With love and fights, arguments and agreements, staying strong together for 40 years is a big reason to celebrate. The Ruby Anniversary, as it is popularly known, is definitely a special one. On the 40th wedding anniversary, we have some wonderfully unique and personalised gift ideas for your better half or your parents to show how much you love and care.

40 years of togetherness and still to go many more years, this is what makes the 40th Wedding Anniversary a very special day for every couple. The gift for the 40th Wedding anniversary should be unique, and the gift should make your beloved feel special too. Make the 40th wedding anniversary a memorable one with the brilliance of the ruby stone or the brightness of the red colour.

40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

Innovative 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband:

1. An Original Newspaper from 1979:

A genuine and authentic newspaper from your wedding date back in 1979 could be an amazing gift to surprise your husband. The paper comes in a beautiful ruby-coloured box embarking your Ruby Anniversary.

2. A Vintage Wine with the Original Newspaper:

A bottle of luxurious red wine with an original newspaper back to the date of your wedding. Would could be a better gift for a husband on his 40th Anniversary.

3. A Ruby Sundial:

A ruby sundial embossed with a personalised message is the best 40th Anniversary gift for your husband.

4. Coffee Mug:

A coffee mug with the message ‘14,600 days together but who’s counting’ is a beautiful and budgeted way of expressing your love and gratitude towards your hubby.

5. Personalised Champagne Flutes:

If you love to enjoy a drink together, then gift your hubby with these beautifully engraved glass flutes for champagne.

Amazing 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife:

6. Personalised Belgian Chocolates:

Does your wife have a sweet tooth? Surprise her with personalised luxury Belgian Chocolates to treat her on your Ruby Anniversary.

7. Personalised Cheeseboard Slate:

Is your wife a cooking freak? Then show your cheesy lover for her with this amazing Personalised wooden cheeseboard set.

8. Funny 40th Anniversary T-shirt:

This funny 40th Anniversary T-shirt is the perfect gift for your wife to give her that hearty laugh on your Ruby Anniversary.

9. Necklace from the Uncirculated Penny of your Wedding Year:

Surprise your wife with a necklace that has a locket made from the uncirculated penny back to your wedding year and 40 engraved on it.

10. Customised Cutting Board:

Gift your expert home manager with this Personalised engraved cutting board marking your 40th year of love towards her.

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Fantastic Gifting Ideas for Couples on their 40th Anniversary:

11. Personalised Bone China Teapot:

This Personalised bone China teapot is an amazing gift for couples on their Ruby wedding anniversary.

12. Engraved Crystal Champagne Flutes:

This Personalised cut crystal champagne flute with Mr and Mrs engraved and Personalised with name and date is a perfect one to gift a couple on their 40th wedding anniversary.

13. Customised Wedding Anniversary Print:

This 40th wedding anniversary print customised as per individual requirements is a perfect gift to fit any family.

14. Personalised Box Frame:

This Personalised box frame with ruby hearts is a perfect gift for a couple to mark their ruby anniversary.

15. Personalised Bottle Light:

This unique Personalised light bottle will make a perfect keepsake reminding them of their 40 years of togetherness.

Unique 40th Anniversary Presents for Parents:

16. Custom Collage Photo Canvas:

This 40 years customised photo collage canvas wall art is a perfect gift for your parents on their 40th wedding anniversary. Add some beautiful memories from their past and make their experience even more memorable.

17. Personalised Clone:

This Personalised miniature clone of your parents could be the best gift to surprise your parents on their 40th wedding anniversary.

18. Personalised Print:

The Personalised photo frame comes in 2 sizes and numerous colours to choose from. Gift your parents this gift with a beautiful write-up marking their 40 years of love and togetherness.

19. Family Tree:

Tell your family story and love for your parents with this fully customizable beautiful family tree.

20. Retro Vinyl Record Wall Clock:

This carved retro vinyl wall clock will take them back to their old days and make your parents relive their memories.

Best 40th Anniversary Gifts for Friends:

21. Customised Photo Frame:

This ruby photo frame marking the journey of the couple is a perfect Personalised gift for your friends on their 40th marriage anniversary.

22. Coffee Mug:

This coffee mug with the funny caption is a hilarious way of wishing someone their 40th

23. Cartoon Portrait:

Gift your friends a funny cartoon portrait of their photo on their 40th wedding anniversary.

24. Personalised Pillow Cover:

Customized40th wedding anniversary pillow cover is a great gift for those celebrating their ruby anniversary.

25. Metal Ruby Rose:

This metal ruby rose is an amazing keepsake and a beautiful way of expressing your love towards the couple celebrating their Ruby Anniversary.

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Here are the few latest 40th wedding anniversary gifts which will surely appreciate by your partner,

26. Personalized Ruby Heart Plate:

This personalised bone china plate is painted with lovely ruby-coloured hearts to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of the couple. You can add romantic lines or keep it simple by printed wishes. The name of the couple gets highlighted here as well. Present this gift with a bunch of flowers; it gives a nice look to your gift.

27. Swarovski Crystal Gift:

Here is a stunning 40th-anniversary crystal gift using Swarovski crystals. The little dangling hearts look very special. The bright red ruby crystals are perfect for the round setting. Red-coloured crystals make shine and sparkle like light; this one is a cool gift for your loved one.

28. Ruby Red Glass:

Get this wonderful ruby glass or tumbler to your spouse as a 40th-anniversary gift. The red glass is printed with wishes for the anniversary. You can use the glass to keep knickknacks or use it for drinking. We can buy this glass online shopping method; you will get more collections in shape and size too.

29. Ceramic Mugs:

These ceramic mugs with red hearts are wonderful 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas to give your spouse. This comes in a box that is decorated and suitable for the anniversary. The white mug with the red hearts looks striking and beautiful. This is a nice Eco-friendly gift to your dear one on this 40th wedding anniversary day.

30. Luxury Champagne:

Get a luxury champagne bottle for your husband or wife this anniversary and get it personalised by labelling it. This ruby red label works best for the 40 wedding anniversary gift ideas. The champagne should be luxurious and rich as it is for an important occasion. Celebrate your evening of wedding anniversary with this highest-branded champagne.

31. Ruby Ring:

Make your wife happy with this gorgeous, stunning ruby ring with diamonds. The large ruby gemstone in the centre of the ring makes a wonderful statement. The tiny diamonds that encircle the ruby are perfectly complemented by it. Let’s give her more attention on this special day. What better 40th-anniversary gift ideas can you come up with?

32. Celebration Paper Weight:

This celebration paperweight is a great gift for your husband. The engraved glass paperweight is round in shape and looks stunning on the table. You can give this as a 40-year anniversary gift by engraving it with the year in white. Small gifting idea gives more attachment too.

33. Anniversary Cake:

Here is a sweet celebration cake that you can gift on the 40th anniversary. This stunning cake has a simple decoration on it. The red and white combination works beautifully, and the red fondant rose stands out. This can be one of the best 40th wedding anniversary ideas.

34. Handmade Heart Ornament:

Anything handmade is always appreciated. This lovely handmade heart ornament with red roses on the edge is perfect as a 40-anniversary gift. You can add any lines in the centre along with the names of the couple. Use a ribbon to hang the ornament.

Every year the Wedding Anniversary has a special meaning and is celebrated in meaningful ways. Each wedding anniversary has gifts based on a specific theme, and in this way, the 40th wedding anniversary gifts are based on rubies. These gorgeous red color gemstones can be gifted as jewelry or artwork. The red color can also be used as a theme and many items of gifting can be thought of.

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How to celebrate a 40th wedding Anniversary:

40th wedding Anniversary is also known as the ruby anniversary. Marking 40 years of love and togetherness definitely calls for a celebration. Here are some unique ideas to celebrate a 40th wedding Anniversary:

  1. As it is a Ruby Anniversary, use a ruby sparkle or red glitter on the flowers, cards and gift packing.
  2. Toast a ruby red wine
  3. Plan a picnic where the paper plates and cups are marked in ruby red colour
  4. Gift your better half a ruby ring or bracelet, or necklace.
  5. Write something in ruby red ink and frame it in a Ruby coloured frame.

Things you can do on a 40th wedding Anniversary:

You can do any of the following things to celebrate 40 years of togetherness.

  • Plan a romantic getaway with your better half and go alone. Children, grandchildren, or friends – no one is allowed. Only you both go and have a gala time together. Enjoy the beautiful sunset, walk hand in hand on the beach, and relive the years bygone.
  • Throw a unique ruby-themed party and invite family and friends. Call for a customised ruby cake marking 40 years of love. Keep a speaking session at the party where everyone talks about their marriage and shares some fond memory.
  • Dress up and spend some calm and peaceful time together. Go on a dinner date or visit a homeless shelter.

Not everybody is lucky enough to get to spend 40 beautiful years of their life with their better half. When you are getting one, you should be thankful for the almighty and make sure you celebrate this 40th wedding anniversary of yours in a beautifully unique way to cherish the milestone you have achieved in life.


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