5 year wedding anniversary is a special occasion to celebrate the successful journey of your love, and it needs to be unique. This journey must have included lots of ups and downs, hard work and sacrifices, which need to be thanked. This day needs some unique gifts to set up memories for the future by keeping each other likes and dislikes in mind. You need to relax and recall all those memories you spent together. You should try some ideas to amaze your partner with exotic 5th wedding anniversary gift ideas or some personalised gift items to make your gift unique and more touching.

Each wedding anniversary has a traditional custom and modern gift plan. On the fifth wedding anniversary, couples usually gift each other with wood. It symbolizes the strength of their marriage. As a modern culture, silverware is also given as a 5th anniversary wedding gift. By this time, you and your spouse might know each other well. So you can give them a meaningful contribution. You can also give them a personalised gift.

What is the 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift  & How to Present a Gift?

You are celebrating your 5th anniversary together. You guys are halfway down the decade. Doesn’t it call for a grand celebration where you make your loved one feel special? And how else do you celebrate without gifting each other something precious as memorabilia and to make them understand what a special place they hold in your heart?

The 5th anniversary is unique to every couple. It marks five years of being with each other, falling more for each other every day. Knock on it! The traditional 5th-anniversary gift is considered to be wood. However, it’s not your only option. You can also resort to some silverware like a spoon set or plate set to gift to your favourite couple on their 5th anniversary. Do remember to pack it in a wooden box to signify a proper 5th-anniversary gift.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts And Ideas:

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Him:

1. Photos:

If you’ve got a lot of photos which are to be printed, then we’ve got the perfect 5th wedding anniversary gift idea for your husband. You can house all your digital pictures and video albums in one place, from your wedding day to your latest vacation, and since they are stored in the cloud, there’s unlimited space.

2. Fitness:

If you both like to work out together, you can get both of you, a new fitness tracker. By this, you both can track how hard you’re working and also compare your workouts. This way you both can get a healthy competition.

3. Flatware Set:

Of course, he may not be pleased about a new flatware set the way you would be, but that should not mean that you can’t keep with the 5th-anniversary gift tradition. After all, it should be our choice too. A new set of bar tools, can easily help you organize and entertain your guests with style, isn’t it?

4. Watch gifting:

If you want to give him something that he can wear daily, the perfect 5th-anniversary gift idea for him is a watch. This is never going to go out of style! A classic leather band watch is something that never goes out of style. Also, you can also include some engraving. So you can add a heartfelt message that he can read for years to come.

5. Weekend getaway:

A weekend away is also a good plan for you and your hubby. Can you also plan on running away for more long weekends together? You can give him a luggage upgrade.

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5th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her:

6. Flowers:

Flowers can never be the wrong choice for a 5th year anniversary gift idea for your wife! But since this is an extra-special occasion, you should go for a bouquet instead of a standard vase. You should choose roses with stunning blooms that last up to one full year.

7. Couple pillowcases:

You can also want to relieve both of you with “Mr and Mrs Pillowcases.” With good embroidery, this can complement almost any bedroom colour scheme. And to be honest, this is a lovely gift.

8. Unlimited makeup needs:

She is gorgeous as she is, but she definitely won’t say no to a full month’s worth of unlimited makeup services, faux lashes, brow maintenance, and waxing. Now she needs a month of reasons to get gussied up.

9. Sapphire:

Another 5th-anniversary gift tradition? Jewellery—specifically sapphires. You can easily make her feel like a princess with a ring. If you choose a sapphire-studded ring, she can wear it stacked next to her wedding and engagement rings.

10. Staycation:

Instead of something tangible, why not consider gifting time together along with experience? You can go ahead and plan a long weekend at one of your or her favourite places—maybe the city where you met or your ideal vacation of all time. But before you go, hand her a Polaroid camera, so she can capture the memories as you go.

5th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples:

11. Honeymoon idea:

If you’re looking forward to giving your children, an anniversary present, you can spoil your child and his or her spouse on their 5th anniversary, a long weekend spin-off of their first honeymoon is a good idea. Hand them tickets for their time together, inside a fresh pair of personalised passport holders.

12. Cookies and chocolates:

Are you looking for something for that sweet tooth? You can gift kids your parents a treat—like a batch of heart-shaped cookies—to celebrate their 5th anniversary. (Homemade is a great option, too!)

13. Spa for couples:

If you are looking for a present for these semi-newlyweds, give them a couple’s spa day where they can indulge in everything from massages to facials, side by side.

14. Dinner date:

Relish the time as a couple before the wedding, and you can encourage the couple to relive a special dinner, why not rearrange the first date scene again?! Whether or not you know the locale, you can arrange an Open Table gift certificate.

15. Wine box:

Celebrate the happy and lovely couple while keeping with tradition by giving them their favourite bottles of wine in a carved wooden box. You can personalise the wood box with anything you’d like to say, or opt for the classic “Congrats!”

5th Wedding Anniversary Five Traditional Gift Ideas:

16. Album:

We all know how the digital atmosphere has taken over our lives, but why not the physical imprinting of love? Print out your favourite pictures and pop them into this wooden photo album, which features a romantic “Ever After” engraving.

17. Flowers:

Be it either fresh flowers or flowers that will last forever? Gift the bouquet of her favourite roses and honour the wood anniversary gift tradition with a bouquet of these beautifully realistic paper-thin wooden roses.

18. Cufflinks:

Could you also PPT for giving a perfect finish to any suit? A great idea is to gift wooden cufflinks customised with each of your initials and the year you got married.

19. Wooden buckles:

A wooden belt buckle adds a rustic touch to any ensemble for the perfect 5th-anniversary gift. You can also add anything you like to the buckle’s golden accent—a message, his initials, or even the coordinates of the place you first met.

20. Cutting boards for cooking lovers:

Couples who love to cook always love cutting boards—and nothing like gifting them with what they love. We bet they can’t imagine one with their names carved into the top! This also doubles as the ultimate presentation board, perfect for parties.

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Five Years Marriage Anniversary Special Gift Ideas:

21. Silver:

Silver is a classic metal that will complement nearly any setting. With its smooth, understated handles, this 5th-anniversary gift can play double duty at casual and formal dinners.

22. Gold:

Gold is for glamour! Choose this shimmering 5th-anniversary gift for the ultimate party-hosting couple.

23. Rose Gold:

This one’s for the trendsetters, as these on-trend, blush-hued pieces add a cosmopolitan touch to any china set.

24. Wooden waterbottles for couples:

You can also give them water bottles which come in a wooden finish! Give the active couple a pair. They can take it along with them on any travel or adventure. Hot drinks can remain warm for 12 hours, while cold drinks will keep frosty for a full 24.

25. Jenga set:

A wooden Jenga set is the most quirky of 5th wedding anniversary gifts. After all, the couple that plays together will always stay together. Cheers!

5th Wedding Anniversary Wood Gifts:

Let’s find here with mentioned 9 best 5th wedding anniversary wood gifts for husband and wife.

26. Wooden Plaque:

The 5th wedding anniversary can be celebrated by gifting your spouse this lovely engraved wooden plaque. It shows the love you have for your wife and the time you have spent with her. Make it romantic by adding your names as well. You can personalise this gift with nice packing of shining paper, get this gift for your loved one on your 5th anniversary.

27. Wooden Whiskey Barrel:

Gift your husband this cool whiskey barrel on your 5th anniversary. The barrel is small in size to be kept on a table. It will take centre stage in your house and be the envy of your friends. Engrave the barrel for a more personal touch. You will get as per the size of the barrel, and you can customise too.

28. Personalized Chopping Board:

You can gift your wife this personalised chopping board for all the love of cooking she has. The board made from wood is the perfect reminder of your 5th year anniversary. Make the board special by engraving the words and also the name of your spouse. Nice finishing with decorative style gives a cool look while cooking stuff.

29. Tea Light Holders:

These precious little tea light holders are awesome 5th-anniversary ideas. You can go ahead and engrave the wooden holders to show your love. The holders can be a pair as well, with one holder having the names of the couple and the other the number of years. This one comes in proper shape, and you will get circular as an option too.

30. Grill Master Kit:

A wonderful and useful 5th wedding anniversary gift for husband is this grill kit. If your husband is into grilling all kinds of things, then this kit of different types of wood is just right. There are 3 types of wood chips that are great for smoking and grilling.

31. Framed Scrabble Tree:

You can make this lovely 5th-anniversary gift for a husband by sticking together scrabble pieces to form a little crossword. The words formed by the scrabble pieces should be the names of your family members. This frame looks stunning and unique. It gives a proper look to this frame; you will get a nice comment on this framed gift.

32. Wood Dial Watch:

Make the 5-year anniversary gift with this unique and bespoke wood dial watch. The stunning craftsmanship in this watch is just breathtaking. You can engrave the watch on the backside with loving words as well. It looks really good, try this gift for your dear one.

33. Engraved Tools:

If your husband is into tools and carpentry, then this personalized hammer is a perfect gift. The 5th marriage anniversary theme is beautifully shown in this hammer. You can engrave it with any words you choose. Make it simple yet wonderful.

34. Gent’s Jewelry and Watch Box:

This stunning piece is what every husband would want. It is a wooden box that is used to keep watches, keys, rings, wallets, etc. This cool box with a clear glass top is perfect for daily use. So this makes it a great 5th-anniversary gift.

5th-anniversary gifts are usually based on wood. So choose any of these cool gifts to be your inspiration. Engrave it and make it personal.

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How to Celebrate a Fifth Wedding Anniversary:

The 5th wedding anniversary is a milestone worth celebrating. You can use traditional symbols as inspiration to commemorate this milestone. Try some unique ideas this anniversary.

1. Plant a tree together- You can see a planta tree in your yard or at a park, school, or church.

  • Oaktree – represents solidity.
  • Pine tree – represents the evergreen character of your love for one another.
  • Flaming red maple – represents the burning passion you both have for each other.
  • The flowering crab tree – represents eternal love.

2. Toast one another with love. Hope that the love between you guys continues to grow and prosper.

3. Plan a special dinner. This will allow you to use your special silverware. You can also use some of the traditional colours as the theme for the table. You can even decorate the table with arrangements of daisies and sprigs of wood.

4. Enjoy an outing together. Go to a wooded park, arboretum, forest, or trail, as your choice. Stroll or hike together, and enjoy the greenery.

5. Purchase entertainment tickets to a show, movie, sports event, concert, theatre, etc., so that you can go to attend together.

Things to do for the 5th Wedding Anniversary:

The 5th anniversary is a very special occasion to celebrate. One reaches there after crossing lots of hurdles, ups and downs in life. Being constant and sacrificing for one another is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to your wives who made hundred of sacrifices to keep you and your family happy. Then these occasions must be made relaxing and unforgettable for both of you because it’s a celebration time.

  • You can plan a romantic date on a poolside with soft music and order your favourite dishes finishing with a long drive.
  • You can buy her a favourite dress, watch or gift jewellery on this special day.
  • Remember it’s your day, and you must seek some time alone to remember your past journey. So how about a movie date and some cake-cutting celebrations? A trip to the hill station would be a better idea for your relaxation and away from all tension.

It’s your fifth wedding anniversary; it is worth making it a memorable day. You can have a look above for the fifth wedding anniversary gift ideas. We have listed some of the activities which house both can do. Don’t forget, and the critical point is to enjoy each other’s company.


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