Rangoli is a traditional practice in India during festival season. This is to welcome the Goddess to your house. There are many types of Rangoli designs. Traditional Rangoli is mainly Rangoli design with dots. 8 dots rangoli designs are an important one. When you draw kolam using dot it is easy to draw it simply by joining dots as given in the instruction. Anybody can draw this type of Rangoli design.

Best 8 Dots Rangoli/Pulli Kolam Designs:

Here are some of the 8 dots Rangoli designs and the method to draw it. These are easy and simple rangoli designs for every beginner.

1. Kolam Using 8×8 Dots:

 a) Butterfly Kolam for Beginners:

This is a very easy and beautiful Rangoli with dots 8 by 8. You can make this just by joining dots. This is how you can draw this. First, you need to put 8 x8 dots vertically and horizontally. You can simply join 3 dots from each corner vertically and horizontally with curvy lines. From the corner, line draw two curvy lines to one point and join them. Do this on vertical and horizontal dots. After completing it on all four sides, you will get a butterfly shape. The centre you can join with inside curvy lines and fill appropriate colours on it.

b) Grid 8×8 Dot Complex Design:

When you look for some complex Rangoli design of 8 dots, you can try this flower 8 dots kolam design. The connections are a bit complex to understand and you need to spend some time in order to understand the connection. Here you just need to join the dots and make flowers. You can make it colourful by filling colours. This is a small Rangoli design and is suitable for one who loves complex designs.

2. Rangoli Art Design Using 15×8 Dots:

a) Simple Flower Design for Beginners:

This is a flower Rangoli with dots 15 by 8. You can easily draw this design by following simple steps. First, put 15×8 dots. In each corner make flowers. Thus, you need to make 6 flowers. You can easily draw flowers by joining adjacent dots. In the centre, you can draw two more flowers. This is an attractive kolam with dots 15 to 8. This is a design that beginners can try out without any complexities.

b) Complex Flower Design:

If you want a complex design using 15×8 dots you can try this flower design. It is a bit difficult to understand. It will take some time to understand how the connection goes you can draw it fast. After drawing outline, you can fill the design with colours that make rangoli design more beautiful. This is a simple design for one who looks to draw 8 dots rangoli.

3. Bird Rangoli Design:

a) Simple Bird Design Using 15×8:

For those who look for simple Rangoli design by 8 dots try this beautiful bird design. This is a simple and colourful design one can try. You will get an idea just by looking at the image. Just connect the dots as per the diagram and create beautiful birds. You will get 6 birds and in the middle, you can draw around to separate them.

b) Complex Bird Chukki Rangoli 15 to 8:

Chukki Rangoli 15 to 8 dots is a sort of big one. It is a bit complicated to understand the design. But once you get the idea of drawing it, this is a very simple design. After putting 15 by 8 dots you can join 3 dots in each corner and join the dots that are horizontally above the starting dots on each corner. You will get a closed shape thereby leaving 4 dots inside the shape. Now you can join the rest of the 4 dots that makes the feather part of the bird. To draw the face part simply joins the dots as shown in the figure. You will get six birds like this and inside you can make any shape you want or as shown in the image.

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4. Diya Shaped Kolam:

a) Simple Diya Shaped Rangoli:

When we look for 15 to 8 dots Rangoli designs, this is a simple and less complicated one. All you have to so be to draw adjacent dots to make a Diya shape. You don’t have to draw any complicated line here. Just get 6 Diyas here and the flower design around it. To make the design simple You can start from each corner by joining 4 adjacent dots and 3 dots just above it. Now you can join the endpoints. Like this draw a Diya and flower design adjacent to it. Thereby you will get an idea of how easily you can draw this design. Even beginners will easily understand this kolam design and they can try it this time.

b) Complex Diyas Rangoli:

This is a complex Diya design that you can try. To draw this you need some artistic talent. First, you need to closely monitor the design and has to draw as per the given image. The connections are a bit complicated. There are 6 Diyas inside and 6 Diyas outsides. Around it, you can draw flowers in the middle of the rangoli design.

5. Pulli kolam:

a) 8 Dots Rangoli for Beginners:

Pulli kolam is very simple and traditional design everyone tries in front of the doorstep. Among them 8 dots muggulu is a very popular and simple design. In the above image, you can see a simple design using 8 dots. You can draw this by simply joining adjacent dots. Just follow the drawing as per the image. There is not any complicated drawing. Anyone can draw this without any special talent. No need to spend so much time to make muggulu with 8 dots. The design will look like flowers.

b) Complex 8-2 Dots Kolam:

You can try this complex 8 by 2 pulli kolam. Here you need to focus on how the design goes. Just follow the outline that given in the image and you are good to go. Spend some time to know the design first and follow it properly.

Here included simple and complex Rangoli designs using dots. You can try them as per your need. If you have some artistic talent and want to try complicated designs, you can go for it. All you have to do is simply follow the math and draw as per the sample diagram. Just know the dots you need to connect and do accordingly.


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