6 Best Acupressure Points For Weight loss

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There are often times in our busy schedule when we get that one day off and we don’t know what to do with it. Throughout the week due to work pressure, home responsibilities and many other different schedules, our life has become so compact that we cannot usually dedicate our self to gym. Gym needs fixed workout time, fixed workout routine, fixed dedication- the three of them hard to maintain and so is yoga. You need peace of mind for concentrated yoga breathing. Then after a hard day at work don’t you deserve a small treat to yourself. So dieting is ruled out too. How is that possible when you have gone through turmoil the entire day?

This is why when we get that one day off; let’s not waste it in thinking how to waste it. Rather go for a acupressure in your nearest massage salon and feel the difference without substantial workout or dieting.

What Is Acupressure:

acupressure points for weight loss

No matter how much urbanized we are, age old wisdom never lies. Acupressure is the same as acupuncture only this is a safer method with no needles whatsoever. These are both old traditional way of curing body aches, pain and even certain diseases but for now we will only tackle the health issues. With obesity becoming a permanent member of the earth, acupressure is a safe weight loss method where through pressure applied to the right concentrated areas in the body we can control our tummy tuck-out. Along with its fast showing results a whooping 7 pounds can be shed just within a 7 day gap.

The acupressure therapy normally takes place for about sixty minutes and the person is totally engulfed in a soft cloth for the therapy. The practitioner softly applies pressure towards the specific points to attain relief and relaxation. For the situations which have its nexus with stress, healthcare, acupressure proves itself in such cases. Losing weight becomes an issue for various people so acupressure therapy would be of great help to the people who want to lose weight in a systematic manner. Acupressure is great for weight loss and a doctor should be recommended to before an application of pressure.

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How To Use Acupressure Points For Weight loss:

Unlike acupuncture, acupressure if aware of the correct places can be performed at home by yourself or through ha friend’s help. But for this the concerned area needs to be known. Also there is a pressure applying process. The process starts with a light massage on the area and gradually moving on into a firmer deeper pressure and then again ending it with a light massage.

Acupressure needs the right points for weight loss and to give the readers an insight here are the 6 acupressure points for weight loss in our body.

1. Ear Point:

Acupressure Points For Weight loss ear point

You see the ear flab, just opposite the ear lobe, the small triangular fleshy cartilage- that is our first pressure point. This point is referred to as the appetite control point which helps us empower the over-eating habits. What is needed is a good 3 minute consistent pressure on the ear flab just in front of the ear canal. After a 3 minute pressure release the point.

2. Lip Point:

Acupressure Points For Weight loss lips point

Then move on to the middle of the face just above the upper lip where the valley section is present. The wedge in between just above the lip is our next position that controls weight loss.  If you want to get rid of the sudden cravings for food, juts apply 20 seconds worth pressure on the area and then let go.

3. Elbow Point:

Acupressure Points For Weight loss elbow point

The next area is the elbow region. Just on the opposite of the hard elbow is the soft creased sensitive area where the veins are visible, on the inner side. That is our next acupressure weight loss point.The fingers should be placed next to the elbow to the inner ridge of the joint of the elbow.This relieves the tension knots of the large intestine and thus helps in weight loss. All it needs is a firm one minute pressure. It is one of the best acupressure points for weight loss.

4. Knee Point:

Acupressure Points For Weight loss knee point

A specific point of the spleen energizes the metabolism and helps the regulation of water. The fingers should be placed towards the inner leg across the tibia. Which is placed below 2 inches from knee cap on outer side of the leg. The round scooped part of the leg should be held firmly for a span of three minutes to regulate the water level in the body and the water weight in our body is metabolized. This is the best acupressure point for weight loss.

5. Ankle Point:

Acupressure Points For Weight loss ankle point

The digestive tract gets tightened through an application of pressure towards the specific point located aloft the ankle. Spleen is located towards the inner leg above the bone and behind the leg. Once the central point of the ankle bone point is located, four fingers above the point can be located. The pressure should be applied with the help of knuckles and thumbs for a span of one minute. Pregnant people should refer to the doctors before an application of pressure. This calls for a 1 minute hold. This takes care of the digestive systems and thus is helps in weight loss.

6. Hand Point:

Acupressure Points For Weight loss hand point

The exact points for the various body organs should be located well below every finger to achieve relaxation and relief. Below the tiny finger of the left hand, the functioning of spleen gets enhanced. The digestive tract below the specific lung areas, gall bladder and endocrine glands etc. function very well with an accurate pressure. The points of reflex should be held firmly in an accurate manner because too much pressure creates a problem.