50 years of anything is a big deal. An anniversary is a perfect occasion that stands tall and expresses your love and concern for each other. If you have plans to gift your loved ones, parents or even your favourite couple, here are our best suggestions. Take a look at some of the most thoughtful 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

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What is The Common Traditional and Modern 50th Anniversary Gift?

This occasion is all about gold. This year, on your 50th wedding anniversary, both the modern and traditional gifts favour gold, and that sure is the eye candy of the season.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband:

Take a look at a few of the best 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

1. Golden Gift Basket:

Surprise your husband with a basket full of goodies. Pick out the most exotic things starting from chocolates to champagne. Remember, it is all about him and therefore does not hesitate to pick anything less than the best.

2. Table Top Sundial:

This stunning golden tabletop sundial is perfect as a 50th wedding anniversary gift. You can personalise this deal with your husband’s name. Place it on your table and enjoy the pleasure of watching time pass most accurately.

3. Leather Wallet:

As we always say, there is nothing that is as classy as leather. This leather wallet is a perfect, time resistant one. You can customize the wallet to its design and make sure he falls in love with it.

4. Headphones:

No! this is not any other headphones. Pick out ones that have Bluetooth, and this will mean he does not have to keep fidgeting in choosing the next music. To go with this, make a music track for him that has all his favourite songs. This 50th wedding anniversary gifts for husband is a very marvellous one.

5. Champagne:

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Because champagne is the best way to open any good occasion. Pick out good quality champagne to go with the mood.

6. Gold Ring:

To match the theme of the anniversary year, pick out a finger ring for your husband. If he has any specifications, make sure to incorporate that as well into it. We are sure he will appreciate your efforts.

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7. Shoes:

Is there some sort of fetish for shoes? If yes, shoes are his gift this year. Pick a very comfy shoe for him, one that he has been eyeing for a long time. There is nothing like comfortable shoes.

8. Homemade Surprises:

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How about treating him to an endless list of homemade treats of all the food he likes? You can start with cakes and end with some classic desserts. He is going to love this more than anything.

9. Watch:

To exactly tell him that time is the most valued thing, and you have cherished all that time with him, here is a watch! Choose a watch that will exactly fit his wrist.

10. Spa:

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The spa is probably the most underrated thing! Treat your husband to an exotic spa for men. He is going to love the experience. We bet!

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for My Wife:

Here is a quick look into the possible options to gift your wife.

1. Gold:

Just gold! Gold in any form, whether as earrings, bracelets, rings etc., will surely be appreciated by her. Gold is the theme for the year. Just surprise her with everything possible in Gold.

2. Beauty Products:

Pamper her a little bit with this absolutely beautiful set of beauty products. Allow her to feel relaxed and beautiful. This will make a perfect 50th wedding anniversary gifts for wife.

3. Scarf:

A good scarf is a beautiful gift at any point in the year. Pick out a special scarf for her that is soft and comfortable.

4. Music Track:

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Does she love some good music? You might by now, know her choice of songs and genre. Go ahead and make her your special tape. It doesn’t matter if you do not do it right. She is simply going to appreciate your efforts.

5. Jewellery Box:

Your wife is going to love this! Gift her a lockable jewellery box, that has separate compartments to safeguard her valuables. This thought is going a long way!

6. Customized Jute Bags:

Jute bags are really environmentally friendly, and you can also customise this to suit the way your wife loves them. Get creative and go ahead to make the perfect bag!

7. Gold Plated Frame:

Frame your favourite photo in a beautiful gold-plated frame. Make sure to pick the one that has a lot of memories and emotions. She is going to love it.

8. Spa:

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As we said, a good spa is an essential thing to experience. It relieves you of stress and also enables you to soak into the essence of comfort. Pick out some of the best spas available for women.

9. Wine Basket:

A wine basket is a gift at any point of the year. Some of the most exquisite bottles of wine are the ones that are fermented for years and taste their best. Pull out a lovely basket and fill it with wines of many choices. Because this day deserves one!

10. Gold Tiara:

How about a golden tiara? Instead of telling her that she is your princess, here is a way to make her feel like one!

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents:

Thinking about what to gift your parents? Here are our ideas.

1. Golden Anniversary Mug:

Indian parents just love chai. Here are some beautiful 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your parents. The mugs have lovely golden hearts printed on them. The box itself is decorated with the anniversary wishes. This gift will be a good choice always for your loved one.

2. Golden Cushion:

Ever thought of this? This is a good keepsake that has the name of the couple and a big golden heart. Your parents are going to love this!

3. Personalized Photo Frame:

Everyone loves a good memory photo. Pick out two photos, one that reminds your parents of their good old past and a present one. Pose them against each other. This will be a lovely gesture, and your parents are going to love this!

4. Golden Fabric Heart:

You can make this stunning fabric heart from a choice of fabric designs that have gold in them. Tie a beautiful ribbon around it and present it to your parents. Sit back and look at them, admire them in all awe.

5. Golden Crossword Frame:

This is a thoughtful one! This golden crossword frame consists of the names of the family members in a crossword-style puzzle that is then framed. Make this for the gifts for the 50th wedding anniversary of the couple.

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends:

Thinking to gift your favorite couple? Here are our suggestions.

1. Golden Gift Clock:

Personalise the clock by printing their names on the gold cover. The black hands against the golden frame will look stunning, and that in itself adds beauty to the work.

2. Couple Watches:

Here is a great boxed gift set that you can give a couple of. This box will contain watches for both parties. Sounds perfect, isn’t it?

3. Sofa Cushions:

Pick out a good fabric and gift the couple a classic set of sofa cushions. The fabric has a lot to add to the beauty and comfort of the product.

4. Wind Chimes:

Not any wind chime, but one that is personalized with photos of the couple. Every time they make a sound, let it remind them that it is time to sit back and spend a good time.

5. Beer Cans:

Because what is the next best way to celebrate a 50 year anniversary? Gift your couple classic and exotic beer and raise a toast to them.

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50th Anniversary Presents for Him and Her:

Here are some ways in the form of products that effectively conveys your wishes for him and her on a special day.

1. Gold Watch:

As this year’s theme is gold, a gold watch is a classic gift for him. This product shines in its gold strap and a matching dial that will stand the test of time.

2. Collection of Photos:

While this may sound too usual, make this more interesting and unique by adding handwritten stories against the picture, which will give him a good recap of his yesteryears. See him laugh and enjoy the gift!

3. Spa Experience:

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A good spa lets you relax and will refresh your mind. Gift him a spa experience to allow him to relax and let go of the tensions. This will also be your last-minute pick!

4. Reunion:

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How about collaborating with his friends and arranging a reunion with his old friends? He is going to love this catch-up that will let him relive his old times.

5. Wine:

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Nothing like an age-old wine! Gift him an old wine that will taste the best on a romantic night with his spouse or girlfriend.

6. Gold Jewelry:

Probably every woman’s favorite, gold jewellery can be anything from a simple ring to a grand necklace that she will adore. Go out of your way to understand what she may like to wear.

7. Little Basket of Things:

Pick out all the things she likes. This can be anything from chocolates to shoes that she likes. The little basket will be a basket of joy for her.

8. Home Treat:

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Consider cooking for her, especially if you aren’t used to cooking. This will make her feel special. Look out for some exotic recipes to cook for her.

9. Platinum Ring:

These are one of the most beautiful and classy ornaments to gift a woman. While gold is sure her friend, platinum is her best friend! Surprise her with beautiful platinum rings or bands.

10. Spa Experience:

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Another delightful way to give her some relaxation is to gift her an ultimate spa experience to enjoy for the day.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Them:

Thinking of 50th wedding anniversary gifts for friends? Here is our suggestion.

1. Fancy Dinner:

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One way to give them a chance to relive their yesteryears is by giving them an experience that will enable them to remember their past and spend some time. A great way to do this is to gift them a fancy dinner idea.

2. Sofa Cushion:

Sofa cushions are mostly underrated. It is because you need to pick the right ones that will not just suit the colour of their sofa, but also match the comfort level.

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3. Bedside Lamps:

Bedside lamps are fancy and extremely useful too. Pick out a very fancy beside lamp that will match the décor of the room and bed.

4. Matching Tees:

Pick out some cool matching tees for both of them. You can also customize them with your favorite quotes for them.

5. Dining Set:

A dining set is a must for every home. Don’t you think it is time to revamp their dining set?

How to Celebrate Fifty-Year Wedding Anniversary and How to Present Gift?

The best way to celebrate this day is to actually throw a lavish party for all the people you can possibly think of. The day is all about you and the people who made your life better. So, they deserve some appreciation too!

The best way to present a gift is to give it to them personally. Ask them to open it then and there and see their reaction.

As the 50th wedding anniversary is all about gold, send out invites in bright gold-themed cards and pitch them on a classic black background. This way, it might also be a reminder for all those thinking of a last-minute 50th wedding anniversary gift. Let them invite give an idea of the theme of the year.


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