The 8th wedding anniversary marks another great year in the life of a couple. Try to give something sweet and sexy on this day to mark it and remember it. Traditionally pottery or bronze was used to symbolise 8th wedding anniversary gifts. However, in modern times, people even associate linens or laces with 8 year anniversary. Tourmaline or Tanzanite gems also symbolise this Octane milestone. Confused about what to gift on the 8th Anniversary? Here we are with some 40 brilliant gifting ideas that will make a wonderful and memorable 8thanniversary present.

Best 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts And Ideas For Him and Her With Images:

Let’s find here with mentioned 40 best 8th wedding anniversary gifts to surprise him and her.

A) 8th Anniversary Gifts for Him:

1. Bronze Cufflinks:

These beautiful bronze cufflinks will make a perfect Anniversary gift for someone who loves wearing suits. Gift your hubby with these beautiful bronze cufflinks, which will remind him of the memorable years you have spent together.

2. Bronze Ring:

Give your better half a bronze ring in the fond memory of 8 years of togetherness. This bronze ring is simple yet significant and will emphasise 8 years of togetherness.

3. Bronze Keychain:

This simple yet elegant bronze keychain will be a perfect bronze gift for the 8th Anniversary. Yes, you have spent 2922 days together, and this keychain will mark that memorable journey in the most simple yet significant way.

4. Bronze Belt Buckle:

The bronze belt buckle will always remind him of completing 8 years of marital bliss. It might look like a regular belt, but the bronze buckle in it is exemplary.

5. Bronze Bookends:

Is your husband fond of reading books? Then what could be a better gift for him than these beautiful bronze bookends?

B) 8th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her:

6. Bronze Tibetan Singing Bowl:

Is your wife fond of music? Then this Tibetan singing bowl made up of bronze is a perfect gift for her.

7. Bronze Phone Case:

In today’s world, the mobile phone is a person’s best friend and is always close to him. Gift your better half a bronze phone case according to her mobile phone, which will remind her of your 8 years of love.

8. Bronze Keys:

Gifting bronze keys custom-made for her cupboard can be an interesting and unique gift for the 8th wedding Anniversary.

9. Bronze Foot Massager:

The foot is the one thing that pains a lot of a woman after completing the day’s chores. Gifting a bronze foot massager is a unique way of showing that you care.

10. Bronze Norse Pendant:

This beautiful bronze Norse pendant will make a perfect gift for your loved one on the 8th year of the Wedding Anniversary.

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C) 8th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Them:

11. Bronze Salt and Pepper Shakers:

This beautiful salt and pepper shaker made up of bronze will make a perfect wedding anniversary gift for those who love to decorate their house with something remarkable.

12. Bronze Sunglasses:

Gift them these beautiful bronze sunglasses to make their 8th wedding anniversary memorable. The bronze frame is really unique and will always keep the person reminded of the special occasion.

13. Bronze Teapot:

Gift the beautiful couple this bronze teapot as a memory for their anniversary gift for 8 years of marriage. Every time they see this teapot, they will be reminded of the beautiful memories they have associated with it.

14. Bronze Wall Clock:

Looking for 8th Anniversary gift ideas? This bronze wall clock can make a memorable gift for the one celebrating 8 years of marital bliss.

15. Bronze Lamp:

This beautiful bronze lamp can be a perfect gift for someone who is celebrating their 8th wedding Anniversary. Besides lighting the room, these elegant lamps will remind the people of the time they have spent together and its significance.

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D) Husband and Wife Gift Ideas for 8th Anniversary:

16. Bronze Family Sculpture:

This beautiful family sculpture made of bronze is a beautiful gift to mark the 8thwedding Anniversary. This artefact can beautify a space in your home as well as give a fond memory of the beautiful feet achieved in your relationship.

17. Bronze Wind Chimes:

These bronze wind chimes will bring good luck to the couple celebrating their 8th Anniversary.

18. Bronze Mailbox:

The beautifully designed bronze mailbox will make a unique 8th Wedding Anniversary gift.

19. Bronze Desk Organiser:

The bronze desk organiser is a very useful and unique anniversary gift

20. Bronze Pocket Watch:

This antique bronze pocket watch will make a perfect 8Th wedding anniversary gift for someone who loves to collect antiques.

21. Bronze Money Clip:

This bronze money clip is a very useful and unique gift for the 8th Anniversary.

The 8th wedding anniversary marks another great year in the life of a couple. Try to give something sweet and sexy on this day to mark it and remember it.

22. Solid Bronze Key Ring:

This solid bronze 8th wedding anniversary key ring is a lovely gift to give your spouse. The bronze keyring has the month of your anniversary engraved on it. The date will be circled to show you the date of marriage. This one you need to customize as per your choice.

23. Heart Charm:

Here you have a personalized heart charm that is made of bronze. The little heart can be printed with words that you choose. This gift represents your love towards your dear, it helps to make emotional caring touch on this 8th wedding anniversary day. This makes a wonderful 8th anniversary gift for your spouse to keep.

24. Bronze Watch for Him:

Make him feel special with the bronze watch that looks stunning. The 8th anniversary gift is useful and can be worn on special occasions too. You can even engrave little words on the back of the watch. This gift will be suitable and it looks very pretty for any outfit which your husband will wear on the anniversary day.

25. Wedding Tree Gift:

Here is a personalized wedding tree gift made of bronze. The tree has two little love birds and beautiful lines printed at the bottom. This is a good 8th wedding anniversary gift to give your spouse. It makes a wonderful keepsake. You can personalize quotes as per your feelings.

26. Bronze Bracelet:

This stunningly beautiful bronze bracelet is made especially for an 8th anniversary gift idea. The bracelet is broad and engraved with lines from a poem. Make this special by engraving some lines from the vows of your marriage. This looks pretty and it catches the attention of your friends or relatives on the evening of the 8th wedding anniversary day.

27. Wallet Cards:

Make your spouse this cool wallet card bronze to keep in his wallet. These 8th wedding anniversary gifts for him are just special as you can engrave any words you like. Try to add romantic lines that can make him feel loved and adored. This is a good and simple gift for your dear.

28. Custom Mugs:

These custom mugs are a great way to say happy anniversary. Make the 8th anniversary gift ideas for him special by having a special mug customized. Add in some wording and your names at the bottom too. Decorate the mug with simple patterns as well. This white colored mug will be a nice choice always.

29. 8 Rings Pendant:

This is a cool and elegant gift to give your wife. The 8 rings pendant symbolizes the 8 years of marriage and so it is a lovely 8th year anniversary gift. The rings are intertwined with each other to give a sexy look. It looks catchier and gives more shine, too. Get this gift for your loved one.

30. Salted Caramels:

A decadent gift for your anniversary would be luscious salted caramels made from artisan chocolates. These chocolate caramels are placed in a sophisticated box and wrapped up. These are the ideal 8th anniversary gifts for her.

The 8th anniversary gift ideas for her and him can be based on bronze or pottery, or even linen. You can choose from these cool gifts that are listed above.

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Traditional, Bronze, Pottery and Card Gift Ideas for 8th Wedding Anniversary:

The following are the other traditional and modern ideas for 8th wedding Anniversary gifts:

31. A bronze photo frame with the photograph of the couple.

32. Lace gloves or lace lingerie for your beautiful wife

33. Soft and cuddly linen blanket

34. Tourmaline ring

35. Tanzanite Jewellery

36. Bronze artefacts

37. Lace table runner

38. A card symbolising the 8th wedding anniversary

39. Pottery items such as vases (make it yourself if possible as it will have a different impact)

40. Bronze sculptures

How to celebrate the 8th Wedding Anniversary:

  • The 8th wedding anniversary is a brilliant milestone in married life. You can celebrate it by working together or making something together. For example, pottery symbolises the 8th Wedding Anniversary. Both of you can go to a pottery class together and learn to make something creative.
  • As it is your 8th wedding Anniversary, you can play an 8-ball pool.
  • Go for a beautiful candlelight dinner with a unique 8-course menu to celebrate the 8th Anniversary.
  • Cover the gift (which should probably be something bronze, lace, tourmaline, or pottery that symbolises the 8th Anniversary) in bronze-coloured paper or place it in a bronze box.

Things to do for the 8th wedding Anniversary:

The following is what you can do for your 8th wedding Anniversary to make it very special.

  • Start your day early. The night before, prepare some luscious breakfast, including pastries and fruits and enjoy it together, enjoying the beautiful sunrise.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to spend the morning together in bed, relaxing and chatting with each other.
  • Turn your home into a massage parlour giving each other a nice massage and enjoying a romantic bath together. Your room is the ideal place to do so. Light some candles and play light music to raise the mood.
  • Make out. It might sound silly but pamper your partner by reliving those early days of romance.
  • Enjoy a candlelight dinner in your favourite restaurant.

The 8th wedding anniversary is indeed special, and makes it more memorable by doing and gifting something unique. In eight years, I am sure you know each other in and out and are very well aware of each other’s likes and dislikes. Make the most by doing all your partner’s likes and keeping his dislikes at bay. Try not to spoil the beautiful day by engaging in unworthy arguments.


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