Most of us have a slim frame or close to visually appealing body shape. But the only thing that annoys us about our figure is that growing belly that we do not know how to control. A relationship has also been established between belly fat (obesity) and cardiovascular diseases. Skipping meals altogether is no solution to reduce belly fat. In fact, it is a myth and does not work. Belly fat is one of the most stubborn fat zones in the body and takes time to burn.

9 Best Aerobic Exercises for Flat Stomach:

Here are some aerobic exercises that you can do every day to flatten that belly and have an amazing flat abdomen.

1. Stair Exercises:

Climbing stairs is an effective way of burning fat in your daily routine. It also boosts air volume and cardio-muscular strength. Walk up and down a flight of stairs 15 to 20 times. Maintain a steady pace and slowly keep increasing it.

2. Skipping:

This one is an aerobic workout of high intensity and targets almost all fat zones in your body. It also helps to burn calories quickly. It burns close to 450 calories in 45 minutes.

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3. Crunches:

Crunches are a brilliant tone up for your belly. Add variations like half crunches with your knees bent and then full crunches with your legs straight and locked to the floor. You can also try side crunches, with both your knees bent to one side and you push your upper body to the side facing upwards. They are very effective to pull in and tighten your abdominal muscles.

4. Spot jogs:

This one works as good as skipping, in fact better! Start at a point and make sure you don’t move, keep jogging right on that spot. When you lift your legs, try bending and lifting it higher; high enough to your waist level which in turn will produce a bouncing effect. Keep increasing your speed slowly and pause in between and start another chunk again.

5. Chakrasana:

This is a yoga asana posture that is popularly known as a back arch. Chakrasana strengthens core muscles and flexes all the muscles in the activated region. Chakrasana also improves arm strength and blood circulation.

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6. Running:

The core region of your body is best stimulated when you run. Increase your speed and duration steadily. It best the best exercise for your body.

7. Weight Training:

Hit the gym if you can spare an hour. Lifting weights is the best way to tone loose muscles. It also increases metabolism and muscle strength. Sometimes even thin people have a loose belly and the culprit in not toned muscles. Tone your muscles and lose skin with weights.

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8. Squat Jumps:

First, squat with your knees and toes parallel to each other. Squat down, as low as you can go and then jump up with your swinging arms upwards with full strength and land back in a squat position.

9. Zumba:

Zumba, a Latin dance style is an effective full-body workout. The rhythmic movements utilize your entire abdomen region along with your lower body, leaving no scope for fat to accumulate.


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