6th wedding anniversary gifts are perfect as they are sweet as candy and strong as metal. You can choose the gift according to the likeness of your spouse.

6th year wedding anniversary gifts need not necessarily be out of the box, for they can be simple, yet thoughtful ones. The sixth year is a testimony to the strength and coherence of your bond. This way, your gift needs to reflect that.

What is The Common Traditional and Modern Sixth Anniversary Gift?

This year, it is about going back in time. A common modern and traditional anniversary gift for the sixth year is pottery. This includes earthen wear for cooking, decoration etc. It represents nature and simplicity. The modern addition is leather, which stands for longevity.

Here is an article that will help you sort out your gifting woes.

6th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him:

How about some gifting ideas for your boyfriend?

1. Music Recording:

You can record a collection of his favorite song for the anniversary. This will surely make him happy.

2. Headphones:

A headphone with some good music is a perfect match! Pick out a good company headphone that offers a lot of features and gift him that. He is going to love that combo!

3. Home Made Wine:

How about going an extra mile for a 6th anniversary gifts for him? Well, try your hands at making some home wine. It might be time taking and might also turn out to be not that great, but, it is always the thought that counts!

4. Belt:

How about a leather belt? Leather is always the talk of the town and a most loved fabric too! Pick out a classy leather belt for your boyfriend!

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5. Home Treats:

Sometimes, little things like cooking his favourite meal can also go a long way. How about that as a 6th anniversary present?

6th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her:

1. Pearl:

You can give her anything in pearl and she is simply going to love it. Pearl is simple and is also classy.

2. Leather Handbags:

As we said, leather is always the talk of the town! Leather handbags are sassy and a class apart. They impart style and fashion at the same time.

3. Anklets:

Anklets are cute little things to wear. This will be a good sixth anniversary gift for your girlfriend. They come in gold, silver and diamond.

4. Baking Set:

If your girlfriend loves to bake, this can be for her. Baking sets come with a range of trays, decorative pieces and some good confectionery too.

5. Teddy:

Teddy just does not cease to become the favourite of girls. Gift her a large teddy, of her favourite colour.

6th Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Them:

Looking to gift couples? Here are some suggestions.

1. China Set:

How about the beautiful and colourful Chinese crockery set for your favourite couple? They are not ordinary, and they come intricately done with a lot of designs and in many colours.

2. Antiques:

You can also gift some antiques for them, which includes clocks and gramophones. They add to the classiness of the house and are all time favourite of people.

3. Couch:

A good couch is no match for any comfort. Gift them a good couch, made of a good fabric or of leather, as their 6th anniversary present. They will simply love it.

4. Dinner Set:

Every house keeps buying new dinner sets every now and then. You can be of help this time by gifting them a dinner set of your choice.

5. Pottery Tea Set:

How about a very elegant and simple pottery set for your couple? Here is one we really loved.

6th Anniversary Present Ideas:

Here are some contemporary and traditional ideas to think of.

1. Centre Table:

How about a fancy, but sturdy centre table for your home? A centre table sits in front of the sofa and is ideal for keeping newspapers, coasters or other lightweight things.

2. Coat Stand:

A coat stand is a stand that is meant to hang clothes. Usually, the used clothes are hung here for later use. They are made of bamboo or iron.

3. Deities:

You can also think of deities, Buddha, Krishna etc., for your home. They add a sense of classiness to your home and will also be ensured that your partner loves some positivity in a different form.

4. Virtual Assistant:

How about a virtual assistant like Alexa for a gift on the 6th anniversary? Well, Alexa is a recommended choice. Virtual assistants operate via Artificial Intelligence and are a good option to think about.

5. Pottery Art:

We really want you to think about this! Pottery art is a true beauty and fine making of human capacity. Gift your husband a classic pottery art that he loves.

6. Day Out:

Gift each other a day out of your town. Plan for an ideal destination and simply immerse in the pleasure of nature.

7. Copper Flask:

This is for all those people who are very healthy. How about a copper flask to gift? It is believed that drinking from copper utensils can benefit the organs of the body.

8. Hand-Forged Sculptures:

They are made of iron and thus will be sturdy for a long time. This will be an apt gift for a 6th anniversary present. It represents the strength of your bond too. You can pick the kind of sculpture you want, whether a very personalized one or the regularly picked one.

9. Jewellery Box:

By now, the collection of jewels would have increased too and thus, a fancy jewellery box made of iron will be a perfect gift idea. The box will have a sense of aesthetics and will also be traditional. An iron gift for the 6th wedding anniversary will be a good choice.

10. Silk Covers:

How about silk 6th anniversary gifts for your favourite people? You can pick a range of silk cloth collections, starting from sarees, to bed covers.

Top Six Year Wedding Anniversary Present Ideas:

Let’s see the 45 best 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas to surprise a husband or wife.

1. Candy Card:

Isn’t this a cute one? The candy card can be made personalized by adding some best chocolates and her favorites. You can write your heart out too. This is a 6th anniversary gifts for her.

2. Iron Heart:

This is one good sixth anniversary gifts for him, an iron heart-shaped stand. This iron stand is engraved with the names or initials of the couple. You can also add the date of your anniversary at the bottom. You can also add pictures of you with your spouse. Try this gift idea for your loved ones.

3. Romantic Figurines:

These lovely iron figurines are made for the perfect 6th anniversary gift. They can be gifted as a showpiece or even as a set with other useful items. The couple’s pose in these figurines is wonderful and the intricate details are just magnificent. Simple and classy? Serves to be the best 6th wedding anniversary gift for husband!

4. Metal Bookmarks:

If your wife loves to read, then this will be a good 6th anniversary gifts for wife. The metal bookmark will also have some romantic quotes written on them, just to customize it.

5. Earthen Wear:

Food cooked in earthen pots has a special taste and is absolutely chemical-free. Here is a time that will take you back to the good old grandmother days, when there was a taste to the food, with a pinch of tradition.

6. Leather Tee Shirt:

Leather shits are the new cool. They are sexy and downright attractive. This will be a very trendy and modern 6th anniversary for your husband.

7. Key Ring or Charm:

These are the really simple yet elegant 6th anniversary gift ideas for her. You can use your initials or any other thing you may like it to have!

8. Amethyst Rings:

The gemstone that can be used for the 6th year anniversary gift is amethyst. This beautiful purple-colored stone is just exotic. The rings made of metal and encrusted with tiny gemstones are stunning to look at. A good one for a wife!

9. Heart Candies:

These delectable little heart-shaped candies are just what you need as 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her. You can pack a box full of these little candies. Each of the candies is printed with little notes that make eating them even more fun. Sounds cool? This one is sure for your sweet wife.

10. Self-Made Cake:

How about a cake that you can bake? A simple cake with icing can go a long way to make it special. Try it out this anniversary. We are sure this will be a hit. This one is for your husband.

11. Pottery Tumbler:

Encourage your husband to pour his glass of wine or even water into a tumbler made of pottery. They are good for health as well.

12. Spa:

Gift your husband, a complete spa. The spa will help him relax and also rejuvenate. Let him immerse in a pool of no tension. This will be a good 6th wedding anniversary gift for the husband.

13. Car Toys:

Men’s obsession with cars and bikes never dies. You can get one really costly car toy for him and you will be amazed to see how he still plays with it. There is a range of options available and also a range of kinds of cars.

14. Tie:

Ties come in a range of fabrics and colors. They are very professional and also trendy. Pick out some of the best for him and make sure to see if it matches with his collection of tee shirts.

15. Bluetooth:

How about Bluetooth? If he is a businessman and is often someone who has to be on call, this will come in handy and helpful for him. Chances are he would already have one. Nevertheless, get one that is more advanced with a finer quality. He will love your gift.

16. Walkman:

Don’t we all love to relax and just listen to music? Here is a cool option. Gift your wife a cool Walkman with all her favorite songs. She will surely feel elated about your choice.

17. Vacuum Cleaner:

Get her a very comfortable and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner, so that she really doesn’t have to do all the hard work after her office. This way, you can help her clean too!

18. Wine:

How about some wine for the mood? Get a solid and old wine as a 6th anniversary gift for wife. Raise a toast to her and she is going to love this.

19. Kitchen Set:

How about a kitchen set? A kitchen set will comprise of many useful utensils, beautiful crockery and cutlery, along with fine kitchen linen for tables, with an apron. A makeover is always good!

20. Kindle:

Does she love to read? Well, kindle is for her! Kindle allows you to read at your own pace. It feels like a real book and is thus a good time pass for her.

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How to Celebrate the 6th Anniversary and How to Present Gifts?

The best way to celebrate 6th anniversary is by taking out your favourite people to a resort by the beachside or pool. If you are running low on budget, you can also throw a party at home with the food you made. That will be an excellent way to make them feel special, and, you get to cook together.

You can present the sixth anniversary gift by just guessing whose gift it could have been. Make this a fun activity, and it can turn out very interesting.

Things to do for the 6th Wedding Anniversary:

  • We would love you to travel a lot this anniversary. There is no better time to talk and have fun.
  • Become a sponsor for an orphan and provide for all his/her needs.
  • Start to plant at least one tree every year and take a vow to do so.

6 year wedding anniversary gift is more of recollecting the past and reliving it with friends. Your friends may be different at this point, but, the event will remind you of how it all started and the times when everything was new. Raise a toast to the five long years!


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