What started as an ancient traditional practice of curing people almost 2000 years ago has achieved mass recognition. Acupuncture is a healing art from professionals hailing from China or Tibet, where this treatment is considered a complementary treatment to modern medicine. Here, we enlisted a few of the best acupuncture pressure points to cure back pain. Let’s have a look at them.

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As we say, old is gold, and this traditional form of healing involves using fine, thin, sterilized needles. The tale goes that our body is full of “qi”, pronounced as “chee”, which is life energy. On a normal day, there is a normal flow of chee in our body. Only when variation, greater or smaller, in the number of chee does the perfect balance become distorted. These fine needles are inserted into certain pressure points to unknot the chee flow, thus releasing the extra or less life energy. Using the same method, here are some pressure points for back pain cures by acupuncture.

Effective Acupuncture Points For Back Pain in Our Body:

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The pressure points or knots causing abnormality in the flow of chee are also known as meridians. Starting from the top, the ears are one of the pressure points where a skilful insertion of sterilized needles to the right points may relieve back pain. Ear acupuncture, compared to medication, is known to cure chronic back aches.


The hands are the second pressure point area in our body to cure back pain.  Acupuncture includes inserting needles into the pressure points, creating the mass of chee to unlock. When our body experiences the insertion of a needle, it relieves the clotted blood flow, which is one of the main causes of back pain. However, we are warned that being a naïve acupuncture patient, at first, the pain or stiffness may remain; however, the effects in the long term are valuable.


Yet another pressure point in the body is the palm of our hand, which is a knotted mass of nerves running hither and thither across the palm. An experienced needle insertion to this point connects the nervous system straight with our pain, causing significant relief in the back pain.

Lower Stomach:

The next pressure point in your body is the area right underneath your belly button. This is, however, a very sensitive place, especially for women and girls; however, if professional guidance is sought, there is nothing to worry about. This is mainly used for abdominal or side waist pain related to the lower back ache.

The Lower Back:

If you have a knotted pressure point in your body, the first place to attack for cure is the knotted place itself. Usually, to relieve blood pressure, the acupuncture method can insert needles into the back area where the pain is experienced.

The Toes:

One of the most effective areas is where most of the acupuncture points are located in the toe or underneath the toe of our body. This is where most pressure points are situated, and it is no wonder some points belong to back pain, too. One can usually use this as a pressure point in acupressure, and taking a cue from that; the very pressure point is where the needles are inserted for a deeper and quicker cure.

There are a few points dedicated to our body that can cure back pressure pain. However, it is always strictly advised to sort out the needles to be used by ensuring they are sterilized and clean for insertion. Another main point is professionalism, which should be accounted for if you trust someone with needles and your body.


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