Acai Berry Side Effects

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When anything is taken more than the required dose, it has side effects even if the product is 100 percent natural. The same is valid for all kinds of fruits and vegetables including Acai berry. This is one fruit that is loaded with antioxidants and innumerable benefits but then if taken more than the recommended dose acai berry has side effects on the body too. This makes it all the more important for you to know the right dose of the fruit as well as what it can lead to in case of excess intake.

This list of side effects of Acai berry will broaden your horizons in the right manner. Check them out to know more about this wonderful fruit and the dark side of it.

acai berry side effects

Build up of Toxins:

If you take Acai berry supplements, it can lead to building up of toxins as well as plague in the body. This can lead to a lot of health crises that you might have to face. Some of them include acne appearance on the skin, Candida problems and even fatigue.

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Liver Problems:

Acai berry has an ingredient which is famously known as Echinacea. This is known for causing liver problems in people who take the fruit in excessive amounts. It is recommended that people who already have issues with the liver should stay away from this fruit.

Allergic Reactions:

Too much or Acai berry, acai berry juice and supplements can lead to allergic reaction on the skin surface as well as in the body. This is one of the common side effects that one should be aware of.

Stomach Pains:

Acai berry can cause stomach aches if taken more than the appropriate amounts. One needs to know that is it important to take the right quantity of not only acai berry but any food. If you are having stomach pains after eating acai berry, then reduce the dose.


Acai berry supplements and juice can very well cause headaches in a lot of people. However, there is nothing to worry about until the headaches are severe and intolerable. Headaches are in fact, one of the most prevalent side effects associated with acai berry.

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Weight Loss:

This might be a benefit for a lot of people but for those who are underweight should avoid acai berry juice and its other benefits solely because it will lead to more weight loss and is a side effect in the latter case. It also suppresses appetite which is good for obesity but not for those who are already lean and weak.

Swelling Issues:

Swelling in the mouth, lips, throat and tongue is one of the side effects caused by acai berry. This is in the case of eating acai berries and can also cause wheezing and other respiratory issues. This is again one of the common phenomena seen in a lot of people and this effect is quite a frequent one.

Increase in Blood Pressure:

For those with high blood pressure should not be taking acai berries or any other forms of the fruits as it is known to increase the blood pressure levels. It is one of the most serious side effects of acai berry and an extreme high level of blood pressure can prove to be fatal. Try and stay away if you have imbalance in the pressure.


Excessive amounts of acai berry can cause irritation of the intestinal tract and the colon system. This can lead to problems of diarrhea as one of the side effects. Make sure you have little or no acai berry if it is leaving such results on the body.

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