9 Amazing 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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40 years of togetherness and still to go many more years, this is what makes the 40th Wedding Anniversary a very special day for every couple. The gift for the 40th Wedding anniversary should be special and the gift should make your beloved fees special too. Make the 40th wedding anniversary a memorable one with the brilliance of the ruby stone or the brightness of the red color.

40th Wedding Anniversary – Gift Ideas:

Here are the few top 9 wedding anniversary gifts which will surely appreciate by your partner,

1. Personalized Ruby Heart Plate:

Personalized Ruby Heart Plate

This personalized bone chine plate is painted with lovely ruby colored hearts to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of the couple. You can add in romantic lines or keep it simple by printed wishes. The name of the couple gets highlighted here as well. Present this gift with a bunch of flowers; it gives nice look for your gift.

2. Swarovski Crystal Gift:

Swarovski Crystal Gift

Here is a stunning 40th anniversary crystal gift using Swarovski crystals. The little dangling hearts look very special. The bright red ruby crystals are perfect for the round setting. Red colored crystals make shine and sparkling like light, this one is a cool gift for your loved one.

3. Ruby Red Glass:

Ruby Red Glass

Get this wonderful ruby glass or tumbler to your spouse as a 40th anniversary gift. The red glass is printed with wishes for the anniversary. You can use the glass to keep knickknacks or use it for drinking. You can buy this glass by online shopping method, you will get more collections in shape and size too.

4. Ceramic Mugs:

Ceramic Mugs

These ceramic mugs with red hearts are the wonderful 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas to give your spouse. This comes in a box that is decorated and suitable for the anniversary. The white mug with the red hearts looks striking and beautiful. This is a nice Eco-friendly gift to your dear one on this 40th wedding anniversary day.

5. Luxury Champagne:

Luxury Champagne

Get a luxury champagne bottle for your husband or wife this anniversary and get it personalized by labelling it. This ruby red label works best for the 40 wedding anniversary gift ideas. The champagne should be luxurious and rich as it is for an important occasion. Celebrate your evening of wedding anniversary with this highest branded champagne.

6. Ruby Ring:

Ruby Ring

Make your wife happy with this gorgeous stunning ruby ring with diamonds. The large ruby gemstone in the center of the ring makes a wonderful statement. The tiny diamonds that encircle the ruby are perfectly complemented by it. Let give her a more attention on this special day, what better 40th anniversary gift ideas can you come up with?

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7. Celebration Paper Weight:

Celebration Paper Weight

This celebration paperweight is a great gift for your husband. The engraved glass paperweight is round in shape and looks stunning on the table. You can give this as a 40 year anniversary gift by engraving it with the year in white. Small gifting idea gives more attachment too.

8. Anniversary Cake:

Anniversary Cake

Here is a sweet celebration cake that you can gift on the 40th anniversary. This stunning cake has simple decoration on it. The red and white combination works beautifully and the red fondant rose stands out. This can be one of the best 40th wedding anniversary ideas.

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9. Handmade Heart Ornament:

Handmade Heart Ornament

Anything handmade is always appreciated. This lovely handmade heart ornament with red roses on the edge is perfect as a 40 anniversary gift. You can add in any lines in the center along with names of the couple. Use a ribbon to hang the ornament.

Every year of the Wedding Anniversary has a special meaning and is celebrated in meaningful ways. Each wedding anniversary has gifts based on a specific theme and in this way the 40th wedding anniversary gifts are based on rubies. These gorgeous red color gemstones can be gifted as jewelry or artwork. The red color can also be used as a theme and many items of gifting can be thought of.

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