A rangoli is the most beautiful design that will be seen outside a home. This entrance decoration is the first thing a guest will notice when they come to visit. It is mainly to please the gods that a rangoli is created. The rangoli can be done on a daily basis or for festive occasions. The rangoli that uses a 9*9 square is very intricate and becomes very beautiful.

Best 9 Dots Rangoli/Pulli Kolam Designs With Images:

Let’s find here with compiled list of top 5 best 9 dots Rangoli or 9 dots kolam designs.

1. Easy 9 Dots Rangoli:

If you are a beginner, then you should try this easy step by step 9 dots rangoli. The steps shown in this video are just right for beginners and new learners. If you follow the steps, you will be able to do all kinds of 9 dots kolam. Make intricate designs once you are sure of yourself. The steps make the rangoli into flowers and leaves and other geometric designs as well. You can add colourful powder to the rangoli to give it a nice touch.

2. Geometric Rangoli:

One of the many types of rangoli is the geometric designs. This kolam with 9 dots is one of the easiest but the prettiest. You can find the instructions on how to make this rangoli on the site. This rangoli uses a 9*9 square to make square and triangle patterns. Use colours like blue, purple, green, black, white, etc to create an intricate design. You will find these at the entrance of many homes.

3. Deepam Design Rangoli:

One of the sikku kolam with 9 dots is a deepam design that makes diya shaped figures by joining the dots. This 9 dots rangoli design is very popular with the ladies. They make this for their daily decorations outside the house. This is a simple design that can be done quickly. The dots of the 9 square are joined with curved and straight lines to form the diya shapes. Some circles at the centers of the design are created big to make this quite attractive. You can look at the designs in the net and create your own stunning rangolis.

4. Festival Special Rangoli:

For special occasions like Diwali and other festivals, women decorate their house with special rangolis. This rangoli is special because it is decorated and coloured with bright colours and patterns. The festival rangolis take a bit of time and can be accentuated with lit diyas. The 9 dots muggulu and the 9 pulli kollam are all types of festival rangolis. You will find the designs for the 9 chukkala muggulu too on the net. Go through the instructions and then choose the colours you would like to put into the rangoli. The colours should be bright and the rangoli can have a border of white powder.

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5. Continuous Rangoli:

One of the interesting forms of rangoli is the 9 pulli sikku kolam. This design is a continuous one where you start and stop at the same place. You have to circumvent the dots here so that the dots also are seen in the final design. This design is not usually filled with other colours. It is only with white powder. This can also be done in a 9 to 5 dots rangoli. You can try out the simple designs first and then go on to make intricate ones.

The 9 dots rangoli is a very popular choice when it comes to making large decorative rangolis. This creates a big space to make tiny and intricate designs. The 9 dots kollam and muggulu are all types of the rangoli. You can create these for daily use and also for festivals.


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