Parents play an essential role in modelling the nature and future of a child. Many children want to represent their love for their parents beautifully and permanently. The Marathi word for mother is Aai, a popular inspiration for tattoo design. This article presents an impressive list of Aai tattoo designs that look exceptional on anyone, irrespective of gender and age. Read on to know more!

15 Beautiful Aai Tattoo Designs:

As mentioned above, the Marathi word for mother is Aai. The simple word is enough to describe tons of emotions. You can add additional elements to the design, giving it a personal touch.

1. Bold Aai Tattoo:

This design is a terrific option if you are looking for a tattoo that depicts love for your mother in Marathi. The bold lines for the letters make the pattern stand out wherever you get it engraved. The addition of a little red circle celebrates change and symbolizes hope during uncertain events. It also adds uniqueness to this simple tattoo.

2. Simple Aai Tattoo On Hand:

This is a perfect example of a simple aai tattoo that expresses many emotions in a simple phrase. The Hindi letters might look pretty straightforward, but the depth and meaning it carries make a world of difference. Depending on the tattoo’s placement, you can make variations in size. You can also add patterns or elements to add a personal touch to the design.

3. Detailed Aai Baba Tattoo Design:

This aai and baba tattoo is a perfect tattoo design option for people who want to depict love for their parents in a tattoo form. If you observe closely, the words aai are done in thin lines, and baba are done in bold lines making it more apparent. Another feature that stands out in this design is the addition of flowers near the female word and a moustache near the male word.

4. Gorgeous Aai Name Tattoo:

This is yet another Aai tattoo design with unique font and bold lines that stand out among other simple patterns. The arm area is perfect for getting this tattoo engraved, where you can show it off with style. Though the tattoo looks good in black ink, you can experiment with colors to add a unique touch to the otherwise simple tattoo.

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5. Aai Baba Tattoo In Marathi:

This Marathi tattoo of aai baba has beautiful colours splashing across the tattoo, bringing the entire design to life. Though the words look pretty simple, adding a splash of red across the whole tattoo makes it look unique. Depending on your taste, you can either go with the red colour or experiment with other colors of your choice.

6. Slender Aai Baba Tattoo With Birds:

This aai baba tattoo is engraved in thin lines, and the addition of three cute little birds adds to the design’s beauty. You can go for thick or thin lines depending on your choice. At the same time, the flying birds symbolize family value, ease, and optimism, which are usually associated with family and parents. The combination of these two elements is commonly found in many tattoo designs.

7. Aai Baba Tattoo With A Heartbeat:

This is another aai baba tattoo that is pretty simple in font. Still, the speciality of the design comes with two heartbeats on each side. The heartbeats usually symbolize one’s ability to keep moving forward when everything in the world is holding one back. Or it can also be construed as a symbol of passion, love, endurance, strength, and power.

8. Colorful Aai Marathi Tattoo:

Unlike all the previous tattoo designs, this Aai tattoo stands out because of its bright colours instead of only black. The Hindi word Aai is engraved in a color combination of red and black. Another unique feature of this tattoo design is adding a mother and baby picture at the end of the letters. The wearer has left the image empty, but you can experiment with colours.

9. Aai Baba Tattoo On The Hand:

This is another aai baba tattoo similar to many previous tattoos except for the tattoo placement. The font and size vary because the tattoo is engraved on the palm’s upper side of the wearer. You can select the place to get the tattoo etched according to your preference and ability to endure pain.

10. Aai Baba Tattoo With Ganesha:

Suppose you are looking for an extensive pattern for your aai Baba tattoo design. In that case, this one can be an excellent option. The words aai are written on either side of the picture of Ganesh’s face. In contrast, the phrase baba is written under the Ganesh picture. These types of tattoos are preferred by spiritual people, irrespective of gender.

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11. Attractive Aai Tattoo:

This is yet another aai tattoo with a spiritual touch enhancing its beauty. The words aai are engraved in bold letters in black ink, or you can use other colors per your wish. The addition of a peacock feather on top of the phrase makes it look beautiful. You can either leave the feather in black ink or use colors that depict the natural colours.

12. Aai Tattoo In English With A Heart:

This aai baba tattoo is a unique example of a tattoo design that uses English fonts instead of Hindi or Marathi. You can choose the size of the fons depending on where you want to get them engraved. You can either opt for bold letters or go for thin letters. The unique touch comes from adding a cute little red heart at the end of the phrase.

13. Cute Aai Tattoo On The Arm:

Most of the Aai tattoos mentioned in this article are similar except for using different fonts or the size of the tattoos. The word aai is engraved on the wearer’s wrist in bolder font. The addition of a red circle on top of the phrase aai depicts change and symbolizes hope to the wearer. You can go for black ink for the letters or other colour options if you choose.

14. Aai Heartbeat Tattoo:

This perfect aai tattoo is suitable for fans of extensive designs instead of simple ones. The phrase aai is in black ink, and a red heart is connected with a heartbeat. The heart stands out because it is done in red colour. A cute little bird that symbolises freedom is a unique addition to this simple design. This tattoo design’s combination of multiple colors makes it an excellent option to express your love for your parents.

15. Realistic Aai Tattoo Design:

Suppose you are looking for a realistic tattoo to incorporate your love for your parents. In that case, this design can be an excellent addition. If you look closely, the words are engraved using black and white colors, giving the phrase a 3d effect. The addition of a beautiful sketch work of a mother and baby blends in with the words beautifully.


We all love our parents and look for ways to represent our love. The Aai baba tattoos presented in this article are a beautiful representation of kids’ love for parents, especially attractively. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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