Among the diamonds and their shape, size and colour, the perfect shape and size are considered the 5 carat diamond for the diamond rings. 5-carat diamonds means the weight of the diamond is 5 carat rather than mistaken with the unit of the size. In measuring 5 carats, the weights are similar to 200 milligrams or, say, 0.007 ounces.

The perfect size to fit upon a ring band and look magnificent in the same way. A 5-carat diamond is quite large on a ring to be noticed at one glance. The diamond’s weight can be felt when worn on the finger. 5-carat diamonds are large; hence they can easily get shaped into hearts also

Best Quality 5 KT Diamond Rings for Engagement:

Here we enlisted 9 Best Designs of 5-carat diamond rings for proposal times.

1. Cushion Cut 5 Carat Diamond Ring:

The beautiful 5-carat diamond ring cut in perfect cushion shape looks dynamic on the fingers. A square shape covers a big attraction from a distance because of the size of the diamond. Studded in white gold, the diamond will shine magnificently.

2. 5 Carat Pear Shape Diamond Ring:

A 5 karat pear-shaped diamond ring will be a stunning designer ring that looks magnificent for an engagement ring. Beautifully companied with round diamonds on the ring’s sides makes a fine jewellery piece.

3. A 5 Carat Yellow Diamond Ring:

A 5-carat diamond engagement ring looks fabulous in its sparkling yellow shine. Surrounded by white pave diamond, the shiny yellow diamond glows more radiantly. The thin band of the ring is also studded with white diamonds.

4. 5 Karat Princess Cut Diamond Ring:

A high held white round diamond stud in platinum is a designer ring that looks amazing on your lover’s hands. A 5-carat solitaire diamond ring high crowned with simple joints looks sober yet rich in its dynamic shine of the white diamond.

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5. 5 Carat Oval Shape Diamond Ring:

The oval diamond shape is a beautiful glare, apart from the perfectly round and cushion-cut diamonds. Decorated with pave diamonds in the surrounding, the entire ring looks fabulous on the ring band. A 5-carat diamond wedding ring can be best designed like this.

6. 5 Carat Radiant Cut Diamond Ring:

A 5 carat stone diamond ring with a perfect radiant cut looks incredible when chosen for your wedding ceremony. Beautiful for a male ring design, the square-shaped diamond ring looks perfect to gift your partner.

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7. 5 Karat Pink Diamond Ring:

A twisted style 5-carat diamond engagement ring looks stupendous with the pink colour diamond in the centre. Surrounded by white pave diamonds, the ring looks amazing glittering and perfect for your engagement gift.

8. 5 Carat Royal Design Cut Diamond Ring:

A royal family can select a 5-carat diamond engagement ring for their occasion. A crown shaped diamond-studded high upon beautifully mounted rings looks superb for the engagement ceremony. Decorated with pave diamonds on the ring band, the ring looks more amazing.

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9. 5 Carat Diamond Crafted in Sterling Silver:

A 5-carat solitaire diamond ring mounted over a pave diamond border and a similar studded ring band looks fabulous. The designer look of the diamond ring is best designed for wedding ceremonies. Perfectly stud in platinum, the ring looks incredible.

A five-carat diamond ring can look more beautiful in other shapes apart from a perfect round. A princess-cut shaped diamond or cushion cut diamond is the most common 5-carat diamond-cut found to be mounted upon the ring bands. The 5-carat diamond ring mounted on the ring band costs high only if you choose the proper design and appropriate metal to fit the diamond beautifully; the cost may differ a bit.


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