As per the traditional list of items for anniversaries, the 9th anniversary is celebrated by gifting pottery items or willow items. The modern trend is to gift leather gifts.

Best 9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him and Her With Images:

Let’s find here with mentioned 9th wedding anniversary images which will give the clear cut ideas to select gifts for him and her.

1. Anniversary Plate:

This lovely hand painted personalized plate is the best gift to give your spouse on the 9th wedding anniversary. The pottery item is perfect as the traditional gift. This gift looks funny but it has a more meaning because it shows your love story is young too. You can customize the gift and add the names of the couple to it as well.

2. Willow Rings:

These simple yet elegant willow tree rings are another wonderful 9th anniversary gift. You can get the rings plain and simple or you can engrave the names on it. Simple decoration on the rings also looks very elegant. This is simplest way to express your words with meaning, when you present your dear one that time you will get really good comments for this choice.

3. Personalized Mugs:

Here is a great 9th anniversary gift that you can give your spouse. The customized mug has the print of the 9th anniversary on it. The colors on the mug can be multicolor or a single shade of your spouse’s favorite color. This mug is really perfect choice because when you pass your wedding year then you can make a collection of each year mug gift.

4. Chocolates for Anniversary:

A cool and sweet item for the 9th wedding anniversary gift for her is chocolates. Without chocolates you can’t celebrate your wedding anniversary day. Try out amazing flavors and fillings in dark chocolate or milk chocolate. The chocolates can be decorated with the words ‘happy 9th years’ too.

5. Ceramic Ornament:

Since pottery is the theme for the 9th anniversary gifts for him, this lovely ceramic ornament is just right. Make this yourself and stamp it with romantic words or just the names of the couple. This can be in white or painted any shade you like. You can make stylish look on this ornament as per your choice too.

6. Ceramic Measuring Jars:

These are cute ceramic measuring jars that you can give as the 9 year anniversary gift to your wife. A wife who loves to cook and entertain will certainly love this useful and sentimental piece. The jar is decorated with a modern touch. She will surely give you good review on this selection of gift; get this gift for your wife.

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7. Pottery Dispenser:

These are the wonderful 9th anniversary gift ideas for him and his bar. This cool decorated dispenser made in clay is painted white. The dispenser can hold alcohol or beer and can be kept in the bar.

8. Vase with Flowers:

Make the 9th anniversary gifts for her memorable by gifting this pottery vase that is customized. Print on it the picture of your wedding day. You can also add in a bouquet of flowers to seal the deal. The flowers along with the vase are truly a beautiful present to give your wife.

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9. Personalized Pen:

Gift this gorgeous pen that is personalized specially for your spouse who loves to write. The pen case can be wrapped in ribbon. You can add in a little note on the outside that shows your love for your spouse.

9th wedding anniversary gifts are precious and can be personalized and customized accordingly. Try out these options of gifting items for your anniversary.

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