In each state of India rangoli gives a special attachment to tradition, seven dots kolam of rangolis can hold the culture of Hindu religion. 7 dots rangoli during festivals or season made by colourful rice or patterns can design by using coloured sand too. Using the index of finger and thumb can be used for 7 dots rangoli. In 7 dots rangoli, we can try different types of shapes, lines or curves which is beneficial to explore the positive environment for house or land.

Best 7 Dots Rangoli/Pulli Kolam Designs:

Here are the few 7 pulli kolam/7 dots Rangoli designs which are the best way to design yourself too,

1. Simple Kolam 7 Dots Rangoli:

Few designs are the best rangoli designs which are useful for doorstep entrance or which the effective patterns for an occasion or in temple entrance too. Simple 7 pullikolam designs are the best way to easy in design. Take white coloured sand as per your colour choice and give 7 by 7 dots on the floor. Give a square on each corner, apart from this try curve support for middle design. Give a cap type of four designs with the help of creative small circles. This is the less time of 7 dots rangoli design which is helpful for your pongal or any occasion. No need to use more material for this design you can use your fingers only to make circles and outside of shade touch up. This is the simplest way to make a kolam pattern of rangoli design. No need for more space if you are ok with a small space then this design will be suitable for your home outdoor space.

2. Easy 7 Dots Rangoli:

Two lines middle vertical and horizontal both with 7 dots only. This is a free hand type of rangoli design which is the easy way to make by fingers only. Middle dot you need to make a small circle then outside of dots give a curve oval shaped of flower leaf piece shape. Middle in the oval shape of drawn curves you need to draw flower type of curve design using fingers. This is 7 chukkala muggulu rangoli designs which are helpful to make in an easy way for your any day. Give a shaded finishing touch to this design in flower. If you want you can use more colour to fill in the blank spaces of design. Use small diva in middle of the circle which is the best idea to attract the attention of viewers. This is also a simple kolam with 7 dots rangoli design for your regular functions.

3. Kolam with 7×7 Dots:

This is a 7 dots muggulu rangoli design which has done by fingers on small spaces and in quick time too. Give an equally 7×7 dots on the floor and then draw Small Square on each corner using your fingers, after that draw Small Square in middle of dots. Make parallel lines from corner to centre. This we need to do for all squares of all corners. Gather all together in middle and between the corners you will get black dots where you can draw heart symbol using your fingers. Those dots you can use as per your creativity. If you want you can make leaf or any OM type of symbol too. Draw thick lines while you will draw lines. You will get a chance to fill those black spaces using colourful sand or rice. This is the good decorative idea of rangoli design in kolam 7 dots collection of designs.

4. 7×4 Dots Rangoli:

A simple way to draw flowers will be a good choice for beginners, this is the best idea of flower design in rangoli pattern can attract the attention of your guest sure. You can try this design which interlaced 7 into 4 dots. Around four flowers you will try as per your design and shape and middle full flower can be a good choice. You can use fingers to spread of thick lines. Use coloured rice to fill the black space of flowers. Utilize other dots which you can intersect with other dots. 7 to 4 dots rangoli Flower rangoli can inspire positive energy; you can use this design for Diwali or any occasion. Get this design for your regular use on entry door for positive energy. This design will be helpful for the welcome of guests too.

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5. Chukki Rangoli 13 to 7:

Different shape of curves and oval-shaped gives attractive look for the design. Rangoli can be done using another hand for design. Curves and shapes give proper finishing to the design. This is Chukki rangoli 13 to 7 which is the best expert level of rangoli, this one design you can try as per your quality and time. You can use your all dots with your creativity and ideas. Thick to thin lines of texture give a special touch to design. You will get flower and leaf design on this 13 to 7 dots of rangoli design. Such design you can teach to your kids for school rangoli competition. Try different coloured for flowers like pink, yellow, orange or blue and give a green colour to leaf only. This is the best idea of design for any festival or occasion. Put a small diva in the middle of rangoli. Thick line rangoli with dots 7 by 7can be beneficial for your upcoming events too.

Rangoli define our culture and it gives proper emotional attachment towards our tradition, it helps to make positive energy of god bless. We can use more symbols while drawing 7 dots of rangoli. As per design need, we can feel colour using sand or rice. Such type of rangoli can be done on mud floor or on tiles of our outdoor space. When we design 7 dots of rangoli that time we don’t need any ruler or any measurement of exact design, we can try our fingers to give a soft touch to this rangoli art.


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