Most assume round face shapes are difficult to style. However, contrary to the assumption, did you know a round face is also called a ‘baby face’? The reason is that women with round faces are always youthful. This face shape always lends a beautiful and timeless look regardless of age. The round face shape always appears full, and symmetrical in proportion, delivering a cheerful, happy and beautiful appearance.

Today, we have a list of gorgeous actresses and celebrities with round faces. These round face shaped celebrities and stars are the epitome of grace and beauty, and we bet you also will agree with us. So, continue reading to know all about the beauty related to round face females.

What is a Round Face Shape?

Let us first quickly give you an idea of a round face shape exactly. The round face is when all sides look proportional and balanced without sharp edges. This flattering face shape has the sides of the face slightly curvy instead of flat and straight, in addition to the chin area being rounded. As a result, your forehead and chin will have the same width and soft edges.

20 Cute Female Celebrities with Beautiful Round Facial Features:

Here we go, these famous models and celebrity actresses are known for their beautiful features with round face shapes. Let’s check how gorgeous their toned face structure with a circular edge can appear!

1. Chrissy Teigen:

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The American model and actress Chrissy Teigen never fails to look stunning. She is among the best examples if you wonder how beautiful you can look with a round and chubby face shape and structure. Chrissy looks radiant as always and stays relevant with mesmerizing and contemporary looks. Her soft-toned cheekbones look perfectly radiant and captivating. Do you agree with us?

2. Drew Barrymore:

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This American director and actress is among our top favourite celebrities with a round face shape. Drew Barrymore with her equally wide forehead, cheeks and chin, looks ever radiant and magical whenever she appears in public. Her soft, beautiful look is a perfect example of a round face structure. With her elongated round face, she often pairs layers and further, this look accentuates her natural beauty and style.

3. Emma Stone:

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Tell us one person who hasn’t heard of Emma Stone! The beauty looks forever stunning and exquisite and she has a round face shape too! Emma looks breathtaking in all her movies and celebrity appearances. She often pairs straight or wavy tresses with bangs to give an ultimately magical and ultra-contemporary beautiful appearance. She is among the most attractive actresses of this generation. Do you agree?

4. Ginnifer Goodwin:

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Ginnifer Goodwin is another actress with a uniform, soft-toned look with a round face shape. She is an example of how stunning ladies can style themselves in the most elegant, simple and minimal way even with a rounder face structure. Her style often inspires us to keep it less and yet appear stylish in the simplest of ways.

5. Hayden Panettiere:

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Hayden Panettiere has a sharp and long round face shape. Most often, people confuse her face structure as somewhere between round and long or oval face shapes. However, we all agree that she looks exquisite with an equally wide forehead, chin width, and sharper cheeks. Hayden always appears attractive and fashionable with her face shape. Her pretty looks also come from the chubby or cute round cheeks, which often appear fuller.

6. Kate Bosworth:

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If you love elegance and graceful fashion quotients, you can never get over Kate Bosworth’s styles and glam quotient. We love how stunning she can appear every single time. Kate always matches her round face with the even-toned neutral makeup and blonde hair. The loose textured waves match her face shape too.

7. Kelly Osbourne:

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Kelly Osbourne is a big example of a celebrity with a round, chubby, circle face shape. And if you now wonder why you can never look beautiful with this face and features, you are mistaken! Kelly always looks graceful, giving new unique and worldly style statements. Her flattering looks most often come from her short hair length.

8. Kirsten Dunst:

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If your face is just as wide as it is long, you can take inspiration from Kirsten Dunst too. She progressively and actively always experiments with looks and makes her style look unique, authentic and modern. The glamorous and edgy looks on her look ravishing and never fail to impress us. Do you agree?

9. Michelle Williams:

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This diva always steals our hearts with her utterly flattering, jaw-dropping, magnificent fashion sense. She is among the most trendy and stunning celebrities with a round or circle face shape. She always looks youthful and stunning, often witnessed pairing short hair with her face shape to compliment her personal glam quotient.

10. Mila Kunis:

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Mila Kunis stays on top of this list when we talk of celebrities with stunning makeovers and with a rounder face shape. Beauty redefines fashion with every single appearance and yet never fails to impress us. While most celebrities with round faces are often seen with blonde hair, we see dark hair in Mila, and this diva always looks ravishing. The confidence and magic when it comes to her facial structure and expressions are what always stay special.

11. Queen Latifah:

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Another celebrity with a chubby or big round face shape is Queen Latifah. The diva can show us how to look beautiful even with a chubby or circular face shape. Women with a round face structure can take inspiration from this fashionista if they love the all-bold and classic style statements.

12. Sarah Hyland:

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Sarah Hyland’s face shape is often called a ‘moon face’. This also stemmed from a few health complications affecting her face structure and looks. However, she is a huge inspiration on how well you can pull off a circular and round face shape seamlessly with youthful, elegant, modern, and stylish looks. Do you agree?

13. Selena Gomez:

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Talk about round face shape celebrities and miss out on the diva, Selena Gomez? No way! The fashionista Selena always looks fascinating and charming with her face shape. She makes the most of the looks with her beautiful baby face like features. She always impresses us with her youthful and timeless elegance.

14. Natalie Merchant:

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Natalie Merchant is yet another example of a celebrity with a round face. She has an equally proportionate circular face structure, and her personal style statement is always on point. The American songwriter and singer looks stunning with the edgy, soft face structure and dark-coloured hair.

15. Ariel Winter:

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The striking feature of Ariel Winter’s face structure is her sharp and edgy cheekbones. She is known for her youthful and elegant style statement, and her soft cheekbone area is what attracts attention most of the time. The beauty compliments her face shape with neutral-toned soft makeup and always looks ravishing.

16. Karen Gillan:

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The hot and stunning Karen Gillan looks ever timeless and sleek with her round face shape. The circular face beauty has a soft, toned face structure that looks captivating and mesmerizing. Her youthful and ageless look is what attracts attention in social circles. Most often, Karen compliments her face shape with blonde or burgundy hair!

17. Awkwafina:

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The Asian beauty and celebrity Awkafina looks exquisite with the circular round face shape. Her petite and balanced face structure is an ideal example of an Asian woman with a round face. The beauty tries bold and experimental looks in addition to elegant neutral looks, which look stunning in both variants.

18. Gong Li:

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Gong Li has an oval round face shape balance and is an ideal example for women who set the standard high with beautiful eyes and cheeks. She always highlights her eyes and chin with a good blush on cheekbones to give the round face shape a balanced look and diva inspired effect.

19. Thomasin McKenzie:

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Thomasin McKenzie is another celebrity who has a face structure similar to a baby. Her petite and youthful looks are among our favourites. She often maintains a minimal yet mesmerizing and magical look. With dark hair and breathtaking eyes, the diva looks always classic and charming.

20. Olivia Munn:

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How to look fine and youthful even as you age? Olivia Munn is a huge example for us when it comes to women with round faces. She seamlessly nails any style statement by keeping it basic yet bold and stylish. She often prefers short hair with a round face to give an exquisite and contemporary appearance to match the face shape.

What do you now think of women with round faces? Aren’t round face women truly beautiful and magical? These celebrities have redefined fashion and a sense of glam quotient with round faces. We hope you enjoyed exploring the looks with us. Let us know your thoughts.


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