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9 Best 6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts And Celebrating Ideas

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6th wedding anniversary gifts are perfect as they are sweet as candy and strong as metal. You can choose the gift according to the likeness of your spouse.

Best 6th Wedding 6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts And Ideas:

Let’s see the 9 best 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas to surprise a husband or wife.

1. Candy Card:

Candy Card

The 6th wedding anniversary gift can be made sweet and delicious by creating this candy card. The card is handwritten and some of the words are replaced by candy bars. So incorporate your note with different types of candy bars and make the card interesting. This one is unique idea on your special 6th wedding anniversary, gift this and make a sweet evening with your loved one.

2. Iron Heart:

 Iron Heart

You can gift your spouse a wonderful 6th anniversary iron heart shaped stand. This iron stand is engraved with the names or initials of the couple. You can also add in the date of your anniversary at the bottom. You can add also pictures of you with your spouse, try this gift idea for our loved one.

3. Romantic Figurines:

Romantic Figurines

These lovely iron figurines are made for the perfect 6th anniversary gift. They can be gifted as a showpiece or even as set with other useful items. The couple pose in these figurines are wonderful and the intricate details are just magnificent. If you plan for a small gift idea then this one is really good meaningful choice for your loved one, try this.

4. Metal Bookmarks:

Metal Bookmarks

Gift your book lover this fantastic metal bookmarks that are hand stamped and forged. The bookmarks can be engraved with lovely wordings. This 6th wedding anniversary gift is right for bookworms who need a book in their hands at all times. This one is lifelong gift for your sweetheart.

5. Half Dozen Doughnuts:

Half Dozen Doughnuts

This is a lovely play on the candy theme for 6th anniversary gift idea. The half dozen or 6 doughnuts in a box is a sweet gift to give your spouse. You can give an assortment of doughnut flavors or any one favorite flavor of choice.

6. Personalized t Shirt:

Personalized t Shirt

Here is a very cool 6th wedding anniversary gift idea that can be given to both husband and wife. Print the t shirt with loving words or quirky fun stuff that is great to read. Big bright and bold colors are what you should opt for in the t shirt.

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7. Key Ring or Charm:

Key Ring or Charm

These are the really simple yet elegant 6th anniversary gift ideas for her. The key ring or the charm has a little flower attached to the number 6 made in metal. You can choose to gift her key ring or a charm that can be worn on any bracelet.

8. Amethyst Rings:

Amethyst Rings

From the gemstones that can be used for the 6th year anniversary gift is the amethyst. This beautiful purple colored stone is just exotic. The rings made in metal and encrusted with the tiny gemstones are stunning to look at.

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9. Heart Candies:

Heart Candies

These delectable little heart shaped candies are just what you need as 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her. You can pack a box full of these little candies. Each of the candies is printed with little notes that makes eating them even more fun.

6th anniversary gives you a chance to gift something that is sweet or something that is shiny and strong. The metal figurines or key rings are stylish. Candy is another gift that you can choose. Make a box of them and gift wrap them beautifully.

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