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39 Weeks Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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It is almost time and it is the time to go. As much as you are excited, the baby is also quite eager to come out and that is a good sign. The baby is quite grown by now and is head down and is just craving for the moment, when the mother will finally get to make some hand contact with him (assuming it’s a boy). You should be ready for the first feed, since the baby is coming home. You surely have taken good care of the baby for now and it is time to see the seed planted earlier grow out it’s first ever leaf and slowly become a plant in the span of lifetime. It is an emotional moment for the mother. They will feel quite weird that day when the baby grows up to be a well-grown toddler and they will recall that moment, when they were very little and tucked inside the belly.

39 weeks pregnancy

What to Think about this Week:

take some time and provide yourself with the best care and try to enjoy the last few moments of being pregnant. It has been quite a ride and now you both are ready. Take some time off with your partner and he should take proper care of you as the water is going to break any minute. The baby will be delivered within a week and you will be able to see your beautiful child for the first time in front of your eyes. The moment will be wort capturing or recording. For the past couple of weeks you should have followed the right diet, as it is going to help now.

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Fetal Development of the Baby:

  • Vernix Caseosa: this is the substance that the baby will be shedding. It has been protecting the skin of the baby for such a long time. This mixes with the atomic fluid and turns into a milky and pale looking substance.
  • Skin: the skin of the baby will be very thin and moist. That is why the baby need sot be hydrated during the first few months after it has taken birth. At this point of time, the skin’s outer layer will be shedding off automatically and the place will be take by totally new and healthy skin which will be formed underneath.
  • Hair: At this point of time, the hair should generally be think and it will be visible as well. This is one of the most important points, when it comes to fetal developments and should be kept in mind. The hair on the baby’s head does matter a lot.
  • Skull Bones: even at this time, the skull bones might not be completely fused and there is nothing to worry about. This is quite normal and a lot of baby’s have this kind of an issue. This will actually allow the baby to comfortably pass through the birth canal during the time of labor. A lot of people seem to wonder, why the baby’s head takes the shape of cone just after birth. Well, this is the reason.
  • Length and Weight: the baby should be nearly around 50cm long, which is the maximum limit for the general cases. The weight of the baby is generally not more than 3kg. These will be figured out, when the baby is born as he or she will be precisely measured.
  • Other Details: the fingernails of the baby generally go beyond the finger tips at this point but they will still be really really small. You just wait for your adorable little offspring patiently.

Symptoms and Overcoming Them:

  • Nausea: this is one of the most common symptoms that a pregnant woman faces at this time. One of the best ways to prevent these bad feelings in the stomach is taking small meals at a time. They do help and have proven to be one of the most effective ways for eradicating these kind of intestinal issues. Instead of eating a large meal and then having another one after 5 or 6hours have small ones every two hours.
  • Water Leakage: this is one of those things, that a lot of women see in the films and they put themselves in that position and star thinking what will happen to them. According to research, less than 18% women are the ones facing such a water break and even if you do, there won’t be a sudden rush of fluid. You shouldn’t panic at that time and try to reach the paramedic facilities as soon as possible.
  • Contractions: if you are experiencing the Hick’s contractions, then you should start tracking them. This is probably the only way to overcome them.
  • Baby Drops: there is no way to overcome this as the baby drop is quite common. The baby will move to the lower portion of the belly and naturally you will feel an increased pressure and weight in that particular portion.
  • Belly Cramps: these abdominal or lower back pains are quite common and if not taken care, these might increase as well. See a doctor or consult your physicians. If not medication, then there might be some other ways that the experts will guide you with.
  • The Early labor Signs: Vomiting, indigestion, etc will persuade you to make frequent runs to the bathroom. Maintaining the prescribed diet might help you with this.
  • Tightening of the Uterus: During the 39weeks period, the uterus will tighten and there are some pelvic movements, that will allow you to be more flexible and relaxed.


Unfortunately, for the sake of the baby, there will be a lot of restrictions. Your movements will be restricted as you are almost at the labor circle. Limited walking, avoiding mental stress, putting zero pressure on the pelvic and abdominal region, etc are some of them. There will be abdominal exams made to track the movement of the baby at this point.

Diet and Exercise:-


At this point, you will be having foods that will induce labor. At the same time, you will have to eat well also. Here are some foods that will help.

  1. Castor oil:  According to most women, this stuff seems to work and you can definitely try it out. It affects the bowels and helps with proper intestinal functions as well. It also helps with the issues that your uterus is experiencing.
  2. Something Spicy: at this point, spicy foods might actually be helpful. These foods are really good, when it comes to maintaining proper health such as vinegar, eggplant, etc.


Proper exercise is necessary at this point of time. Squats a re a good way to call the labor. Squats do help with labor and thus reduce the stress of delivery. If you are performing squats properly, then it will open the pelvic regions and allow the baby to descend a lot better than they usually tend to do. You don’t need to touch the kettlebells or the dumbbells and you don’t have to perform any kind of exercises that will provide pressure on the abdomen. Simply do some some squats and that will be all.

Intercourse during this Week:

The maternity leaves are appearing and this is a sign that you are slowly moving into labor and you won’t even know when the water has broken. You will need to take some good care of the body. Sex can help with labor at this time. It got you here in the first place, didn’t it. Making sweet love won’t hurt anyone and of course some sweet love won’t hurt. One thing has to kept in mind, that is taking proper care that the intercourse shouldn’t hurt the baby in any way. That would be a real shame then. Avoid orgasms and don’t worry about the penis touching the baby’s head as that won’t happen. Thus it
can be said that you are a go for the intercourse sessions during the 39week period.

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Tips for Overcoming Stress During 39weeks Pregnancy:

Stress is quite common during this time and you will surely be facing some. It can be said that, stress is not bad at all during this time. As you are welcoming some new and rapid changes in your life, they can lead to some side effects and one of them is excessive stress. Too much stress can make you comfortable and it can be harmful for you as well. If you’re feeling some mental stress problems, then it is time that you start taking your surrounding seriously and call a professional to assist you deal with that. Other than that, your family is always with you to support you mentally, though most of the physical stress has to be taken by you.

  1. The backache is a common symptom of stress during pregnancy. The hormonal changes might trigger excessive stress as well. Avoid some negative life memories and think about the positive stuff. It always helps.
  2. Outing routine is one of the best way to deal with stress. Since, you legs are intact, you should take some family outing sessions or even include friends. Get off the pregnancy vibe as you have going through a lot for the past months.
  3. Proper exercise routine also seem to helpful. You can check out some meditations routines. Those always seem to work during pregnancy.

Medical Treatment and Checkups:

Regular or alternative checkups are required. If you want some extra help, then the doctor always comes in handy. When it comes to medical treatments, it is that time, the method of birth control will be decided. The symptoms will also be determined and medicines will also be provided.

The checkups will include checking proper body weight and blood pressure of the pregnant female and the heart will also be determined at this point. This is a pretty crucial moment and it should be taken care that all kind of medical examinations and tests are being conducted properly.

Cold and flu is one of the most common diseases during pregnancy (39weeks). For that Robitussin can be be availed. If you are having some cold and cough problems in the night then Suppressant is a good medicine for that time. For a normal cough Vicks plain cough syrup will be enough. And in case, you body temperature is more than 100°F, then Tylenol should be availed, which will also deal with severe pain and aches.

All these medicines have been proved to be helpful and these surely help in fixing the issues that you might be facing during 39weeks pregnancy.

Tips and Precautions:

These are some tips or to-do’s that will assist you with your 39weeks pregnancy phase.

  • Staying Hydrated: Keeping the body properly at this time does help in eradicating some serious symptoms. This is probably one of the best ways to stay fit during this time.
  • Proper Dosage of Medicines: Even if you are prescribed with medicines to reduce physical and mental stress, take the right dosage. Don’t take excess, when the pain increases or they might have some side effects.
  • Proper Sleep: at this point of time, proper sleep is required. The more you rest, the baby will as well. Hence, for the sake of the baby take proper rest during this period.
  • Say Goodbye to Fear: it is a rare thing, as most of the mothers are happy and excited for getting at this stage. Hence, this is a precaution. Fear is the element that will kill the excitement and believe it or not, that might be bad for you. So, say goodbye to fear as soon as possible.

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It is high time now and your baby could be out any minute. Every moment will excite you now and with buckets of happiness some precautions and rules should be kept in mind. The facts discussed in this article are completely relevant regarding 39weeks of pregnancy and will help you dealing with this phase.