You are three month pregnant woman now. This means you are entering your second trimester. What could this mean? This means, your body will undergo a range of changes. Coupled with this, the baby at 3 months will also see a host of new changes. This starts from the development of the genitals of your baby to skin pigmentation. Amongst all this, often the world of pregnancy might seem a bit hazy.

What To Think About Three Months Pregnant:

The third month of pregnancy will give you a wake to the challenges of being pregnant. One such is the issue of having to urinate very often. This is followed by morning sickness, where you may want to rush and just puke! You will also notice vaginal discharge along with dizziness and vomiting. You are officially in the pregnant club!

This week, you may want to work on your schedule of meeting a doctor and talking out all the worries you have. Remember to ask him/her all the doubts that you have and speak about the many symptoms you are facing.

Signs and Symptoms of 3 Months Pregnant:

A 3-month pregnant fetus will exhibit almost always the same signs and symptoms as the mother. Here are some you need to know and may experience.

1. Baby Bump:

This month you will clearly see your baby bump growing and stretching the ovarian and abdominal walls along with it. The bump will be tiny and people cannot really make anything of it. 3 months pregnant belly size is hardly anything yet.

2. Insomnia and Fatigue:

These are two things common in the entire period of pregnancy. The first and third trimesters are particularly difficult, making it miserable for you. As a result of no good sleep, fatigue sets in, leaving you with little or no energy to even sit straight.

3. Depression:

Hormonal changes are the main reason for depression. The body cannot handle extreme hormonal changes and as a result, stresses the body of the person. Lack of sleep and sudden changes to diet are also triggered by depression.

4. Discharge:

Due to the changes in the hormones, you might experience vaginal discharge which can be slightly more than that of the first two months. You need to protect yourself from this yeast infection by wearing dry panties. The area also has to dry. Dampness and act as a catalyst for yeast growth.

3 Months Pregnant Baby Development:

Here are some of the significant changes this month.

1. An Identity:

The baby now is a small pea, with developed feet and hands. In the earlier month, the trace of eyelids could be made out perfectly even though the eyes were shut tight. The baby now weighs one ounce with a 3-inch long measurement. This weight will vary from one baby to another.

2. Physical Features:

The eyes of the baby develop under the soft facial tissue. His/her head now slowly gets proportional to his body as his body undergoes development along with the perfection of already present moulded features. The earlobes start to develop with every passing day. The genitals by now have developed to the point where the doctor might distinguish between the two genders and tell you what baby name to settle for.

3. Changes Inside The Baby’s Body:

The baby’s liver starts to develop and will produce blood cells. By the end of the month, the kidneys develop, thus pushing out the waste from its body via the mother. The heart also starts to beat.

4. Skin Care:

The baby now develops a white waxy substance on its body to protect its skin from getting wrinkled and crumpled. Small hair-like structures called languors will soon be covering him to protect his skin. The baby’s scalp by now has started producing keratin which is important for hair growth. By the end of this month, a small hair follicle will begin to grow.

5. Bones:

The bones now will start to develop, but you might not notice any movement yet. The joints and the bones will start to develop and get hard and the tailbone will disappear this month. For this reason, the intake of calcium-rich products should be compulsory this month. Dairy products and fruits rich in calcium should be taken.

6. Kidneys:

By the end of the month, the kidneys will start to develop and soon, the baby will urinate and push off the waste. The mother will push this out, along with her urine.

Along with the baby, the mother will also undergo a lot of changes.

3rd Month Pregnancy Activities:

Each month is a challenge in itself but to avoid all the queries in your mind and to avoid stress, all you need to do is make a schedule for the working hours, rest hours, diet plans and doctoral visits. A fixed sleeping hour add-hold also be decided as it will help to keep stress away and help your baby develop inside. Also exercise and walks, yoga and meditation are important so give time to such activities also.

Diet and Exercise for 3 Months Pregnant Fetus:


1. Water:

Water is important as it is a high source of hydration. It can be taken directly or also through supplements like fruits rich in water. It also helps you from gaining weight or is helpful to maintain weight during pregnancy.

2. Grains, Fruits and Vegetables:

Your doctor must have hit you up with iron supplements, but you still could do with some diet changes. Fruits such as dc oranges, apples, coconut water, etc. are advisable which are rich in iron. Vegetables like potatoes, broccoli, salmon, nuts etc. and other products like peanut butter, eggs, beans, grains etc are recommended to have a balanced diet rich in iron and Vitamin B6.

3. Fibre:

In the developing phase of your uterus and the infant inside, it is necessary to take fruits and vegetables or a diet rich in fibre. This will strengthen the walls of the uterus and also help the baby to develop. Fruits like pomegranates, oranges, pineapples, apples etc are preferred in this phase.

4. Calcium:

The third month of pregnancy is the month in which your infant will be developing its bones and strengthening it. For this, a diet rich in calcium such as dairy products and bananas etc is advisable to be taken. Calcium tablets should also be taken if required by the doctor’s prescription.

5. Meats:

Most meats are safe to be consumed during pregnancy, although white lean meat should be indulged in more. Seafood and pork should be avoided at all costs since they can be fatal to the baby. Chicken and fish, on the other hand, can be a good source of protein, provided they are cooked well.

Exercise for Pregnancy Third Month:

  • Stomach Exercise: Lay down and stretch your body while you breathe in and pull your stomach. Now by breathing out, push your stomach back to the first position. This should be repeated 5 times a day.
  • Leg Exercise: Sit with your legs in front and place your hands on the knee joints. Stretch one by one both knees and bring them to the original position. Do it 5 times to stretch your hips and legs.
  • Cycling Exercise: In this month, gaining more weight by fats will be hard to manage and reduce also. This creates stretch marks on the tummy area. This can be reduced or managed by cycling exercise but it should be watched that it does not harm the body.

Sex During Pregnancy In 3rd Month of Pregnancy:

Sex in this period can be beneficial for both partners. You might be stressed, adjusting to the new demands of the body. Sex is one good activity to release your stress.

What Care to Take for the 3rd Month of Pregnancy?

Given that you may experience a range of problems, have you thought of what care your body and you need? Here are some.

  • The first and foremost thing is a balanced diet. Nothing can beat this. When you eat a balanced diet, there are fewer chances of you feeling dull and low on energy.
  •  Drinking an adequate amount of water is a must. Stay hydrated.
  •  Limit your intake of fish during this period. Two or three servings of fish are only the suggested dosage.
  • Prenatal vitamins are a must. The baby needs folic acid, which decreases the risk of birth defects. Early pregnancy is a crucial time for the mother.
  • Include more nuts and seeds in your diet. With a baby at 3 months pregnant, you need to watch out for your diet intake. Supply yourself with a lot of calcium intake.

Your body will show a lot of changes as your 3 months pregnancy symptoms. You may experience an increase in vaginal discharge and sometimes dizziness too. Frequent urination is another offshoot. You will see a surge in your energy levels. Your breasts might swell and some women may begin to show some pigmentation changes. On the other hand, some women exhibit a pregnancy glow!

Your baby, on the other hand, would have begun to develop its genitals, along with sucking and swallowing reflexes. Sensory development begins. A 3-month pregnancy baby’s weight is about 28 grams or 1 ounce.

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What Should You do and Shouldn’t Do?

As you are in a crucial period, here are some things you should and you shouldn’t do.

  •  Exercise is a crucial thing to do. Consult your doctor and work out the best exercise for you.
  •  An adequate supply of nutrients. This can come in the form of nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits.
  •  Feeling relaxed and keeping yourself stress-free will go a long way in increasing your overall pregnancy experience.
  •  Stay away from fish with high levels of mercury. This includes sharks, king mackerel and tilefish. Keep away from smoked sea fish as well. Soft cheese is a big no-no.
  • Do not overdo your caffeine. Limit your intake of caffeine, or else it can shoot your blood pressure. Your caffeine is not just in your tea and coffee, but also in chocolate sodas and sometimes even in some over-the-counter medicine.
  •  With a three months pregnant baby, remember not to hang out too much in the hot tub. While it sure can be relaxing, the increased temperature can also lead to certain birth defects.

Pain and Health Problems:

The most common health problem would be an allergy. Some people tend to get very sensitive around this time and this can lead to increased allergic reactions. Dizziness is another problem you may face along with an increased urge to urinate.

3 Months Pregnant Scan:

3-month pregnancy baby weight is about two inches long. However, despite the size and weight, the baby’s intestines are starting to take shape. The scan will show you that the hands and feet are growing. The tiny fingers are not perfectly formed yet. External genitals will begin to develop this month.

Baby Sleeping Position:

The baby is small and is thus attached to the uterus, with the head facing up and the legs facing down.

How To Overcome Stress During 3rd Month Pregnancy:

  •  You might be stressed about a lot of things this month. Keep talking to your doctor the whole time to keep your emotions under control. A record of documents should be kept somewhere around to avoid useless hassle and additional stress before every checkup.
  • Have a support group that can let you know about their own stress, so you can help each other constantly with what you are going through.
  • Take a lot of rest and exercise well, whenever you can, since yoga and sleep are the two things most women who are pregnant swear by.
  •  You might think of seeking therapy if your stress is severe. But otherwise, talking to your partner should help clear the air up.
  •  As the first trimester comes to an end, look back at your memorable journey and how far you have come. This will give you positivity, much needed to overcome stress.

Medical Treatments And Checkup In 3rd Month Of Pregnancy:

Most medical treatments and checkups at this stage would include a detailed report of your and your child’s health. This will make things easy and understandable for you and you will be able to know what you are moving towards. A few medications advisable to pregnant women are as below:

  • Aches– Acetaminophen. Don’t indulge in Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  • Allergy- Antihistamines or a hint of Loratadine. Revoke the use of Pseudo-ephedrine and Decongestants, for instance, Phenylephrine.
  • Cough– Dextromethorphan.
  • Constipation- Metamucil. Avoid laxatives and mineral oil.
  • Heartburn– Antacids.

The sleeping position with a 3 months pregnant fetus is always on your left side. This improves overall blood circulation and is regarded as good for the baby as well.

8 Useful Tips and Precautions to Follow in Pregnancy 3rd Month:

  • Try adjusting your centre of gravity with your growing baby bump well. Avoid wearing heels on your walks.
  • Dieting should be healthy. Avoid anything that can cause acidity or heartburn, like junk food. Drink lots of water.
  •  Get at least 10 hours of sleep. Most insomniac mothers give birth to underweight babies as is known.
  • Interactions with medicines can be harmful in your situation. Make sure you ask your doctor before starting any medicines.
  •  Keep ahead with what is to come. Go clothing shopping and baby-proof the house beforehand.
  •  Avoid liquor at this stage. It is not good for the development of the baby.
  • If you are a smoker, it is best you avoid this as well. Higher levels of nicotine in the lungs are not good for the baby. It is at this time that the baby’s placenta starts developing and its food comes from you.
  •  If you happen to pet your cat, remember to change your clothes or wash your hands well. You don’t want to invite infection.

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With 3 months pregnant fetus, it is always best to ensure that you get the best of everything. Start making little changes to your lifestyle and also power-pack your diet chart with the right nutrients. You will see how whatever you eat contributes to the growth of the baby.


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