As another year begins, there is more than one reason to believe that you guys are made for each other. To celebrate the day and remember the occasion, gift each other some unique things or things they have always wanted. Begin planning early and pick out some of the best gift ideas for 4th anniversary wedding and make sure it is cherished for a long time.

What is The Traditional and Modern 4th Anniversary Gifts?

As your life is just starting to bud, gifts relating to flowers could be the best ones. The modern gifts that are ideal for the fourth anniversary are appliances. Blue or green is considered to be the colour of this anniversary. Consider choosing flowers as well.

4th Anniversary Gift for Wife:

Finding a perfect gift can be very challenging. Here are some of our suggestions that may not be perfect, but are surely useful.

1. Kitchen Appliances:

The first rule is to ensure that the appliance is not already there at home. Pick out ones that will assist her to a large extent in cooking. We bet, she is going to love the idea and you, more.

2. Household Appliances:

The mandatory things like washing machines, water purifiers, air conditioning, irons, fans, etc., will be a useful gift for your wife. Not just that, with these appliances, you can also help her in doing the job.

3. Hair Appliances:

This will come in very useful for her. Pick out hair straighteners, dryers or even curlers to gift her. By now, you might probably know what style she opts for often, and that will help you choose the best product for her.

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4. Roses and Balloons:

Romance works best with the help of flowers and balloons. Bring in the element of romance with these and surprise her with a beautiful day she can remember.

5. Linen Print:

If you want to make, her feel loved, make a personalized linen print for her, such that it can be hung on the wall. If you like to bring in some personal and emotional touch to it, do the writing all by yourself.

6. Bouquet:

A fourth anniversary gift will feel complete with a bouquet of fresh and natural flowers. Gift this to her by her bedside and wish her a happy day ahead.

7. Fruits and Chocolate:

Choose the most exotic fruits of all time and chocolates to go with them. Make a bouquet of the same and present it to her. Chocolates definitely can brighten up any woman’s day. We bet on that!

8. Jewellery:

Nothing can make her more happy than a good piece of jewellery. This can be anything from an earring to an anklet. Surprise her with her favourite metal, gold, platinum or silver.

9. Dress:

Doesn’t she like a good dress that is up-to-date with fashion? Well, your turn to select one and gift it to her. Do some research on the size and material. This will help you in picking the right one.

10. Date Night:

Plan a date night at home for her. Cook her favourite thing and enjoy the night with a glass of wine or champagne. Watch a movie together or simply spend time talking. Let this be a total surprise for her, just so that you can see the happiness in her eyes.

4th Anniversary Gift for Husband:

Wondering what to gift your husband on a special day? Take a look for some quick ideas.

11. Personalized Beer Mug:

If your hubby loves to drink, get him a personalized beer mug that will have quotes of your choice. Ensure the size and material is good enough to stand for a long.

12. Day with His Friends:

There is nothing like living in the old times. Now that four years have gone by, you might know his friends as well. Work out a plan for spending a good day with his friends, one that will take him back in time.

13. Home Treats:

The next best thing he may love is some home-cooked food, that is his absolute favourites. Bring in the flavour with lots of love and see how he enjoys the day forever.

14. Shaving Set:

Time to revamp the old one he has, isn’t it? Well, gift him a unique shaving set, of a good brand and ensure he likes it too.

15. Chocolate Bouquet:

Even men enjoy chocolates. Sometimes, even more than women. Gift him a neatly organized collection of chocolates in the form of a bouquet. Pick out his favourite chocolates and seek help to put them in place.

16. Perfume:

Perfumes for men are not just unique, but also classy, with a mild smell. Do a little bit of research to understand his choice and choose the best one, that goes for any day.

17. Customized Mugs:

For the coffee or chai lover, this customized mug will be of great help. Not just in terms of using it, but also as an everyday reminder of the love you share.

18. Coffee Maker:

This home appliance is a unique 4th anniversary wedding gift idea. For the man who likes his coffee every now and then, a coffee maker will be a good choice.

19. Shoes:

By now, we are sure you know his shoe size. Get a classic set of shoes for him to go with his office meetings or for any official purpose.

20. Ring:

A classic way to tell him that you love him! Gift him a platinum band or ring of his taste. He will surely love the simplicity of the metal and you, of course!

4th Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her:

Wondering what to gift your special one? Take a look here.

21. Customized Pillow:

Design a romantic pillow for him with all your favourite photos of the both of you. Make sure it goes with the colour of the bed and its fabric.

22. Photo Album:

Be a little old school here to refresh and uplift his mood. Pack an album full of the most cherished photos of his and his favourite people. He will definitely love the idea.

23. Hand Made Card:

Here are some good 4th anniversary gift ideas for her. Make a card with your little handwritten notes and bring out the creativity in you to impress her.

24. Hand Made Earrings:

Want to try your hands again? Make some uniquely designed earrings for her. We bet, how badly you do it, she will still love you for the effort you put in.

25. Show Pieces:

These come in many shapes, designs and sizes. Pick out one that effectively conveys what she means to you or what he means to you. This one is an anniversary gift for both him and her.

26. Scented Candles:

To make your nights even more special, light up these scented candles for a good aroma and a romantic night ahead. He sure will love the idea.

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4th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Them:

27. A City Tour:

Gift your favourite couple, a trip to the entire city. Make sure to include all the places of interest. The idea is to allow them to spend time away from the tensions of life.

28. Curtains:

Curtains are a good choice for any home. Pick a curtain of good fabric and gift it to them. Make sure to keep in mind the décor of the home to select.

29. Bouquet:

Sometimes, simplicity speaks a lot. Gift your couple, a bouquet of fresh flowers, fruits or even chocolates.

30. Bed Sheets:

Bed sheets add to the beauty of the bedroom. The fabric will also ensure that they have good sleep, and are comfortable and warm.

31. Table Mats:

You can also think out of the box and gift them table mats to go with the table. Make sure to select ones that are not so light in colour.

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

Here are some of the ideas to think of to gift your parents.

32. Classic Bouquet:

A neatly organized bouquet is a treat to the eyes. Pick out some of the most exotic flowers for your parents, based on what they like. Go the extra mile to find different colours, to make it even more beautiful.

33. Floral Scented Candles:

Scented candles are very sweet! They improve your mood and also help you feel good about the day. A lot of varieties and different odours are available to pick from.

34. Floral Perfumes:

The next best choice is a floral perfume that your parents are going to love. Choose some wild and exotic ones, and at the same time, make sure they smell good too. Nobody really hates a good smell!

35. Fruit Bouquet:

4th wedding anniversary gift ideas fruits and flowers are very common things to receive and give. Here is another one for a change. Arrange a fruit basket with the most common fruit to the most rare ones. If you like to try your hands at arranging it, then nothing like it.

36. Flowering Plants:

Plants are a gift not just for people, but also for Mother Earth. Gift your parents a lovely plant that will keep growing every day, just like your love for them.

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Fruits and Flowers

Since this year is all about fruits and flowers, here is are some traditional suggestions.

37. Fruit Basket:

Pick some exotic fruits and also colourful ones to give a last looking to the eyes. They are not just a treat for the eyes, but also healthy for the body.

38. Flower Bouquet:

Just like how fruits are a treat to the eyes, flowers also are capable of being a feast to the eyes. Select an exotic range of flowers, or simply ask a florist for one that is attractive and unique.

39. Flower Scented Candles:

They are mild and extremely nice to smell. They enlighten the mood and the ambience of the house.

40. Fruit Flavoured Cake:

Any occasion is incomplete without cake. Choose a fruit flavoured cake to go with the mood of the day. Make sure it is mild and not too sweet.

41. Artificial Flowers:

A good addition to the interiors of the house is artificial flowers. There are a lot of sizes and colours available.

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How to Celebrate the 4th Anniversary?

Begin the day with some special vows that you wish to follow this year. Restrict the party to the two of you, as this year is also about rectifying everything that went wrong in the bygone years. Keep it simple and spend a lot of time.

Things to do for the 4th Anniversary:

  • Visit an orphanage and do them some favour.
  • Sort your cupboard. We are sure that might need a lot of sorting now!
  • Plant a tree
  • Take a vow not to litter your surroundings.

Most often, these 4th wedding anniversary gift ideas start to click when you read these basic ones. With a fair idea, you can begin to sort for more personalised and emotional ones to gift your spouse, parents or even your favourite couple.


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