Yoga is one of the most potent form of body exercise, practiced all over the world. Most of the time preferred over the conventional gym sessions, yoga is calm and collected but never backing down from its objective. Through yoga not only do we maintain our physical balance but also cleanse ourselves from the within where a composite calmness and peace of mind can be achieved through the simple act of yoga. Coming to the vast variety of the different kinds, here is a classic yoga act called Adho Mukha Svanasana or rather the downward dog.

How To Do It?

Before we get down to the benefits of how well this exercise might help you, here is a detailed step by step of how to perform this yoga. Carefully balancing your body on all fours, a simple breathing exercise coordinated with body movement is followed. This exercise also widely known as the downward dog claimed its name from the very posture that resembles a dog on its four.

Prior to starting you may want to use a mat as a base which might make things a bit more comfortable. Now get down on all fours so that your back is now aligned to the ground. Shoulder blades should be wide apart with your palms resting on the ground downwards on either side.

Now start by exhaling and as you do lift your lower portion up so that you are now forming an arch with your belly carving inwards. Straighten out your arms and your knees so that you form a perfect inverted V and lock the position for a few seconds or a minute before releasing the posture and going back to the original position. While you are releasing the posture don’t forget to inhale.

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How Does It Help Us?

With this yoga in your morning to do list, you can say goodbye to those stubborn back muscle pains. While you are twisting and stretching your body, a huge part of the back muscles are being subjected to flexibility. This is also a good exercise for the marrow problems where youre spine goes through a swift tug and stretch thereby ensuring its flexibility.

Neck and shoulder problems too can be taken care of with this exercise. While you are forming an inverted V, try leveling your neck with the ground and straighten out your arms. This way you can put your shoulder and neck muscles to a good workout.

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Digestion at its best is one of the boons that might befall you once you start practicing this exercise. The exhalation, pause and inhalation while twisting and stretching yourself is always good for your digestive systems.

One of the downsides to ageing is having to do deal with blood pressure problems. This is why this exercise is a must for you and your pressure which through this exercise can be kept at a constant level avoiding fluctuations.

Suffering from sinus is tough, especially having to deal with the nagging pain and that is why it is an ideal ordeal for you to practice breathing through this posture that might help you keep the sinus pains at bay.

The downward dog not only favors the body but the mind as well, probably one of the reasons why depression, fatigue, uneasiness and irritation can be relieved thorough this expert process. Depression has often been linked as a source for subsidiary body problems and thus, here is a way to curb them all through this.

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