Braids hairstyles have been around for decades and generations. They are timeless, easy, quick to create and also versatile to style. But with the fashion world evolving in its course, we have new variants and styles too, and one that has stolen our heart is the 5 Strand Braids hairstyle. These plants are created through five strands or sections of hair instead of the usual three and hence look puffy, thick, and dense with a whole lot of new and stylish looks.

Are you interested to know more about this unique and lovely styles? Let’s explore more about these five strand braid looks together.

Trending 5 Strand Braided Hairstyles 2023:

If you are a sucker for the new-age and trendy, stylish looks with intricate and lovely hair patterns, we bet you will fall in love with these five strand braid hairstyles. Here we go and check out the 5 strand braid hacks and tutorials.

1. 5 Strand Plait:

The simple 5 plait braid from the crown to the edges in this intricate and lovely pattern has mesmerized us. If you love such a simple yet elegant and stylish trend, you must try this out. Be it for offices, outings, or gatherings with friends; this trending 5 part braid hairstyle is also comfortable maintaining and sets a unique new-gen trend among your peers.

  • Women with oval, long and rectangular faces can try this hairstyle variant.
  • This lovely look is good for women across the 20s to the 30s age group
  • Try out this edgy look for those with wavy or straight hair texture for perfect looks.

2. 5 Strand Dutch Braid:

Dutch braids are quite a prominent one across the globe, for their feminine and charming, stylish looks and trendy style statement. This dutch braid with five strands is created right from the crown to the neck, after which a low pony is tied pulling the rest of the hair together. This 5 strand hair braid can be quite a day look yet with elegance and class apart.

  • Girls and women with round, oval, and diamond face shapes can try this hairstyle
  • This chic and simple look is good with a wavy and smooth hair texture.
  • Women in the early 20s to mid-20s can try this lovely, charming style.

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3. 5 Strand Rope Braid Hairdo:

You can even try out a feminine and classic hairdo style with a five-strand plait. With the two side braids done and brought together for an intricate hairdo, we quite love these vintage hues and bright style statements. For those ethnic festivities or celebrations, try this one out and we bet you will look outstanding and smart.

  • Women with round and square face shapes can look amazing in this one.
  • For any hair texture, one can try out this lovely hairstyle easily
  • This beautiful look can be ideal for women in their 20s until their mid-30s age group.

4. 5 Strand Pink Braid Updo:

This pink 5 strand braid is another celebrated style across. If you are looking for some vibrant contemporary hues instead of casual braids and hairdos, this hairdo can be a good match. With the stylish, unique looks and overall funky trend, we love this one. Pair this up for upcoming events or parties and we bet you can stand out from the crowd.

  • Try this crown braided hairstyle with those in oval and round face shapes.
  • This look can be ideal with any hair texture easily and effortlessly
  • Women in the teenage and 20s age group can try this mesmerizing style.

5. 5 Strand Braid with Platinum Hair:

You can even try colorful and ultra-modern chic hairstyle with the five-strand braid hairstyle variant. With the platinum white hair texture and the sleek braid with double layers on both sides, we are in awe of this new and unique look. If you are bored of the casual looks and are searching for some dance party night makeovers, this can be good to go.

  • Women with round and oval or heart face shapes can try this one out.
  • Wear this style for women with wavy or straight hair texture.
  • Try this look if you are in the 30s age group. This can look youthful.

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6. Five Strand Braided Side Hairstyle:

With side pony braid receiving a lot of popularity for festive looks, here is the perfect blend. While on one hand, the sleek normal braids are coming across on both sides, the rest hair is clubbed to bring with five strand braid from the crown. The overall look appears stylish and is ideal for those younger age groups who prefer cute and sweet little looks.

  • Girls with any face shape can try this hairstyle easily.
  • This lovely look is ideal for the younger age group ones who are less than 20 years old.
  • Try this braided ponytail hairstyle with wavy or straight hair texture for the best of looks.

7. Five Way Braid:

We even have a messy hairstyle variant with a five-way braid too. This lovely five-strand braid is created after which the messy hair is made by illusion can be created by teasing the hair a little. This versatile hairstyle can go both with traditional and western makeover options.

  • Women with oval and heart face shapes can try this lovely makeover.
  • This stylish look can be ideal for women in their late 20s and their 30s age groups.
  • Any hair texture can suit very well in this look for creating a style statement.

8. The 5 Strand Braids with Multiple Plaits Style:

With half hair braided and half down hairstyle ideas, we are often stuck with following one or two known variants. But this sleek multiple braid hairstyle with five strand and three-strand combination flat looks amazing. With the traditional look and lovely stunning makeover, this hair makeover is ideal for young girls and women who are in search of something mesmerizing for grand festivities or celebrations.

  • Women and girls with any face shape can try this lovely hairstyle.
  • Those in the age group below 25 years can ideally prefer this hairstyle.
  • Try this look for those with smooth or silky hair textures.

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9. Reverse Five Strand Braid Updo:

The reverse hair braid bun hairdo is the new trend right now. It looks sleek and edgy, very comfortable even for long day wear and can be useful for women both who are in professional fields as well as for attending parties. It is quite easy to do and the five-strand braid can only elevate the elegance and classic style.

  • Women with any face shape and features can try this hairstyle easily
  • This lovely look can be good to go for women with smooth hair texture.
  • Try this look for those in the 30s and the 40s age group.

10. The Rainbow Hair Braid:

This lovely cross diagonal rainbow-coloured braid is new and unique in the fashion world. While not many have come across this, we bet you will catch a whole lot of attention when you try this one out. This look is sleek and is ideal for parties, cocktail gatherings.

  • Women with round and diamond face shapes can try this hairstyle effortlessly
  • This look is edgy with any hair texture easily and can fit anyone
  • Women in the 20s and early 30s age group can try this hairstyle easily.

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These unique 5 strand braids hairstyles are new in the fashion town and are quite making everyone drool with their lovely and intricate styles. You too can try these five-strand braids easily and we bet they can look amazing on everyone equally. What are your thoughts regarding this one?


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