Nothing is left unscrutinized when it comes to celebrities’ appearances. They are often in the limelight from head to toe. Significantly, the red carpet events give importance to overall looks, and a beautiful slit dress that flaunts celebrity feet with heels is among the most hit look. Did you know there are even rankings given to celebrity feet? Fascinated? Today, let us hear all about the different types of celebrity feet and their beautiful looks. Read along if you are interested in learning which celebrities women have beautiful kinds of feet.

15 Best Looking Celebrity Feet Pics 2023:

Let us go ahead and check out the most gorgeous and stunning types of foot structures our favourite celebrities have. These beauties have been ranked among the top lovely and sexy feet types.

1. Scarlet Johansson:

Scarlett Johansson is popular for her sleek and unique facial features, with a smooth look and structure. Her feet are no exception; she looks extremely elegant and gorgeous with soft and curvy feet. Scarlett wears a shoe size of 9.5 US and is blessed with a long and well-pedicured foot, perfectly suitable for strappy heels and pumps. She is definitely among the top-rated celebrities with beautiful pretty feet.

2. Megan Fox:

The famous American actress and model Megan Fox are among the most beautiful actresses in the industry. Many views that Megan’s feet are one of a kind, with a sleek and curvy look. Her shoe size is 7 US, and many times, Megan Fox’s appearance with slit dress and glitzy embellished heels attracts attention to her glamorous looks.

3. Katy Perry:

We cannot complete the most beautiful celebrity female feet list without the singer, model, and beauty Katy Perry. The globally famous singer is known for their beautiful and sleek feet, with her tattoo on them. Her feet are very lean and curvy and fall under US size 8. In several interviews, Katy Perry agreed that she is addicted to regular pedicure routines and cannot live without neat, trimmed, and scrubbed feet. What do you think of this actress’s beautiful feet? If you are a foot-fetish, you will definitely fall for her feet!

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4. Emma Watson:

Emma Watson received quite a lot of fame and limelight from her first appearance in Harry Potter. There is no looking back on her career, and she is among the well-paid and top British actresses of the century right now. Emma definitely features among the gorgeous celebrities with beautiful feet. Her perfectly curvy feet are eye-catchy and are styled well with designer footwear and heels. In addition, her shoe size is only 7 US. She has small, youthful and pretty feet!

5. Emma Stone:

The Golden Globe and Academy Award winner, Emma Stone, is among the actress who has flawless and slim feet. The famous female celebrity is often spotted wearing high heels and sleek footwear flaunting her spotless toes in the most mesmerizing way. She wears a shoe size of 7.5 US. Emma, in several interviews, agreed that she does love her feet particularly, and focuses on maintaining them quite a bit.

6. Rihanna:

Rihanna is among those contemporary celebrities who know how to flaunt her feet style aptly with gorgeous tattoos and sleek looks. She wears US size nine and is blessed to have a long beautiful, well-polished feel with a smooth and attractive look. Rihanna always prefers to wear attentive footwear designs to focus on her smart and long feet.

7. Kristen Stewart:

The Twilight fame, Kristen Stewart, is also among the top actresses with the most beautiful and mesmerizing feet. The actress has a gorgeous and trimmed look on her toes, with pedicured legs, a well-maintained soft and polished look, and a sleek appearance. Her feet go very well with versatile footwear designs.

8. Selena Gomez:

The lovely and ever-youthful Selena Gomez’s name is also included in the list of celebrities with the most beautiful feet. Her feet have an equal fan following, just like her looks, and they are too hard to resist. The beautifully shaped and sleek feet allow her to wear the most lovely footwear easily, and she often flaunts her public style statement not just with her outfit but also with mesmerizing designs in heels. She wears a US shoe size 7.5.

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9. Mariah Carey:

You will definitely be shocked to hear this! Maria Carey is among the actress and celebrities who insured her legs for over a billion. The fashion world worships her beautifully shaped legs, and it is no fuss to tell that she is among the famous female celebrity with such hype and following for her foot. She wears a shoe size 9.5.

10. Taylor Swift:

Well, we can’t afford to forget the most beautiful singer celebrity, Taylor Swift, on this list. The star is often well-praised for its long sleek legs, and this is no exception when coming to her feet. We can’t take our eyes off those sleek and slim swoony legs and feet perfection. She wears US size 8.5 and flaunts her perfect foot always by styling them with glammed shiny heels.

11. Bella Thorne:

If you observe the celebrity Bella Thorne, she always amazes us with different shades and looks in metallic footwear, flaunting her feet to the maximum style standards. Bella’s sleek and long splendid feet always go well with the curvy and glammed-up fashionable footwear. She wears a standard US size of 7.

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12. Ariana Grande:

Ariana Grande is among those very few celebrities who never fail in flaunting perfect feet with curvy and very long high heels. She can totally pull off pointed heavy heels flawlessly and to perfection. Ariana has a very sharp and sleek long foot and wears US size 6. She looks breathtaking in her embellished heels during many red-carpet events.

13. Miley Cyrus:

Singer and model-actress Miley Cyrus is famous for her beautiful voice, acting talent, and shaped and beautiful feet. She is often spotted experimenting with different feet style statements, different shades of nail paint, and footwear designs. Miley’s well-maintained feet look stunning in high heels.

14. Victoria Justice:

Call us foot fetish, but we can’t take our eyes off Victoria Justice’s feet and toes. The American actress, celebrity, and singer know her style and how to flaunt perfect legs with beautiful feet. Her pedicured, and smooth polished foot always goes well with sleek and heavy pumps and loafers. The curvy look and toes shape are indeed a match to perfection.

15. Mila Kunis:

Mila Kunis, the internationally acclaimed actress, is no exception among those who have sleek and gorgeous feet. Her toes are very sharp and sleek in their looks, and the actress never fails to flaunt her almost perfect feet with different looks and styles. Mila’s fashion-forward looks showcase both the heavy glitzy looks through heels and mesmerize us with simple footwear. She is among the actress celeb with the most gorgeous and best feet.

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We hope you enjoyed exploring these most famous celebrities’ types of feet globally. Let us know your thoughts. Did you ever notice any celebrity feet? Who is your favourite actress with beautiful feet?


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