45 years of wedding is indeed a time to celebrate. The bygone years are a certificate of your love, care and concern that the two of you put into the relationship. That being said, if you are looking to celebrate this gracious occasion, here are some very thoughtful 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas that you may want to consider buying.

What is The Common Traditional and Modern 45th Anniversary Gift?

Every year, the anniversary has its own theme. This year, the traditional gift is a sapphire. This year, even the modern gift theme is sapphire. These are particularly useful because it will let you incorporate the stone into many pieces of jewelry and fashion.

45th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife:

Invest in these top gifts for 45th wedding anniversary for your wife.

1. Sapphire Button Heart:

This sapphire button heart is a very beautiful and classy one. The buttons are shaped in the form of a heart. The blue color of the sapphire radiates the bright color. Names of the couple can be written beneath the heart and framed in a classic glass frame.

2. Paper Sail Card:

Isn’t this beautiful? This paper sailboat has sapphire in it, and it can also be customized with words that will exactly express what you feel for each other. This 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife is sure an interesting one.

3. Sapphire Anniversary Cushion:

Not just any soft linen, but some comfortable one! The embroidered work on the white cushion stands out prominently. You can have simple filigree work done on the cushion to make it a 45th anniversary gift. It’s time to relax, then get this gift to spend some time with your loved one.

4. Sapphire Pendant:

Who wouldn’t possibly love this? The gorgeous pendant for your wife is something she is going to cherish for a long, long time. You can customize the box and also send out a beautiful message on it. She sure is going to love this one!

5. Handcrafted Sapphire Bracelet:

Here is another interesting 45th wedding anniversary gift for your dear wife. The handcrafted bracelet is a timeless investment and is going to last a long time.

6. Collection of Photos:

How about surprising her with a gallery of special photos of both of you? This gallery will be a special memory of the best years that you guys have spent. Pick out a set of gorgeous frames to go with the color of the wall.

7. Earrings:

Love knows earrings are a fashion now. You don’t have to pick on sapphire for it. You can choose some lovely silver love knot earrings that will look classy.

8. Perfume:

A good odor is something everyone loves. Gift your lady love some excellent brand of perfume. Choose a mild one, at the same time, a very good smelling one that will leave an impression!

9. Cosmetic Set:

A set of cosmetics is a very good choice. Pick out a box of classic cosmetics. If you know her choice of brands in cosmetics, things will get really easy!

10. Hand Made Soap:

How about investing some time in making something for her? Handmade soaps are very thoughtful and also come in a range of smells and shapes.

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45th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband:

Here are some things you can pick for your husband.

1. Box of Little Things:

By now, you know if your man is organized. If he is and keeps his stuff organized, starting from cufflinks to other small accessories, this box will be a very useful one for your husband, and he sure will appreciate this.

2. A Collection of Past:

How about making a newspaper like one that is filled with images and things that happened ever since your wedding? Jot them down by date and give them a photo to go with it. Make it look like a real newspaper.

3. Liquor Decanter:

He is going to enjoy this decanter. You He doesn’t have to really have to travel the world to drink a glass of fine whiskey. Just order in and allow him to sit back and enjoy it from a globe decanter.

4. Silver Ring:

Who said only women folks love jewelry. Gift your husband a slender silver finger ring that he is going to fall in love with.

5. Sapphire Ring:

Here are some beautiful 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband. This beautiful ring will have the lovely sapphire stone engraved in it that will add to the luster and beauty.

6. Gift Basket:

A gift basket will be a very thoughtful one that will have all the things he loves. Pick out his favorite chocolates, perfume and liquor to add to the beauty of the basket.

7. Watch:

If your man loves watches, here is one more addition to his collection of watches. Pick out a classic branded one that can add to the sheen of the day. This will be the best 45th wedding anniversary gift idea for husband.

8. Toiletry Box:

How about a box of linen and some handmade soaps, along with relaxing and essential oils? Pick out some good bath salts, too, to go with the mood. The toiletry box will be a classy one to gift your husband.

9. Trimmer and Shaving Set:

A trimmer and shaving set is an essential commodities for every man. Gift him a box of stylized essentials that he may need.

10. Leather Jacket:

A leather jacket is a classic gift at any point in your lifetime. Pick out a classic set of jackets and gloves for him. This will especially be useful if you are living in a cold country.

45th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents:

Take a look at some of the useful and cute gift ideas for your parents.

1. Gnome Figurines:

Aren’t they a good show? The Mr and Mrs Gnome figurines are made of blue and look ever so adorable. You can get these 45th wedding anniversary gifts for parents as well. This one presents as a soft gift but gives meaning to indicate their love and attachment to your parents.

2. Sapphire Acrylic Ornament:

Here is another piece of a keepsake. The blue-themed acrylic plate is printed on the outside with intricate floral work. The centre is printed with the names of the couple. This sure is one cool 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents.

3. Sapphire Vase:

A sapphire vase is simply stunning to look at! The beautiful vase is made of glass, and you can gift your parents by keeping a fresh set of fragrant or pleasant flowers. We are sure they will love this.

4. Crystal Bracelet:

A crystal bracelet is a loved piece of jewellery by both men and women. This sapphire wedding anniversary gift idea for your parents is a rather cool and classy one!

5. Sapphire Jewelry:

Play around a little here! Check out some of the most excellent sapphire jewellery for men and women. You can find a collection of all the essential sets. Your parents are going to feel a lot more loved.

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45th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her:

Take a look at some of the coolest gift options available for him and her.

1. Photo Book:

The photo book is a collection of some of the best photos that most often correspond to the best moments of a person’s life. Select a couple of dear photos and bring out a beautiful album, one that will take him back in time.

2. Wine Set:

For the guy who loves his old wine, here is a treat to gift him! A wine set has all the things to go with a good mood. Take some time out to choose the best one.

3. Gemstone:

Another great way to express your love is to get a gemstone of the person’s choice. They are not only colourful but also often considered to be lucky stones.

4. Camera:

For photograph enthusiasts, a camera will be, no doubt, the best choice. Pick out the right camera with some help, and be assured that he is going to love the idea.

5. Mix Tape:

An old-school idea, but still the classiest, is a mixtape. This one will have all the songs of his choice, making him happier than ever. Take some time to pull out some of his favourites and organise this into a mixtape. There are people available to help you here as well.

6. Custom Bangle:

A custom bangle comes with little hangings in the form of photos in the pendant. They are cute and are usually very cute. Alternatively, if this seems to be tough to find, you can simply imprint them on the body of the bangle.

7. Little Notes:

She is going to love this! Try writing some cute stories of your past or even some of the memorable moments of your life. Make sure it is handwritten, and if you can pull off quick doodles on it, nothing like it!

8. Glass Earrings:

These are not just beautiful but also sassy. Pick a cool and mild colour for the earring and surprise her with your creative thinking!

9. Pillow:

Wondering how a pillow is special? Well, you can make it special by customizing it with the pictures of the two of you. Choose a comfortable and classy fabric and a colour that will match the sofa and the bed.

10. Personalized Coffee Table:

This one is ridiculously creative! Bring in all the moments you cherish in the form of photos. It really is not about the photos but conveying the feel of it every time she gets to see it.

45th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Them:

On the 45th anniversary, here are some gift ideas to give them your friends or your favourite couple.

1. Sofa Set:

Nothing can be more comfortable than a good sofa set. Pick out the cosiest sofa set for your favourite couple and see them enjoy the warmth of it.

2. Kitchen Cutlery:

Don’t you think it might be time for them to revamp their kitchen cutlery and crockery? Then this can be an ideal gift to think of.

3. Gift a Holiday:

Most of us often forget to take a trip around the country or simply even to the city. Here is a holiday gift voucher for your couple so that they can enjoy a good day out, who are otherwise always busy in their daily routine.

4. A Date Night:

To relive the memories and to feel young again, here is an idea to make them feel special. Gift them a good dinner coupled with a spa to make the most of the day. They are going to love this.

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5. Home Feast:

How about calling them for home-cooked food? Make them all the things they possibly love. Add a glass of wine to the table and clink your glasses cheers for all the years and the many years to come.

How to Celebrate Forty Fifth Year Wedding Anniversary and How to Present Gifts?

The best and coolest way to do this is to do it as a grand-scale event. Book a hotel or even a destination party if you are alright with a bigger budget. Invite people, near and dear ones. Stick to some lip-smacking food and alcohol.

Present your gifts to your parents or your favourite couple by planning them as a surprise. Have party planners do this surprise event for you. Make sure to leave them stunned and really surprised.

Gifting is always a personalised thing, especially for important days like these. However, some of our sapphire 45th wedding anniversary gifts are the most thoughtful ones of all. Check them out, and do not forget to include some personalised or customised notes for them.


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