One of the best ways to tell your partner or to express to your friend celebrating their 60th anniversary is to get the things that might be useful or that they always wanted to have. To help you a little here, take a look at some of the best ideas we have for you. Our collection of 60th wedding anniversary gifts has everything covered for everyone.

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What is The Common Traditional and Modern 60th Anniversary Present?

The most common traditional and modern 60th-anniversary present is undoubtedly a diamond. The stone is often used in a lot of jewellery and can be accommodated in any kind of ornament you like.

Best 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Gifts and Ideas with Images:

Here is a list of our ideas for a 60th wedding anniversary.

60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband:

1. Bar Stool:

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How about personalising your own bar stool? Add a touch of his favourite image as a monogram, and do not forget to grab a beer to celebrate the occasion.

2. Glass Frame:

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Nothing takes you back in time like pictures. Bring out all select pictures of your family and the both of you. Make a collage and frame it in an attractive glass frame. Later, at the party, recollect the memories behind the photo with your near and dear ones.

3. Diamond Ring:

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Who doesn’t like to possess diamonds, that too in hand? A diamond ring is a perfect gift for your husband. Select the right size, with a design that will suit his liking.

4. Basket of Goodies:

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On the eve of the 60th wedding anniversary, make sure to include a basket of all his favourite goodies, starting from his chocolate, to champagne. Surprise him by tying a beautiful bow around it and leaving it at your doorstep.

5. Love Jar:

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How about a jar full of chits that has some moments mentioned in them? This way, you can have some special private moments and things that will take you back in time.

6. Laptop Skin:

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Another thoughtful and useful gift for your husband can be a laptop skin. Check out some of the best skins and designs that will suit his liking and taste. You can choose anything from abstract designs to even customise them.

7. Coasters:

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These Coasters are the most underrated ones of all. Coasters come in a range of colours and designs. They are very useful and help keep off the stain from your dining tables.

8. Day Out:

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Your spouse is going to love this! Gift him a ticket to tour around the city. This will not only relax him but will also give him time for himself to let go of his worries. A day out is a must for many of us too!

9. Scarf:

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A scarf is a perfect addition to his collection of cloth. If he is very particular about his clothes, pick out a scarf that will go with most of his shirts, coats and ties.

10. Tie Set:

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Nothing like a collection of classy ties! Pick out some of the classy and traditional ties for him that will go with his clothes. Choose the right fibre too!

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Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife:

Here are a couple of ideas to gift your wife

1. Diamond:

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That tops our list! Diamond is a woman’s best friend. Gift her anything from her favourite jewellery that has a diamond in it. Starting from earrings to a necklace, she is going to love everything. You can combine it with gold or platinum.

2. Diamond Wedding Cake:

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Here is something that is out of the box. This stunning cake with white decorations is decadent. The colours are in contrast, thus making it a good choice. This makes one best unique 60th wedding anniversary gifts.

3. Lace Dream Catcher:

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Might not be a useful one, but, this gift suggestion for the 60th wedding anniversary is aimed at making her feel like a teenager again. A dream catcher made of lace will be a very beautiful decoration for your home too.

4. Throw Pillow:

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Throw pillows add to the comfort at any point of the day. Here is a cool one to gift her. Customise the throw pillows if you have the option to do that.

5. Diamond Tiara:

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A diamond tiara is a classic piece of gift. This 60th diamond anniversary gift is not just meant to make her happy, but to tell her that she will always be your queen. Try this! We bet on this.

6. Handmade Gifts:

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Know anything that is simple, and that can be made at home she likes? Then this is the perfect time to surprise her with it. Try your hands on scented candles, soap or simple drawing. To top it all, she is going to appreciate your hands-on cooking too. So the choice is really yours, what you want to try. She is going to appreciate your effort more than the gift.

7. Plant:

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If she loves gardening, here is a good way to add to her collection. Check out something exotic and gift her that. She is sure going to love it.

8. Pet:

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Might sound very surprising, but, pets are a really cute gift. If your wife loves having pets around her, pets are sure her favourite.

9. Music Track:

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When you have reached a point in your life, you would just want to sit back and listen to some favourite track, especially when it is already arranged and given to her. By now, you would know her choice. It is time to put that knowledge into action.

10. Stones:

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How about gifting her a collection of precious stones? This will not only add to her collection but also she would be able to use it.

60th Wedding Anniversary Presents for Parents:

Here are some 60th wedding anniversary gifts traditional that you may want to pick up for your parents.

1. Anniversary Pair of Mugs:

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This is a lovely 60th anniversary gift for couples and parents. The anniversary pair of white coloured mugs has the number 60 printed in bold. Floral decorations go with the colour, or you can also customise them.

2. 60th Anniversary Card:

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Handwritten notes are always special. Encase them in a beautiful frame and if you are artistic, work your way with art and paints. Make your parents feel loved with these special notes.

3. Family Tree:

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This is an amazing gift that you can give your parents on their anniversary. It perfectly captures all the people who are important in your life and is a constant reminder that they will always be there for you.

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4. Double Photo Frame:

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Another cool idea to give on the anniversary is this double wooden photo frame. Place two photos, one from your past and one from the present day. This will be a very good gift to think of.

5. Photo Wall Clock:

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A photo wall clock is a priceless addition to the gift. Customise this the best possible way and tell the couple to keep going forever like time.

60th Anniversary Gifts for Friends:

1. Diamond Ring:

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Have a very close friend celebrating his/her 60th wedding anniversary? Our gift suggestion for a 60th wedding anniversary would be a classy diamond ring.

2. Personalized Candle:

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Try this diamond wedding anniversary gift that is personalized. The candle has little hearts in the center and wishes printed on the sides. Add on the things that you guys share on it. This will add a touch of personalisation.

3. Anniversary Vase:

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This bullet-shaped vase is a perfect anniversary gift for your spouse. You can get it personalised by engraving the vase with wishes for the couple. The glass vase looks great as is and can be wrapped in a lovely box.

4. Sofa Set:

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It is time to sit back and relax. Feel stress-free. To achieve this, get your friend a good sofa set that will go with the interiors of the house. They are absolutely going to love this.

5. Champagne:

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What else is the best way to celebrate an occasion? Get a set of the finest champagne that is available in town. It is time to raise a toast.

60th Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her:

Take a look for some cool suggestions for him and her.

1. Quilt:

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How about a comfortable woollen quilt for your loved one? For all those chilly winter nights, this is going to be a real saviour, and he is going to love you for it.

2. Expressive Jar:

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How about a jar with simply ‘I love you written on it? There is probably no other way to remind him every day how much you love him. Each time he sees the jar, he is going to remember you and the love.

3. Collage:

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Here is a good way to help him recollect his past and yesteryears. Plan out a room full of photos that are selected carefully to give him a walk down memory lane.

4. Clay Earrings:

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Here is something perfect to gift her. Clay earrings are not common and are also very beautiful. She is simply going to fall in love with the idea itself.

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5. Glass Vase:

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To make it special, a glass vase with some personalized message or quote will go a long way. Pick out a classy one so that she loves the idea of a personalized glass vase.

6. Little Plants:

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As home décor, you can also gift little plants to add to her collection of lovely things. Little plants are also a good idea to think about.

7. Hand Woven Wall Hangings:

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These are absolute beauty. You can make one for herself and decide to buy it, with diamond shapes made on them, just so that it goes with the theme of the year.

How to Celebrate Sixty Year Marriage Anniversary and How to Present Gift?

While some couples who are religious might want to get a small ritual done to celebrate the occasion, for others, you can organise a good lunch so that you can spend time reciting the past and telling them your cute little stories.

The best way to present a gift would be to give them in hand. If you have anything personalised, allow them to express it and make them tell about their best memories. This will go well with the mood.

60th wedding anniversary decorating ideas include hanging pictures all around the house for stories to be shared with everyone. The day is about sharing and talking. Hence, we suggest some good mixtapes that are mild to go with the mood.

Celebrating a milestone deserves a special mention and day. On this day, talk and share all that you can think of. 60 year married gift is a way to express your care and concern. Get started today and make the day grand.


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