8th Month Of Pregnancy – Symptoms And Fetal Development

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As she sat herself amidst her friends and family, the familiar advice’s and experiences are narrated all over again for the third time now this month. Earlier this month she has celebrated for her expected baby to come and since then it has all been about safety measures and retelling the past experiences and warnings. But inside of her, the beating heart now strong reminisces the past horrifying yet dead sweetening months passed by.

The earlier months have been a whirlwind of emotions with her sleepless nights and nauseating feels in the morning. The emotions she once thought she could control well enough now started rebelling against her and she found herself in an awkward position trying to balance all. As if on cue her hunger doubled and tripled over the months and then it was all clear to her. She has to get used to certain changes around her starting from cutting off the ladies night with girlfriends. The first month was pain reborn she admits. It was nothing less than a struggling hard month until the onset of the next month.

8th month of pregnancy

What To Think About This 8th Month Of Pregnancy:

Now in her second last month, the mother admits that the worry until she can hold her young one in her arm stays with her till the time ends. Until the birth giving process, every mother is filled with worries which changes every month. This month it is all about how to do it when the actual time comes? The thought of the process which she had played melodiously in her mind the months before now is taking a slight horror turn. What if she can’t execute the deed as properly and neatly she should she ponders.

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Fetal Development of The Baby In 8th Month Of Pregnancy:

On the first day of conception while the mother empties her gut with her face in the toilet, the sperm and the egg collides together to form a blastocyst. A blastocyst at this point is the baby still in his scientific term which is a fertilized egg four or five day old. This blastocyst then plants itself to the uterine wall, placenta and starts its formation process. This process is called implantation. From there the blastocyst turns into an embryo but then also it is in an alien irregular shape not yet ready to be called a human structure. It is not until the next month rolls in that the embryo turns into a fetus and starts taking up human shape.

The eight month is one of the most crucial months where significant changes are seen in the baby. By now the baby has passed its development stage and completed its structure. He is now perfecting his functions by performing them inside the mother getting used to the changes befalling him. The mother also goes through some of these changes as her body in her way starts preparing for the upcoming event. As both parties gear up for the event here are some significant changes that are to be seen this month in your baby.

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Complete Structure:

By now your baby is fully formed to the level where in case of premature birth, he can now survive even outside the uterine walls. From the crown to the rump he now is perfected with little pudgy fingers with soft base of finger nails. His previous thin skeletal structure now has taken up a turn for good as you can see a fat layer has deposited in the underneath of his skin making him weigh more than ever.


The hair on his head is now growing short and stout and with it grows his movements. His facial features are now perfected to the best with defined nose and eyes with eyelids and eyebrows all drawn in a perfect canvas.


By now there are certain movements that you will be feeling for sure. This is your baby’s way of telling you how less space there is now and that he wants to come out as soon as possible. This is why he kicks and punches his way through. You can even feel him pushing the ingredients in you to make space for himself. Apart from the pushing and punching, the baby’s hiccups are now normal. His eye sight has improved. The doctor’s say that if you shine a light now to your belly, the baby would probably look away or look towards the light. He can now recognize your voice and might respond to it with a kick.

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Withering Moments:

By now he has positioned himself upside down and is now geared up for exit. Due to this, the soft waxy substance covering him and his skin is now drooping away. this cheesy white substance called vernix caseosa was previously there protecting the soft skin from the amniotic fluid but by now he is used to it and his skin is now compatible and ready for outside air. Therefore, the lanugo’s, which are short soft baby hair on the baby’s body, are now shedding slowly and steadily.

Reproductive System:

If you already know the sex of your child, predicting this change and understanding the scenario will be easier for you. Otherwise, just know that in case it’s a girl, now is the time that her vagina and vulva will take shape finally. On the other hand, if it’s a boy, your little one’s scrotum will look like it’s swollen, but that’s not a reason to worry.


There will be a reduction in the amniotic fluid level this month, that signifies that you kid’s kidneys have now officially started to work. There is production of cortisol now, and the whole situation is progressing through the month, to give your belly a lesser bloating feeling.

Symptoms of 8th Month Of Pregnancy and How To Overcome:

The mother also goes through a fair share of symptoms at this 8 month pregnancy.

Braxton Hicks Contractions:

When your body knows you are ready for delivery the very next month a condition or situation called the Braxton Hicks contractions arrive which very much like the name suggests the symptoms. These contractions are mainly in the form of tightening of the abdomen muscles. This are test contractions that your body goes through preparing itself for the tough time ahead. The good part to it is these are painful and does not cause any side effects. However they do offer discomfort to the mother. As such these signs are no issue to be worried about. The small pains are just pre preparations to help your body get prepared for the delivery phase. If though you feel more pain you should immediately consult your doctor. You can ease up your situation by applying a cold compress or a hot bag.

Subsidiary Problems:

The same problem that you complained about to your doctor last month has now proliferated and become stable. By this we mean the return of the frequent urination that we felt on the first month. This is because the baby now continues to put pressure on your bladder and with him weighing somewhat around four to six pounds; the bladder is losing its space to store. The same happens with the chest cavity and stomach muscles which is why the indigestion, heartburn and shortage of breath arise. A simple way to get rid of the problem is to intake less of water and instead take more of liquidator food items like soup and fruit juices. The food and fruit liquids are dancer that take time to break down the excretory system. This will help you get rid of frequent visit to the bathroom.

Bloating And Weight Gain:

You can expect more on that front this month. Well, not that it already wasn’t enough previously. But, you need to take care of your bloating well, so that it doesn’t take away the room from your baby in your uterus. The first way to overcome your bloating is to know if it at all is a case of bloating or just the baby bump. You would want to eat everything away, and that will only lead to more gain in weight. The grabbing of heavy meal every time you get hungry is not the right way to serve your hunger. This leads to lessen out the room available to your child for the development because of the fat you gain. Besides, this can also lead to heartburn and flatulence. To get rid of the problem is to intake light weight snacks or fruits, or salads and nuts to overcome your need of hunger every time you are in need of.


The problem of breathlessness arises when your belly takes the formation of a huge tummy, the pressure on the lungs and diaphragm increases thereby, and so it takes there space. This results into struggles with suffocating and shortness of breath. The symptoms of breathlessness are quite common in pregnant ladies all around the world. But for your safety and precautions you must let your doctor know about your situation. As per doctors concern it is not a good option breathing through mouth during this period. A temporary and handy solution to such a problem is to keep a tissue with yourself that help you wipe your nostril and help them keep open for the circulation of air for breathing. With the help of tissue you can hold your one nostril while help yourself open the other one. This will help you get an open nose for breathing a fresh air. But you should also be clear with the mucus that shouldn’t be caught in the nostrils.

Extreme Dizziness:

The sudden changes that your body is undergoing might be harder for you to deal with. The changes in your mood lifts and hormones will make you feel down. The overweight and constant movement in your belly will all make you feel tired and restless. This can make your time go more hard. For a solution to your dizziness you can take rest every half an hour. A small nap, or a soft music, a walk to fresh air can make you feel better. An easy work like hobbies can also entertain you. Your daily work should be done in a slow pace for your own safety. You can talk and even ask your family members about precautions that can be taken from whom have already faced similar problems in pregnancy

8th Month Activities:

This month will be more about planning your baby and motherhood for the next month. Bowel movements may make you go to the bathroom more often than before. Moreover now at this stage you might be more a responsible mother for the baby inside your tummy. People around you must be applauding your strength and positive efforts to see you becoming a mother in all. Let go of your stress and just breathe, nice and slow. Don’t forget your sleep, diet and walk though.

Diet and Exercise For The 8th Month Of Pregnancy:

Here are the diet and exercise for 8 months pregnant.


1. Vitamins:

This nutrient in vitamins is important in the primary stage of pregnancy. Regular intake of vitamins helps mostly with the reduction of vomiting and nausea. For a healthy diet in vitamins, grains, peanut butter and nuts are well substitutes in natural resources.

2. Iron:

Doctors on first hand gives iron supplements on the first meeting itself. But natural supplements on your own are more preferable. Oranges, eggs, beans, broccoli, potatoes are good food stuff in terms of iron.

3. Fruits:

Nutrients are well found in fruits. And fruits prove to be good in a better way in th time span of pregnancy. Being rich in fluids and water level it helps you keep hydrated and the fiber in the fruits makes your bowel i  fit condition.

4. Fiber:

With high nutritive value, the food rich in fiber, like avocado, spinach, coconut, and beans help your body deal with the bowel issues well, keeping your digestive system cleaned up through the months. Besides, these foods also have a rich content of nutrients that help fight diseases.

5. Vegetables:

Eating does not mean to eat the most you can. Overeating will not make your baby healthier but instead harm him. Over eating may lead to bloating. Eating vegetable instead helps the nutrients preserved.


1. Breathing Exercise:

Lie down and count your breath as you hold each one for 5 seconds. This helps calm down your stress level and uplift your health and spirits.

2. Kegel Exercise:

The kegel exercise help with the relaxation of the body and help building up strength in the pelvic area. During the pregnancy kegel exercise are proved to be the best ones.

3. Twisted Stretch:

A twist stretch can also be a good exercise, lie back on your side and try stretching the hand face the ceiling on the side opposite to the side you are laid. Do it five times with alternate directions. This will help you reduce muscle tension and bring a relief to your sore back and pelvis. Stretching during pregnancy also gives you the flexibility and strength in your legs.

4. Walking:

The best exercise though is the walking in regular daily workout. A little walk will make your body flexible, mood a great change and an outer atmosphere for your mind.

5. Belly Expansion:

For this exercise, sit and cross your legs. Give a support to your back and your belly with the help of your hands for pain relief. Make a regular practice of inhaling with your nose and keep expanding your belly. Do this for five times.

Sex During Pregnancy In 8th Month Of Pregnancy:

With your baby on the way any moment, sex isn’t really your best option. Neither is it very safe to indulge in. Since you will have mood swings, you might want to engage in sexual activities, but keep thinking of other things to divert your mind, like shopping for your little one, or resting to take your mind off.

Tips To Overcome Stress During 8th Month Pregnancy:

  1. Regular exercise and yoga helps you improvise your mood lifts and body aches at regular stages.
  2. Decide the name of your child from this month, since it is almost time now.
  3. Shop for your baby ahead in time if you know his sex.
  4. Clear the air with everyone around, so that nothing insignificant bothers you.
  5. Make the needed preparations for the time of birth and make it sure with the last minute needs to overcome the needs at that time. This also means that where the bith will be , at home or at hospital.

Medical Treatments and Checkup:

There are health issues and checkups to keep in mind, but since it’s the 8th month, it can be safely assumed you have those tricks readied up your sleeve. Regular blood tests make your body checkups be clear for you and ultrasounds are also god at this stage. A few medicines to keep by your bedside are:

  1. For Heartburn you can opt for Antacids and Famotidine.
  2. For Aches and pains you can go for Acetaminophen. Steer clear of Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  3. For Allergy you can choose Antihistamines and Ioratidine. Avoid Pseudophedrine and Decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  4. For Cough it’s good to have Dextromethorphan and Guaifenesin.
  5. For Constipation the best option is Metamucil and Colace. Avoid laxatives and mineral oil.

Tips And Precautions:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated, even if it means more trips to the bathroom. Try liquid content of the fruits instead, but make sure you never suffer from dehydration, as that can harm your health and hence your little ones.
  2. You are now in the 8th month of Pregnancy. Your baby can be harmed by the harmful UV rays. To get rid of sun rays make sure you are wrapped with the sun scream and an umbrella with you.
  3. Let your body get rest at regular intervals and let your dinner be before two hours of getting into bed.
  4. Let your body be in shape , so that your baby be in a good position.
  5. Avoid junk food and unhealthy ones in your diet to stay safe and give birth to a healthy newborn.

Pregnancy is a life changing experience and we hope you can get through this month just as smoothly as the last 7 months.