A-line bob Haircuts can of various nature be it bobs or fringes or even pompadour. Different types of a-line bob haircuts exist for men and women so that they can all enjoy getting a new particular haircut. It’s very much exciting to get a new haircut to feast your eyes into. We’ve covered all these best looking a-line bob haircuts all for you. Check them out.

Best A-Line Bob Haircuts for Women and Men:

Here is the list of the top 9 a-line bob haircuts for men and women in 2018. If you wanna different haircuts of the others, to try these haircuts.

1. Sleek Long Bob with Curves & Side-Swept Bang:

If you want a line bob along with a nice looking a line haircut too as well, get this style. Here the sides of the head are surrounded by long bobs which are curvy and they reach to the bottom of your face. There is also side swept type bang covering both sides of your face. This hair really looks very stylish and gorgeous.

2. Short Volumized Bob with Graduated Fringes:

If you’re looking for a line bob haircut, then this will be your best option. This short bob will always look great and it can stylize with various fringes and also increasing its volume. This cut definitely looks much more elegant for those who are smart and working. Indeed, one of the best haircuts, if you have to love for a line hairstyles.

3. Bob with Soft Fringes and Outward Curls:

This long a line bob features some very good designs, to be honest. This bob is very relaxed with two long type fringes hanging from the top of the head on the forehead, along with almost very long bangs which are two in number on each side of the face. This hairstyle truly makes them look more fuller.

4. Wavy Side Ponytail With Side Bang:

If you’re interested in getting long a line haircut, you can try out this option as well. This haircut features a ponytail that looks marvelous, along with a one-sided bang. The low ponytail runs through one side of the face, while the other side contains the bangs. The haircut looks very professional and stylish, and the curves add a lot of pop to the cut.

5. Short Boyish Bob with Messy Front Fringes:

If you’re after a short a line bob, then look no further. This type of haircut has a lot of boyish type look attached to it, with various layers of hair, and the ends are slightly curved. The front looks a little bit messy due to the presence of all the fringes, and thus this whole look gives out a lot more elegance and trendy look.

6. Simple and Elegant Twisted Top Knot:

This is a very nice looking short a line haircut. This style is very neat and clean in terms of its presentation. The top of them along with the best hair on the head is taken together and tied like a twisted top knot on top of the head. This cut brings back the style and elegant feel to one’s haircut. The style also gives a certain bit of freshness and professional look to it.

7. Smart Short Bob with Long Side-Swept Bang:

If you want to try out a line bobs type haircut, then this might make you happy. This haircut makes you look super smart with that small bob, as well the side swept bang that goes along perfectly nice with the rest of the haircut. With this haircut, you will always remain cute and chic looking.

8. Wavy Layered Bob with Curly Side Bang:

If you need a line bob with bangs, this will be your best bet. This haircut perfectly produces waves of hairs in layers that look brilliant. The layered bob along with the curly type side bang looks definitely much more appealing and trendy. This look is absolutely lovely for professional women.

9. Pompadour Line Up Haircut:

This is fantastic looking men’s hairstyles with line type haircut. The sides are faded either low, medium, high or skin faded, along with the top hair creating a line-up and thus styled into a pompadour type look. The hair is combed and swept towards the back of the head, while the front part of the hair remains in upward position. Definitely a very clean and neat look, and also looks great with beards.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find something you’re looking for exactly. With so many options and choices in today’s world in terms of different types of haircuts, one can get easily confused. That’s why we have created this list of the best ones you can get so that you don’t have to do it yourselves.


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