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9 Beautiful 45th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Weddings are a very important day in any couple’s life. On this day, every year, friends and family get together, to bless the couple and celebrate the happiness of their togetherness. Each year has its own significance and so set the tone for the 45th wedding anniversary by gifting sapphires in the traditional and modern ways. These beauties are brilliant blues that look stunning.

45th Wedding Anniversary – Gift Ideas:

Get this top 9 gifts for 45th wedding anniversary,

1. Sapphire Button Heart:

Sapphire Button Heart

Check out this cool sapphire button heart frame that is made from blue buttons in the shape of a heart. The 45th wedding anniversary will be remembered forever by this gift. The couple’s names can be added at the bottom of the white frame. When we want to present something different, then this one creative idea will be your choice to make a celebration.

2. Paper Sail Card:

Paper Sail Card

This cute sapphire anniversary paper boat card is so magnificent that it can be used as a keepsake as well. The 45th wedding anniversary gift is made from blue and white paper. The boat looks stunning and cool and can have a flag with the couple’s names on it. You can do personally as per your idea too; this one handmade gifting idea will be good choice as well.

3. Sapphire Anniversary Cushion:

Sapphire Anniversary Cushion

This simple and elegant sapphire anniversary cushion is made from soft linen. The embroidered work or hand painted work on the white cushion stands out. You can have simple filigree work done on the cushion to make it a 45th anniversary gift. It’s time to relax then get this gift to spend some time with your loved one.

4. Sapphire Pendant:

Sapphire Pendant

This is a gorgeous gift that you can give a couple who are celebrating their 45 wedding anniversary. This has two rings for each of them and a sapphire pendant in the center to mark the 45 years spent together. Make this an awesome 45 year anniversary gift. Pendant is always the best gift like by women’s and this gift is nice selection for your wife

5. Gnome Figurines:

Gnome Figurines

How cute are these sapphire anniversary gnome figurines?. The Mr. and Mrs. Gnome figurines are made of blue and look ever so adorable. You can get these 45th wedding anniversary gifts for parents as well. This one presents as a soft gift but gives meaning to indicate their love attachment to your parents.

6. Sapphire Acrylic Ornament:

Sapphire Acrylic Ornament

This stunning acrylic ornament is perfect to gift a couple on the occasion of their 45th anniversary. The blue themed acrylic plate is printed on the outside with intricate floral work. The center is printed with the names of the couple. It makes a cool 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents.

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7. Sapphire Vase:

Sapphire Vase

Have a look at this stunning sapphire blue vase that broadens at the top. The delicate lines on the vase are stunning to look at. This vase can be used as is or for putting in flowers. It acts as a gorgeous centerpiece as well.

8. Crystal Bracelet:

Crystal Bracelet

Here is a cool Swarovski crystal bracelet with the pendant of the number 45. The blue and white crystals are beaded together to form this delicate bracelet that will look dainty on any hand. The number 45 hangs like a pendant or charm from the bracelet.  Better to choose this as your 45 wedding anniversary gift for your wife.

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9. Sapphire Jewelry:

Sapphire Jewelry

Make your wife excited with joy by gifting this 45 anniversary gift of stunning sapphire gemstone jewelry items. You can choose between sapphire rings or sapphire pendants. The sets can also be purchased that include rings and pendant along with earrings. The brilliant sapphire stones circled around diamonds are the best gift ever.

We always are choosy and careful in selecting gifts to be it birthdays or wedding anniversaries. The 45thWedding anniversary calls for the beauty of the sapphire gemstone. These gorgeous blue stones are perfectly brilliant. You can also gift items and flowers that are in blue color.

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