How many weeks are 6 months pregnant? In the 6th month of pregnancy, you’re at the end of the second trimester of your pregnancy. So, now there are just a few weeks left for your tummy to become very big and your energy level to go very down. Six months means that your baby is nearly 20 weeks now. His eyelids will open this month, and he will also be able to respond to loud noises. Your baby’s taste buds will become active, and he’ll be able to taste the different flavours of what you’re eating, through the amniotic fluid.

Pregnancy is a different feeling. The 6 months pregnant, you might also experience specific pregnancy symptoms such as heartburn, backache, swollen knees, increased appetite, insomnia, leg cramps, dizziness, etc. You surely must have gained a lot of weight by now, which would make standing for a long time very difficult. You should try to keep your feet up whenever you can during 6th month of pregnancy. You might also find it difficult to sleep in a comfortable position, because of your size. For this, you should use a lot of o pillows and give your body a warm place. There might be some swelling on your feet or your ankle. If the swelling is sudden or severe, you should call your doctor right away. You might also feel some amount of itchiness in your skin; this can be helped by applying moisturiser.

Table Of Content:

  1. What To Think About 6th Month of Pregnancy
  2. Signs And Symptoms Of 6th Month Of Pregnancy
  3. Changes In The Body Of The Mother
  4. Changes In Baby Development
  5. What Care To Be Taken At 6th Month Of Pregnancy?
  6. Diet And Exercise For The 6th Month Of Pregnancy
  7. Sex During In 6th Month of Pregnancy
  8. Pain And Health Problem At 6th Month Of Pregnancy
  9. What And What Not To Do
  10. Medical Tests & Medical Treatments For Six Months Pregnant
  11. Sleeping Position For 6th Month Pregnant Women
  12. Tips To Overcome Stress During 6th Month Of Pregnancy
  13. Additional Tips for 6th Month Pregnant

What To Think About 6th Month of Pregnancy Picture:

These six months pregnant pictures depict the exact feelings which an expecting mother undergoes. The first weeks as noted and complained by all mothers are always a hard time of the month. With the onset of pregnancy, the mother now has insomnia. She is dazed and fazed the entire night and right when the first rays of the sunshine, she runs to the bathroom and vomits all of her last night’s dinner. This goes on for a few weeks with the frequent need to urinate making her less and less patient, then sets in the emotions which at this point have no logic bound to them during the 6th months of pregnancy.

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It is either a sad, depressed state or a happy one. Either she is crying from sadness, or she has tears of joy. This is how the first month passes by. With time she eases into her new shell now, accepts her responsibility and goes about her work. She now understands the reasons and the causes and abides by them. Along with the baby she also grows, and within a mere nine months, she has mastered the motherhood good of being 6th-month-old pregnancy.

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Signs and Symptoms Of 6th Month Of Pregnancy:

Some of the six months pregnancy symptoms women are:

  • Swelling may be observed in feet, ankles, and hands. This can be avoided by avoiding standing for a long time, and you should keep your feet up whenever possible. This helps in baby development in the 6th month of pregnancy.
  • Many 6 months of pregnant pictures face heartburn. This can be overcome by using curd regularly as this helps with indigestion issues. Talk to your doctor in case it causes discomfort.
  • 6month pregnancy also includes constipation, which many women observe constipation along with heartburn throughout the pregnancy.
  • 6th month of pregnancy also involves snoring at times. This may be caused due to hormonal issues and women may also experience wheezing at this stage.
  • 6 months pregnant symptoms also include backaches especially observed from the initial stage of pregnancy.
  • Another six months of pregnancy symptoms include increased appetite. Here you are eating well for both of you, your baby and yourself, so it is alright if you feel that your appetite has increased.

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Changes In The Body of The Mother: What To Expect

The following symptoms can be noticed in the mother when 6 months pregnant.

Baby Bump:

The baby bump can be now seen prominently. Stretch marks will begin to appear around your stomach area due to the baby bump. Since the 6 months, the pregnant baby’s size is around 11 to 14 inches; the baby bump is visibly seen. The six-month pregnancy baby’s weight also will be around 2 pounds.

Subsidiary Worries:

Issues such as back pain and pregnancy mask consisting of patches and pigments in the skin may begin to arise. Begin to wear loose clothes to overcome such problems.

Indigestion, heartburn, and breathlessness may be common complaints among pregnant women at this time. This is because of the 6th-month pregnant baby position due to which the growing baby pushes your organs aside to make space for itself. You can easily overcome these problems by taking the help of a very healthy diet regime on the flow.

False Contractions:

One can also begin to experience contractions and changes in the body due to that. These are false contractions only. At this stage, you also face Braxton Hicks contradictions, in which you often feel the muscles of the uterus tighten for a short period of 30 to 60 seconds and sometimes it may appear for about two minutes due to a 6th month pregnant belly. However, these are necessary as they help your cervix thin out or efface and maybe open up a bit.

Varicose Veins:

You can notice a rise in hormone levels. There will be an increase in the volume of blood. They may cause issues in veins if not checked by the doctor correctly. Since the blood supply may get more, veins may turn blue known to be varicose veins. This can be avoided by not doing long stretched sitting or standing for an extended period. Instead should have light exercise or daily work in your routine. This can also be helped through the compression of socks and cold bags.

By this time, you will also face the problem of sleeping at night. This takes place due to your hormones, and the extra weight gain.

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Changes In Baby Development:

Let us know to see what changes take place in 6 months, pregnant baby.

Eyelid News:

By this time, your baby finally opens her eyes to the world, well at least the one she is in right now. Till now she was in the dark where she could feel touch and now is the time when the light sensitivity is developing in her eyes as she parts her eyelids and sees the site for the first time. Due to not yet developed senses, she however still spends the most time with her eyes closed.


Here’s another highlight this week on what to expect in 6th-month-old pregnancy. The baby, your little one starts hiccupping now onwards. This is because by now her internals have begun to function at their fullest and now she is just like you pumping blood and oxygen to her body through yours, sharing a part of your nutrient and passing on the waste through you. Amongst these as a reflex action, she now starts to hiccup in the 6th-month pregnancy. This is, however, not an uncomfortable situation for either the baby or the mother. To the baby, it’s just a reflex, and to the mother, it’s just a happy feeling inside the stomach.


By the sixth month, your baby’s genitals will be fully grown now, just going through the perfection phase. This is the right time to detect the gender if you are interested and if it is deemed legal in your state. In the case of a ‘him,’ his testicles have now descended from his upper abdomen down his lower and into his scrotum which is fully formed by now. In the case of a ‘her,’ her ovaries have developed and guess what? The formation of the first eggs has already started in her ovary. The rate right now is around seven billion, which goes down to two after birth. Her clitoris and labia are currently under construction and almost finished.

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Position of Your Baby:

Here is how 6 months fetus position will be no. Your body can allow your little one to be in any situation in 6th-month pregnancy. In the 6th month of pregnancy baby’s position can be sideways or oblique and even a breach. The point is, the area of birth is only known when the last week of Pregnancy is nearing. Until that point, your kid will have a gala time swimming around the sac in your uterus.


By now, the lungs and nostrils of your child have started to develop, and by the end of the 6th month of pregnancy, it will fully develop. Noses will begin to gain prominence, and soon, they will be fully developed. On the other hand, the lung isn’t so fast, and only alveoli have started to coat themselves in the lung. Oxygen retention is an essential thing during birth for a child, and your little one needs to have the lungs functioning to their fullest.


Your baby has still not grown into the full-fledged human in the 6th-month pregnancy that he will come out as and is still in the growth process. The six months baby’s weight in the womb is somewhere under a kilo, but most often, it is 900 grams or so. There is still a long way for him in the scene, but most of your discomfort will come to an end by the finish line of this month. Hence the 6th month fetus weight won’t be too heavy as yet.

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What Care To Be Taken At the 6th Month Of Pregnancy?

At this stage, the fetus needs to be in the development stage properly. There should be good nutrition for this, in terms of iron supply, folic acid, and calcium. Further, nuts, leafy vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain foods are generally recommended. Expectant mothers are also advised to exercise regularly as this keeps them and their babies healthy. You should get at least 8 hours of sleep, and you should try to sleep on the side of your body so that you don’t lay any pressure on your rectum.

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Diet and Exercise For The 6th Month Of Pregnancy:

The six-month pregnancy care also includes a healthy and nutritious diet along with good exercise.


  • Protein: Indulging in lean meat like chicken and white fish should be best for non-vegetarians, although you need to avoid raw seafood entirely, as should you do with pork and beef. Tofu and spinach should be the best alternative for vegetarians aside from the usual beans and rice combo.
  • Zinc: Now that you are onto the 6th month, the blood formation of your baby demands more nutrients. Zinc supplements aren’t enough all by themselves, so fruits rich in zinc will be the decisive factor in the developmental progress of your little one.
  • Dairy: Dairy products should be present in the scene as well. It is better not to take calcium supplements instead of natural diet foods. If you identify that you are lactose intolerant, then you can take sources that can help you strengthen the bones and teeth of the baby – something like curry leaf powder.
  • Fruits: raw fruits shouldn’t exactly be your choice at this stage since even washing off sometimes can’t shake the pesticides away from the list. Risking your health isn’t the most excellent option. Try smoothies and juice, as this also keeps your fluid level intact.
  • Vegetables: Your balanced diet should include essential plants as well. Mere fruits and dairy products will not make you complete food; you cannot skip the veggies. It may make it worse. Cabbage, Pumpkin, Tomatoes, and Beans are our picks.


The below exercises may be recommended for the health of 6 months fetus.

  • Squats are a smart choice for this month since you need a lot of flexibility. This exercise helps you pressure your thighs and the area around the pelvis and help them get relaxed.
  • Yoga is another best exercise for your body and flexibility. In a way, it makes you gain enough strength at the time nearing delivery. It helps the 6 months pregnant belly to a great extent.
  • If you are quickly being worn out by the substantial forms of exercise, take a slow-paced walk in the park beside your home. This has its perks too!
  • Kegel exercise at this stage is a good option for you, as it will help keep the muscles around your vagina and rectum gaining more flexibility, thus helping endure the strain of delivery.
  • Stretching on a daily routine is also one of the essential exercises in pregnancy. Stretching enables you to feel fresh, and yes, it is the most natural exercise that can b done frequently.

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Sex During 6th Month of Pregnancy:

At times of 6th-month pregnancy, cases have a high risk of having sex. Many times it may lead to premature baby birth, it is convenient to consult your doctor before going further, and if he says that it is safe with you, there is no reason to let go of the chances that will bring your partner closer to you when you need his support the most. However, with mood swings, tiredness, and nausea, sex will probably not occur right away to you.

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Pain and Health Problem At 6th Month Of Pregnancy:

There indeed the sixth month of pregnancy affects the mother. Baby growth in the 6th month of pregnancy is vast, and hence, there are specific issues which pregnant ladies have to overcome. In this month if you are pregnant, your shortness of breath may improve. Your breast will start producing colostrum – drops of fresh milk, which may continue for the rest of your pregnancy. Some pregnant women might experience a Braxton-Hicks contraction, which feels like a painless squeezing of the abdomen or the uterus. It’s a way of the womb preparing itself for labour and delivery. Braxton-Hicks contractions are not referred to as early labour. If you have frequent and painful contractions, then you might have to see your doctor.

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What and What Not To Do: Pregnancy Care

What includes 6th month pregnancy baby activities? We understand how you wish to settle down everything around you and want to have a smooth transition towards the next three months. While there are pregnancy 6th month changes, you may find yourself juggling several activities, preparing for the birth and the never-ending checkups. Besides so much work goes into planning parenthood well and exercising. Not much will bother you this month but do take care of yourself and rest more than usual. Nothing tremendous and special needs to be done in 6th month pregnancy care, make sure you rest well and have nutritious food getting ready to welcome the baby.

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Medical Tests & Medical Treatments For Six Months Pregnant:

During this time of pregnancy, many pregnant women have a variety of tests done. Most of the women will have their ultrasound done. Urine tests and glucose tolerance tests are also done. You must also inform your doctor about any changes in your diet or your lifestyle since your last visit. And in case you have some questions, please don’t hesitate; after all, it’s a matter of your and your baby’s health. During a checkup, your doctor will also have a brief physical examination. He might ask you about fetal movement, diet, and prenatal vitamin use, sleep patterns, symptoms of preterm labour. Physical examination in the second trimester includes the following things: fundal height, or belly size, and fetal growth, fetal heartbeat, oedema, or swelling, weight gain, blood pressure, urine protein levels, urine glucose levels.

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Sleeping Position For 6th Month Pregnant Women:

In the second trimester of your pregnancy, you might feel difficulty while sleeping due to 6th month pregnant baby’s activities. The reasons for this may include leg cramps, indigestion, snoring, congestion, and weird dreams. Because of these reasons, you might find it difficult to sleep on your back. The best position for relaxing in the second trimester is to sleep on your left side. This position is suitable for blood circulation and for providing nutrients to the placenta. You may lie down with your knees up to reduce pressure on the hips and pelvic region. However, you will be needed to make adjustments to your positions in some instances:

  • In case you have a terrible backache, you can place a pillow under your tummy.
  • You may experience shortness of breath; you can adjust your position with pads to make your body comfortable.
  • In case you experience severe heartburn, use pillows to elevate your upper body.

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Tips To Overcome Stress During 6th Month Of Pregnancy:

  • Cherish your new phase that is soon about to arrive. Go shopping and pamper yourself; however, do not let these activities get the better of you. In other words, don’t get obsessive.
  • Childbirth is an overwhelming time, and you need to judge and weigh every situation to know, which is beneficial for you. Doing this ahead of time and sharing it with your loved ones help you tone down the stress.
  • You will get from everyone at this stage. You listen to entirely your decision, and it might get annoying at times, but do not let anyone stress you out.
  • Be honest about yourself to your partner. Parenthood is the right for both of you. Do not stress and overburden yourself by not sharing anything
  • Now that your third trimester is nearing admit that your life is going to change and start implementing them accordingly to avoid last-second dilemmas.

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Additional Tips for 6th Month Pregnant:

Given the baby’s development in 6th month of pregnancy, here are some tips which you can do while you’re six months pregnant:

  • You can start to look for a birthing partner (Doula) – Doulas are experienced women who provide support, advice and help to women during their pregnancy, during the birth, and after the birth. This can help you to reduce stress.
  • You can take a glucose test – At some time between weeks 24-28, you should take a glucose test and see if you have gestational diabetes.
  • Should you do Kegels – Doing Kegels will help you to control your bladder completely – which is super helpful to control your bladder in case you are laughing or sneezing.
  • You should buy maternity clothes – When you are six months pregnant, it is quite likely that you are ready to start wearing maternity clothes instead of baggy t-shirts and leggings.

Given the 6-month pregnancy tips, make sure you do not forget to be in peace, rest well and have a healthy diet as the first things to note.

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So, now you’re six months pregnant. Now, your fetus might be very visible, and it’s only a few months before your baby is out of your womb. Forget not to skip taking good care of yourself and your baby. We have listed some healthy diets and some food to avoid. Pregnancy precautions in the 6th month are also there. We have listed some dos and don’ts which you should follow. Some of the exercises are also mentioned. Stay healthy and keep your baby safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Is bleeding or spotting normal in 6th month of pregnancy?

Ans: Do not at any cost ignore such irregular patterns. Report any sort of bleeding, or spotting in this case to the doctor and seek his advice. These may not be normal too. Hence it is recommended not to ignore symptoms which are not usual.

2. When can I freeze the umbilical cord during pregnancy time?

Ans: In case you are planning on going ahead to freeze the umbilical cord for the future, now is a perfect time. During 6th month of pregnancy time, you can go ahead and freeze the cord without worries for future purposes. Make sure to consult your doctor, seek his advice and follow his precautions and steps.

3. Can I travel for six months pregnant?

Ans: Yes, you can. These middle three months of pregnancy are seen as the safest to travel; however, notice that you have to take advice from your doctor depending on your health issues and concerns. Any cause of a complication or medical condition should be taken due care of during this time.


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