Your body is once again changing and rapidly becoming big. We mean not just in terms of weight, but also safe haven for your baby. In the 7th month of pregnancy, your body is making some real adjustments to make your baby feel safe and comfortable. Here is a look into some of the changes you should be aware of.

Your first few months might have been quite hectic and loud compared to what they have imagined. It starts with a long row of sleepless nights when just after the amalgamation of the sperm and the egg the baby-making process inside the tummy starts. This is then showcased in the form of early morning vomiting. After emptying out her guts she goes back to her bed only to stay wide awake. The result of this ends up in her feeling tired and fatigued throughout the day. She sleeps like a child every now and then much like the one she is harbouring inside of her.

How Many Weeks Are 7th Months Pregnant?

At seven months pregnant, you are in the thirtieth week of pregnancy. This is the third trimester of pregnancy. This trimester is also very crucial for the body and your body also starts to accumulate fat.

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What To Think About This 7th Month Of Pregnancy:

The emotions around this time are usually all over the place. She is laughing and crying at consequent intervals not sure what to do with her excessive hormone production. Then there is always the monster appetite she has to look after. This all comes together in a single place and chokes up the first month. This is when the baby has turned into a fetus, which is a miniature human structure resembling you. Prior to this, the baby was a blastocyst which is just a simple five days old fertilized egg.

The egg took a turn when it developed into an embryo and then into a fetus. The second month sees the baby and the mother both settling into the new environment. The pains and the pangs of morning sickness vanish. The frequent urination also subsides. She now enjoys long snoring nights after her fatigued day with her little one.

7th Months Pregnant Symptoms:

Here are some bodily symptoms your body will show at this point of your pregnancy.

1. Frequent Bathroom Trips:

The inevitable! Your baby is now 11 inches and putting more pressure on you. The frequent bathroom trips are back since the baby now has her own waste added to yours. With the additional pressure in your uterus and bladder, controlling it will be all the more difficult. The only way to handle the frequent visits to the bathroom can be done by decreasing the intake of water and increasing the source of watery food intake such as fruits and soups of different vegetables. The liquid of the fruits and food particles are denser and thus take a long time to break down by the excretory system. This will help you curb your urge to run to the bathroom frequently.

2. Colostrums:

This can sometimes embarrass you. You wake up completely drenched and wet. Do not worry this is just a secretion of clear fluid from your breasts called the colostrums which will be the baby’s very first milk after she is born. This is just a way your body is preparing itself for the upcoming event. The good solution to this problem is to wear a loose-fit bra in your routine and massage the belly portion with thick oil quite often.

Olive oil and vitamin E supplements are suggested best to prevent the skin from stretching and serve as a long-time remedy. The leaking breasts are not a thing to be worried about. You just have to make sure it does not get excess getting itself shown on the clothes. You can easily help yourself with padded bras when going out. But when you find your bra with stains of blood, you should immediately consult your doctor.

3. Braxton Hicks:

You will start experiencing a lot of false contractions. Pregnancy pains at 7 months are very common and hence there is nothing to worry about them. These contradictions are called the Braxton hicks contradictions. These small pains arise that help you form your body easily for the time of your delivery. The little change that occurs due to these contradictions help your body open a bit and get itself ready for the time of pushing.

4. Clumsiness:

An oversized belly with a constantly moving baby causing minor pain is not to be neglected in routine. Getting excess weight and working with the same is hard. Pregnancy often affects moods and behaviour throughout the nine months. The changing of hormones and switching moods make you feel clumsy. Moreover, insomnia doesn’t help any better. To make a better self in this situation you can take power naps in between routine work. Relax whenever you get a chance. Make beautiful memories to cherish the wonderful period of pregnancy. Make important notes that you frequently forget.

5. Nasal Troubles and Snoring:

A major challenge that you have to live through this month is fixing nose blocks and snoring issues. You just have to make your doctor also to be aware of your symptoms during pregnancy, even snoring. The main reason behind the nasal problem of snoring is an increased supply of blood in the mucous membranes. There is no cure for snoring at night or in sleep mostly during the period of pregnancy or till you give birth to your little one.

One of the remedies you can opt for is carrying a tissue with you wherever you go so that it can be easy for you to wipe your nose at even times. In such a case, tissues are preferable as you can use and throw, while handkerchiefs are the same all the time they carry bacteria and result in worse infections and don’t let you go through the healing.

Fetal Development Of The Baby In the 7th Month Of Pregnancy:

The 7th month of pregnancy is a crucial time or basically the onset of the crucial time until delivery. Two months from now she will be meeting her beautiful son or daughter so now she is geared up and careful. The ultrasound of this 7th month of pregnancy will reveal the following development.

Blood Production:

Previously in the earlier years, the baby’s liver was responsible for the production of the much-needed red blood cells. Red blood cells are the utmost need for the body and in us adults, it is the bone marrow that produces the stem cells. The red blood cells through the steady beating heart now pump blood to the rest of the body.

Bone Marrow:

These stem cells then get divided into red blood cells and white blood cells and platelets. By this month your baby’s bone marrow will be ready and just like you, her marrow will also produce stem cells. She now has the white blood cells to help her fight her infection once she’s out.


By now the baby has grown distinct features. Starting from her feet, she now has prominent fingers, fingernails, and nerves running up and down her now fat-filled feet. Then comes her or his genitals which are fully formed and perfected by now. The stomach’s internals now shows a complex human system of digestion and excretion processes with the heart on the side beating. This beat as said by the doctors are now so prominent that a simple stethoscope to the mother’s belly can detect the heartbeat of the child.

Moving aside her lungs have now fulfilled and taking in oxygen from the mother she can now breathe and pump oxygen to her system. Her facial features now have developed and perfected as well with a defined lip, nose and eyes. The scalp is now filled with soft hair growth or hair follicles.


This month whilst the ultrasound commences you will find a strange sight. As if on reflex your baby has already positioned himself at the entrance of your uterus ready to leave two months from now. He now is upside down or in the process of getting upturned for her position.

Skin Care:

Floating in the amniotic fluid all these months have not been easy and to help her skin from wrinkling and crumpling, a white cheese-like wax substance called the vernix was covering her body from the amniotic fluid.


There were also soft hairs growing all over her skin to protect her from friction and harm. In the seventh month, the skin layers are slowly disappearing, and the lanugos or the small soft hairs are now shedding off as he gets ready for takeoff.

7 Month Pregnancy Activities:

At the end of the seventh month or during the month, you need to b aware of every activity that defers in your body. As this period is a critical stage that can cause premature birth. The activities that you do should be restricted at the risk of any damage. And at regular checkups and at home also the work you do should be done with full care. You also need to be careful and aware of excess bleeding and abdominal pains. Even if they go away soon, they are probably signs of false labour. And if so you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible.

7h Month of Pregnancy Care: Diet and Exercises

Diet During 7th Month of Pregnancy:

1. Magnesium:

At the stage, your seventh month in your pregnancy phase, you need a lot of magnesium in the body. And while this might seem strange, the reason behind this is that magnesium helps your body get the calcium it needs. Almonds, berries and beans are rich sources of nutrients.

2. DHA:

DHA is basically present in foods like eggs, milk, and fruit juices. Usually, 200 mg of DHA is to be taken by a pregnant woman. It helps in the proper functioning of your child’s brain.

3. Omega 3 Fatty Acid:

Omega 3 fatty acids are also an integral part of the diet during pregnancy to keep a healthy functioning and baby’s visual growth.

4. Folic Acid:

Folic acids are also one of the important nutrients to be allowed in hygiene for the betterment of the child. The proportion of defects in childbirth reduces with the help of the consumption of folic acid.

5. Meat:

While lean meat is preferable in pregnancy, other meat also should be consumed but in proper proportion.

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Exercises During the 7th Month of Pregnancy:

1. Swimming:

Swimming can also be a good option for losing weight and even maintaining the proper weight.

2. Patterned Breathing:

The proper pattern of breathing also helps you with good exercise that will surely be of good help at the time of delivery. Breathe in when your stomach comes closer and out when you push back your stomach.

3. Yoga:

Yoga is an all-time good exercise for your body and mind. The elasticity of your body is as necessary as the refreshment of your mind. You can help yourself with this only with yoga.

4. Stretching:

This exercise gives you all the flexibility you need. You can stretch anywhere around in the room, but use a cushion to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

5. Walking:

Your home place, or the lawn or the nearby parks, make sure you have a little walk for your betterment. Sometimes gaining fat should also be reduced and be more flexible.

Do’s and Don’ts for a Safe Pregnancy:

Here are some 7th month pregnancy tips you will have to be serious about.

  • Remember to take your folic and Vitamin D. They are very important for a healthy baby and a safe pregnancy.
  • Staying active goes a long way. Remember to be active. If you sit down and simply rest, it can really be unhealthy for you and the baby.
  • What you eat has to be carefully chosen. Since everything you eat has an effect on your body, it is safer to consume foods that are healthy, ones that will benefit the baby and your body. 7th month of pregnancy care comes with a lot of planning!
  • Keep a rack of your baby’s movements. The movement is a sign that the baby is doing well.
  • Start to sleep on your side. By your third trimester, you need to start sleeping on the left side of your body to ensure the baby gets enough nutrients and a good blood supply to your entire body.
  • Mental health is important too. Talk to people and try to distract your mind by thinking of happier times. Listen to music and do things that will cheer you up.


  • Smoke. Smoking is really bad for the baby and can clog up the lungs.
  • Alcohol. Do not think twice to quit. Alcohol can adversely affect the development of your baby’s brain.
  • Drugs. Don’t do drugs. It will have serious implications for the baby’s health all his/her life.
  • Diving and rugby. Stay away from these two. They can injure the baby.

Sex During Pregnancy In the 7th Month Of Pregnancy:

You lose your appetite, even your favourite dishes make you prone to puking, you are stressed about your baby and there’s so much left to plan. Sex is probably the last thing on your mind at this stage. It might be very uncomfortable for you at this stage, however, if you and your partner are up for some awkwardness, give the sideways sexual position a go. This might be safe and give you the intimacy you need anyway.

Tips To Overcome Stress During 7th Month Of Pregnancy:

  • Now is the time to focus on the things you need to work on the first thing after your little one is out in the world. Make a list of those things. These can be the daycare centre, the nanny, the vaccinations, and checkups.
  • Be very patient and try to focus on the good things there are. Sit with your partner and discuss your individual responsibilities as a parent to avoid sudden bouts of stress.
  • Take a sound sleep and make sure you get enough rest for yourself. Make sure you are open enough with your roommates and people around you and you can let them know that you are tired. You cannot keep others’ needs first in the seventh month when the baby is soon due.
  • If you are aware of the sex of your baby, you can even start shopping for the newcomer to make yourself entertained.
  • Mood swings are literally a part of you by now. Just make sure to have someone around every time anxiety calls.

Medical Treatments and Checkups:

Medical checkups will be as routine as before the previous six months. It will be more of the same every time now. There would be some more tests to see the position of the baby, or if there are any severe deformities. Many symptoms may remain the same, however many would there that should be cured before it gets to start causing damage to the baby. There would be some medicines that also should be overcome that may affect harm your body and baby such as the drugs you may see below:

  •  Fever- Paracetamol or Acyclovir.
  • Heartburn- Antacids.
  • Constipation- Do avoid Laxatives and Mineral Oil. You can take drugs like Metamucil.
  •  Cough- Dextromethorphan.

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7th Month of Pregnancy Care: Tips and Precautions

  • You can create a hobby of your choice you can go with your pregnancy period. It will help you carve your relief from the ups and downs of the pregnancy.
  • Watch your diet and maintain your health. Talk to fitness trainers and keep a check on your weight, since being overweight can bring in unusual complications at the time of delivery, which is highly undesirable of course.
  • Make sure you part your feet while walking. This is an important precaution to exercise since otherwise, you might disrupt the centre of gravity and that will bring you no good.
  • Avoid eating anything raw that can prove to be harmful to you and your baby. This includes fish, meat, eggs and unwashed vegetables from underground like carrots. You might be allergic to seafood, so watch out for the same. Consult your doctor if needed.
  • Exercising might make it easier for your muscles to flex. This, in turn, will get you readier for delivery more easily. Don’t forget to choose your favourite from the list above and start right away. It’s never too late.

You are now at a point where your body will show a lot of changes. 7 months pregnant belly will already cause a lot of sleeping troubles because it is too big now. This can bring in a host of new problems like irritation and anger. Remember to hold on tight. You need to do things that will keep you positive. Our tips will help you every bit. Happy motherhood!

Q1. How Safe is Travelling in 7 Months of Pregnancy?

Ans: Get your doctor’s advice on this. You will be allowed to travel or fly until your 36th week. However, you need to get good advice on this before you set out.

Q2. When Should You Consult a Doctor in the 7th Month of Pregnancy?

Ans: You need to consult a doctor if your body starts to experience contractions. Consult your doctor if you have bleeding that is intense.

Q3. Is Having a Baby in the 7th Month of Pregnancy Safe or Not?

Ans: Having a baby at 7th months pregnant can happen for a lot of reasons. Mostly, your health provider will take adequate care of your baby. At this point, your baby’s immune system will not be fully developed. Hence it is safe, at the same time, not entirely safe.


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