The journey from your month 1 to month 9 wouldn’t always have been easy. Of course, it would also be filled with memories, but, for the most part, you would have been living under some strict borders. However, at the ninth month of pregnancy, these experiences wouldn’t be new to you. Your body would have well adjusted to everything you may be facing now. Nevertheless, there are some things you need to keep in mind in your 9 months pregnant period. We’ll outline them all in this article. t first, just after the amalgamation, the baby is formed in the term called a blastocyst.

This blastocyst is a small fertilized egg looking for a place in the uterine walls to attach itself. Blastocyst is termed to a five day old fertilized egg who through implantation method, plants itself to the placenta of the uterine wall and the process grows. He then turns into an embryo but at this time he is still in his awkward being without a proper human shape. It is only when the second month rolls in does he form the fetus.

What To Think About This 9th Month Of Pregnancy:

With the rush to select the perfect baby name becoming more and more important, the need to actually let your little one see the light of the world now grows more frantic. He is being impatient and you are gearing up yourself. As your body leaves subtle signs and hints down the way, the last month of pregnancy sure is going to be a memorable one for you. It is not always the difficult times that a person remembers but the sweetest moments of the lot. Like the time when the baby kicked for the first time will be etched on her heart more than the time she had to deal with the frequent urination’s.

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How Many Weeks is 9 Months Pregnant?

At 9 months pregnant, you are in the 36th week of pregnancy. This means, you are only 4 weeks away from your delivery.

9month Pregnancy Guide: Baby Growth

By the end of this month, the baby would have positioned itself upside down, preparing itself for the delivery. It can hear your voice, respond to you and is ready to cry out once he’s out. Here are the final changes that the ultrasound will pick up earlier this month.

1. Amniotic Fluid Change:

Since it is almost the time one can very well imagine the baby inside now all ready and set to push his way out. But before that there are certain things that need to be taken care of for example the perfecting of the baby’s skin. When he was formed he was just an alien shape inside a fluid filled bag inside the uterus. This fluid is called amniotic fluid which is there to protect the skin. With the formation of the skin which is now new and extremely sensitive, a need to separate it from the fluid arises. This is why once the skin is formed a cheese like white wax substance covers the skin and its surroundings. There is a sudden lowering of the amniotic fluid on a whole.

2. Skin:

At the early time the skin is soft and colorless due to lack of pigments. Now during the last month of the final straw, the substance, vernix caseosa in medical terms, is shedding away and this is why the once clear amniotic fluid is now thick and milky in complexion.

3. Baby in Position:

Your little one now has assumed his warrior pose which he will use in a few days time to push himself out of the uterus of the mother. This position is now self inflicted by him turning upside down and edging more towards the pelvic region restless to leave. This position includes him bending his knees pulling them close to his chest and his arms on top ready to break through.

4. Sleeping Away:

By now your baby must have come up with a lot different patterns of sleeping. He now has his favorite sleeping style where he can even snore a bit. In an ultrasound you can catch him in his favorite position. The yawning and hiccupping as a reflex action has now developed and completed which is why he can now even survive outside the uterus.

5. Skin Care:

With the last month rolling in, the baby now has more of fat underneath the once skeletal structure. He gets more and more plump with every passing moment and the soft languors in his body has now been shaded. The hair in his scalp has now got its due pigments too. The once saggy skin is now getting fulfilled.

6. Body:

At this point, your little one’s body starts to begin the development of antibodies, which help protect him from his prone illnesses. The weight gain has now slowed down, and this is mostly because his body his now strong enough. The arms and muscles are now strong and his head starts his progression down to your pelvic region. However, since your cervix isn’t dilated enough, this process takes time to trigger contractions. The bones on your kid’s body are developed, although they are not strong enough to hurt your internal organs when he is coming out.

9 Months Pregnant Symptoms: How to Over Come Them?

The mother as usual goes through some changes in 9th month of pregnancy. The following are the things that happen.

A. Frequent Contractions:

The contractions now are growing in number and frequency. These contractions are called Braxton Hicks contractions where the contractions are felt as the body’s way of telling you to be ready. These are painless but bothering accompanied by muscle tightening in the lower abdominal area. Usually it starts in the middle of the month and contraction ranges from 30 seconds to around a minute. Well, it is not the reason for one to worry because it is just your body’s mechanism which is preparing you for the incoming next situation. If however, apart from contractions you feel a lot of pain then immediately consult your doctor and get the checkup done for complications.

B. Colostrums:

The colostrums have increased in number now, as in, what used to be once a month deal now happens in a regular interval where this month most of the days you will find yourself waking up to a wet you. This is a secretion by your body, from your breasts which his sweet in taste and is supposed to be the baby’s first milk. Nothing is to be worried about the breasts leaking, only you have to check your situation that it does not get embarrassing in out. Padded bras should be worn to avoid this situation before leaving home.

If you find your bra bloodstained then immediately report to the doctor. Saggy breast and stretch marks is a problem during these days and you can overcome it by wearing a loose fitting bra and try to massage the belly region with olive oil and vitamin E supplements whenever free as they are well known to prevent the skin from stretching and provides long time remedy.

C. Fatigue And Sleepless Nights:

Here’s a weird combination where you might feel fatigued during the day but when you try to sleep at night you feel bombarded with worries. As a result, this weird combination is created. Without feeling tired still you will find yourself needing rest every time and you well get mentally tired as well because of your emotions and brain. These issues can be overcome by taking good care of your health and follow instructions given by your family members who have already faced these situations before you. Also, you need to relax whenever possible.

D. Varicose Veins:

At this stage there is an increase in the volume of blood and the hormone levels are elevated as well. This can often lead to a swelling up of the veins, making their bluish red color more prominent. This is a generic definition of varicose veins. They are usually not painful and mostly genetic. Varicose veins last a long time and it gets worse after each pregnancy. Spider veins and varicose veins are not to be confused, despite their similar symptoms. There is no permanent solution to overcome varicose veins, however, avoiding a long stretch of sitting in the same position or standing up for long hours, it should help a lot.

Light exercising should also be the way to go. Compression socks and cold bags are some other solutions to provide temporary relief. The best way to avoid the formation of these veins is to sleep sideways when possible and allow the blood flow to remain normal. You need to consult your doctor if none of the above solutions seem effective.

E. Water Breaking:

This is the most important risk that you are facing at this stage and your water breaking in the middle of nowhere or even worse at a public place. Most women usually have timing for their water breaking and this often happens to be decided by the doctor to be artificially done. Barely 15% of women break their water before the start of contractions. To overcome this situation, stay at home and avoid strenuous activities. Avoid bending and positions that put your pregnancy in risk.

9 Months Pregnant Activities:

Most of this 9th month of pregnancy first half will be spent waiting for your baby to arrive. The other half of it will be spent trying to rush into the doctor’s clinics and prepare for the birth. You can obviously be early or late, but either way, you can expect hassle and worry. And pain- well a lot of it.

9 Month Pregnancy Care:

  • Signs of labor: Find out and understand real labor and false contractions. Your signs of labor will include bleeding from vagina and water break. 9 month pregnancy pain is common and you need to thoroughly understand this feeling.
  • Breastfeeding: it is now to learn the basics of breast feeding. You need to familiarize yourselves with it.
  • Baby proof: Baby proof your home. Once the baby comes, it might be difficult to do anything later. Primarily, begin by covering the sharp edges of your furniture or any other apparatus.

9 Months Pregnancy Care: Diet and Exercise

Below are the diet and exercises during 9 month pregnancy.


1. Vitamin A:

Food like spinach, carrots and sweet potato should be added in your diet since they keep your eyesight in check. Well in advance, the vegetables help in the development of your child’s retina and cornea.

2. Folate-Rich Foods:

As iron is a must and surely your doctor must have given you with its supplements, but you still you can change your diet without worrying. Folate rich foods avoids any defect to the baby till nine months so you can add oranges, broccoli, eggs, beans and potatoes in your diet.

3. Vitamin C:

For the ninth month, you ought to give yourself every fruit and vegetable your body needs to stay healthy. An important nutrient that needs to be added for the same in the list is fruits like oranges, lemon and vegetables like broccoli.

4. Calcium:

Calcium is a crucial product for your child’s development. It is a rich source for the development of bone. Therefore it is a mega food prescribed by doctors since the time you visited them. Products like yogurt, cheese and cream are rich in calcium and should be consumed only twice a week and not more than. Other vegetables like sesame seeds, oatmeal are to be taken more often.

5. Meat:

Most lean meats are safe to be consumed during pregnancy, although white meat like chicken should be indulged in more. Baby health comes first priority than your taste, so avoid Seafood and pork as they can be fatal to the baby. Meat keeps your baby’s weight healthy and prevents underweight birth.

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The exercise regime for the 9th month should be the same as the first month. Most of it should be basic and you should not move or bend too much.

1. Sleeping:

By the 9 month, you will find difficulty sleeping and finding the right position to rest. The tossing and turning in bed will keep your engaged and sweaty.

2. Walking:

Walking is the best exercise for all months of pregnancy can you can be completely dependable on it. Stay active by walking in your home which will be beneficial for you.

3. Kegel Exercises:

Yes, you might be nearing your delivery date, but doing these exercises through the months and this month as well will help keep your pelvic muscles flexed out and better in shape during the time your contractions ring a bell.

4. Prenatal Yoga:

Yoga is the best exercise for all but during pregnancy it is still safe to do as it enhance your body’s elasticity and endurance Strength, thus allowing you a better mind and physical strength during your delivery time.

5. Swimming:

You can easily choose swimming as your weight loss regime and maintain an even weight gain. Swimming is an easy exercise and makes sure your joints aren’t put to test given your already weak health.

Sex During Pregnancy In 9th Month Of Pregnancy:

If you feel like you are ready to deliver your baby, sex might be your knight in shining armor, since it can often trigger contractions as is known. However, hefty positions should be avoided as it might trouble. A little intimacy is good as long as you know and understand the risks of contraction and delivery. You don’t have worry about your child, his sack is there which will keep him safe.

9 Months Pregnant Belly and Baby:

At this point, the baby will drop down further into the pelvis. Until he/she actually comes out, it will only keep adding on to its weight, accumulating fat around the elbows, knees and its shoulders. Nine months pregnant baby position is usually head down. Sometimes the baby may also be in the breach position with the feet up. The doctor will attempt to reverse or like in most cases, a caesarean will be chosen.

9th month pregnancy scan will show you that your baby is about the size of small watermelon. 9 month pregnancy baby weight is about 3.3kg and 50.7cm in height. The baby’s lungs will be fully developed and he/she is probably even ready to breathe.

Your belly will be very big, making your sleep very difficult. You may not be able to find a comfortable position because of the pressure on your belly. However, when the baby drops down, it will take off the pressure from your lungs, making breathing a bit more easier for you.

Tiredness and impatience will be the most common problem of all.

Tips To Overcome Stress During 9th Month Pregnancy:

  • Keep your hospital bag packed, since it can be anytime now that the baby bells start to ring. This will be of such a great help in escaping the last minute worries.
  • Your emotional ride is going to get crazier. The right idea to keep your stress away is have a positive mindset about everything around you.
  • Warm baths and light music take your sleep sessions a long way, and nothing reduces your stress more than sleep.
  • Don’t let your first child feel left out through the whole thing, since his sadness can be a reason for your stress later.
  • Your body will change a lot in this phase to keep your pregnancy going smooth, keep your documents and checkup records around, so you don’t stress about it later.

Medical Treatments And Checkup:

The medical checkups will have perfect routine and you must have been doing them since the last six months now and you would have been use to to the procedures. Now only some checkups are left which might be done to determine the position or deformities of the baby. Most of your symptoms will vanish on their own without treatment, however a few of the most common ones need medicines that will not interact with your pregnancy or harm to your baby. Some of these medicines are:

1. Fever: Paracetamol or Acyclovir. Consulting your doctor would be a smart move.

2. Heartburn: Antacids.

3. Constipation: Do avoid Laxatives and Mineral Oil. You can take drugs like Metamucil.

4. Cough: Dextromethorphan.

9th Month Pregnancy Tips:

Here are some 9 months pregnant precautions and tips for you to know.

  • Suddenly sitting or standing or changing your position at this stage might lead to a drop in the blood pressure and cut off blood supplies. Do that slowly.
  • Drink more water and sleep more than usual, to give your body the rest it needs, because soon enough, things will go south. Staying hydrated is very important.
  • Alcohol, smoking and drugs should strictly stay away from your diet chart.
  • Do not indulge in carrying any heavy objects. This can be very harmful for the baby.
  • Do remember to cut off the unhealthy food off your diet chart. That includes wine and carbohydrates as well.
  • Your water might break. So keep your phone and a disinfected cloth around at all times.
  • Consult your doctor before you decide to take any tablets or medicines on your own.

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Sleeping Position for 9 Months Pregnant Woman:

The sleeping position for your body at this time will be on the left side. While we understand that it can be very difficult to sleep on any side, it is very healthy to adjust yourselves to the left side. This will ensure that the baby gets enough nutrient supply and your body gets good blood supply.

Pregnancy now is doing the end rounds for you and you are probably there. In possibly another two weeks, you will see the little one of your life. Prepare yourselves and most all do not get anxious. The best way to cut down on this would be to understand your body and the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How Safe is It to Travel at 8 Months Pregnant?

Ans: We don’t advice travelling. At 9 months pregnant, you will be expected to take a lot of rest and be ever ready for labor. In the off chance, a labor induces when you are travelling and you cannot do anything about it, it can be very risky and fatal.

Q2. Is It Okay to Have Sex at 9 Months Pregnant?

Ans: Yes, but this have to be with a lot of caution. You should not exercise any pressure on the abdomen or body in general.

Q3. When Should You Consult a Doctor?

Ans: If you experience vaginal bleeding or if your water breaks, it is important to rush to your doctor. Also, understand the contractions to understand if you are in labor already.

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