4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Tips on gifting with love- 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

The fourth anniversary is considered to be the blossoming year of the couple. This year of marriage is the marriage of flowers and fruits. Flowers have always been considered to be the language of love for almost centuries. Since it is considered the blossoming anniversary, gifts relating to flowers are the best ones. The modern gifts that are ideal for the fourth anniversary are appliances. Blue or green is considered to be the colour of this anniversary.

4th wedding anniversary gift

Here are some gift suggestions for the fourth anniversary:

1. Anniversary Bouquet:

Nothing speaks as loud as a nice bouquet that has different flowers neatly placed. Flowers have the ability to cheer up any person’s mood. Pick the flowers based on the person’s tastes and choices and get them neatly placed, with a beautiful note wishing them on the anniversary.

2. Floral Scented Candles:

A scented candle always livens up the mood of a person if lit. Candles that are scented with lavender or rose can fill the room with a beautiful scent. For a nice romantic evening or a bath, the presence of scented candles gives a good ambience.

3. Floral Perfumes:

Most perfumes are made from the fragrance of different flowers. Being an anniversary of flowers, floral perfumes make good gifts. While picking, do not forget to keep the person’s choices and tastes in mind.  Especially if the person has allergies towards certain flowers, ensure you do not pick the same.

4. Fruit Baskets:

Fruit lovers would love this gift. A nicely assorted large basket of fruits is not only visually pleasing but also tempting.  With choices of different fruits, this makes a good treat for the couple to dig in on a nice romantic evening, especially a box of strawberries dipped in chocolate syrup.

5. Flowering Plants:

If the person happens to love growing plants in their backyard or houses, getting a flower plant would be ideal. Ensure that the plant already has few flowers growing on them, since it adds more charm while gifting the plant.

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6. Kitchen Appliances:

Be very careful while gifting a kitchen appliance. Ensure that the appliance you are to gift is not present with the couple already. It could be a toaster, an oven, a mixer, rice cooker, egg beater, etc. Also make sure that the appliance would be actually put to use in their house.

7. Household Appliances:

Household appliances include washing machines, water purifiers, air conditions, irons, fans, etc. The same rule with reference to kitchen appliances applies here as well.

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8. Hair Appliances:

Although women tend to use many hair appliances like strengtheners, curling machine, etc. appliances like blow dryers, hair trimmers are still something that men can use as well. Although this is something highly personal, they can still be gifted.

9. Roses and Balloons:

A bouquet of roses and balloons carrying messages can actually bring a smile upon a person’s face on anniversary. This might be a very simple gift, but can still go a long way in expressing one’s love.

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Final words:

On a fourth anniversary, the gift theme being floral and appliances can actually limit choices. People vary highly in choices of flowers. In case of appliances, the quality, the brand of the product, etc. all comes into play. But still there are choices like floral posters, with quotes, floral themed paper weights, gift coupons from a seed catalogue, gardening equipments for flowers and fruits, etc.

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