If you are suffering from constipation and other bowel movement problems then Milk of Magnesia, Colace, etc., is one of the best things out there.

What are The Tips and Precautions to Take During 37 Weeks of Pregnancy?

  •  It is time you pack your things for the hospital and prepare for labour.
  • To remain healthy, avoid fatty food of any sort.
  • Stay hydrated. Make sure to drink the recommended glass of water every day even if you are feeling bloated.
  • Perineal massage will really be helpful now. Perineal massage will help to stretch your perineum, which is the area of skin between the vagina and the rectum. This will help minimize the stinging that you will feel when the baby’s head crown during childbirth.

What are The Risks to Face in the 37th Week of Pregnancy?

You may experience some of these.

  • Some bloody show will happen. You may observe pink or brown mucus discharge. At 37 weeks pregnant discharge is normal and this means the vessels in the cervix are rupturing as it dilates in preparing you for delivery. You are not far!
  • You should experience some sort of fetal activity every day. This is a must. Otherwise, you have to consult a doctor.
  • Heartburn or indigestion will be frequent now.

37 weeks pregnant with twins means your delivery should be considered by week 37. This period is considered to be a full term for twins Mostly, it is the 38th week that is considered or by the end of the 37th week.

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Checklists for 37th Week:

  • Observe your babysitting lower. This will help eliminate some pressure.
  • It is time to pack for your hospital and keep all the essentials in place so that you can simply grab and rush to the hospital when the time comes.
  • Start baby shopping. You can stock your fridge with all the things your baby may need and you need too.

It sure can be a bit overwhelming now, but the best way to stay calm is to know and understand what is happening to your body. Once you know this, you will know the 37 weeks pregnant signs of labour and other things to keep your stress level low. At 37 weeks pregnant cramping has also been observed to be normal. So you just have to accept them and stay as positive as possible. You are there!


1. Is It Safe to Travel at 37 Weeks of Pregnancy?

We do not recommend that. You could have your labour anytime and it is sure, not advisable to embark on any journey.

2. What is The Sleeping Position for 37 Weeks Pregnant Women?

In the first place, it would be difficult to even sleep, let alone in the right position. But, always try to sleep on your left side, as this will ensure maximum blood supply and nutrients to the baby and your body.

3. When to Consult a Doctor at 37 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Consult or rush to a doctor if your water breaks or if your experience very bad cramps. Usually, you will be informed of these things. On the offside, if it happens even before the warning, it is best you rush to your hospital.


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