The world right now is now is dealing with a rampant problem of obesity. Being fat is the new trend but something we don’t support. Being obese comes with more than just physical inappropriateness. That size 7 dress sizes were definitely not for you and so were not those skinny white jeans. However, that did not stop you from your frequent runs to the nearby Mc Donalds. The youth today, even the kids are these days intertwined with the word obesity where they have to deal with not only being obese but also the side effects of obesity. At this point of time we all have signed up for gym memberships. Be the busy working lady, or the fat kid from the back of your class memberships these days can be quite cheap and cost efficient but do we really have the time to concentrate more on workout than our regular jobs?

That is exactly why today in this article we talk about the relatively newer kind of workout routine where you can integrate fun and workout at the same time. The new trick is called aerobic exercise where a stereo system is blasting at the corner of the room as you workout in a strategic manner. This can be done in a group along with friends or alone as well. The thing is you have to move along to the beat of the music and perform an intense workout at the same time.

14 Best Types of Aerobics To Perform From 10 Min to 1 Hr:

Here are some of the best aerobic exercises that you can opt for.

1. Swimming:

Swimming is a power packed aerobic exercise which when maintained regularly will definitely lead to calorie burns. But to perform aerobic type of exercise, one has to repeatedly perform a set of maybe three or four lap at an intense speed without any break and then stop for a break before continuing with the second set. The intense lap of swimming forces the body to pressurize on the muscles that would be shifting the water out of its place and therefore is our first easy aerobic exercise.

2. Cycling:

A ride in the bike through the country side in the happy evening is indeed a beautiful hobby we would all like to exercise but with the busy times we realized it is quite impossible for us to dedicate so much of our time and therefore our solution is to pick up your bike and go for a ride early in the mornings when a few second of hyper biking would definitely account for aerobic exercise.

3. Jumping jacks:

Start by standing straight with your spine erect and your neck aligned well with the spine. Start with your toes together in the same line and legs straight and then widen your arms on either side.  Now start with the jumping jack exercise where you jump and as you land widen your legs with your arms above your head, straightened. Follow the same and get back to the original position.

4. Running:

Every morning don’t wait for the alarm to announce you’re late for work. Instead wake up ahead of time, put on your jogging gears and take a good sprint in and around your neighborhood. Running is considered one of the best aerobic exercises. Start slowly maybe in a jog and then break into a two minute fast run.

5. Squats:

All those time you though squats will only help your waist but little did you know squats are one of the primary spines of aerobic exercises which accounts for a toned lower abdomen with body flexibility and balance. Start off with the normal routine and add weights to your workout when you become a pro.

6. Local Cardio:

To get your cardio worked out start by spot jogging at a quick speed and then quickly move on to the simple crunches. Now turn the crunches into a sit up routine and then roll over to some push-ups. Once this set is done go back to spot jogging and combine it with jumping jacks. The entire routine without a break can be executed within eight minutes and that is how well aerobic can help you sort out your cardio.

7. Crawls:

Crawls are one of the easiest aerobic exercises where you lie down on your front with your body in the shape of a plank. Use your elbows to support you and then at a brisk speed start crawling forth with the help of your forearms.

8. Step Dancing:

Step dancing is a strategic routine that forms the basic to the aerobic where along with music you perform a few free hand exercises that mainly consists of minor stretches and warm-up exercises.

9. Skipping:

Remember all those times in your childhood when you and your friend would be busy playing with the skipping rope. Well, it’s time we go back to the olden days and once again start the skipping routine. Not only does it help maintain the body balance but also helps in reducing body flab along with weight management.

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10. Squat Jumps:

Squat jumps are similar to the normal squats but this is a modified version of the squats where along with the regular squats you have to go all the way down and then jump back up to complete an entire circle. Instead of just standing up, end the routine in a jump and then base stance.

11. Boxing:

Boxing is yet another way to test your body skill. Usually, in boxing we trick the body to work out more than just the fore arm muscles in your body. Even if you are not a professional boxer, you can always try your time out with boxing bags where an intense three-minute boxing would help you attain concentration and body balance while you perfect your body defense.

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12. Yoga:

Yoga has been a great aerobic exercise but the only difference is here you don’t have to worry about intensifying your workout without the mandatory requirement. Yoga is made into an exception even though its effect and work is same as for the other aerobic workouts.

13. Stair Attack:

Stand at the top or bottom of your stairs every morning and then start hurrying up and down the stairs. It is actually a very easy way to keep yourself fit within the comforts of your own home. However, make sure you are careful of false steps.

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14. Walk It:

At the end of the day there is always walking that you can subject to. Save some money and some fuel and start walking short distances instead of opting for a vehicle. You can even put on your jogging gears and every morning go for a morning walk.


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