Name is an identity we all carry with us throughout our lives. So, it is perfectly natural that we love to keep the most beautiful and meaningful names for our little ones. That is why aesthetic baby names are a big trend right now. These aesthetic names are appealing and soothing – they are lovely, chic, stylish, trendy, creative, and artsy.

The aesthetic baby name ideas for boys and girls are a new buzz and phenomenon right now, and if you are looking for an amazing name for your newborn, these are ideal to consider!

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60 Unique Aesthetic Names for Boys and Girls with Meaning

Among the wide range of beautiful and cute baby name ideas around us, we have compiled gorgeous and lovely unique aesthetic baby names that are different, pleasing, and appealing. Let’s check out the list right now, and you can choose the one you love the most!

Aesthetic Baby Boy Names:

Here we go with cute and aesthetic baby boy names for the newborn. These lovely and meaningful names are pretty, in trend, and stylish too. Check them out!

1. Adley:

Adley is a very attractive and stylish, unique baby boy name choice. It means ‘God is just.’ The name comes from Hebrew origin and is getting quite popular these days.

2. Albus:

If you love fiction, you might have already heard this name from the Harry Potter series. Albus is among the most ancient medieval names, which means bright. The name came from Latin origin.

3. Atticus:

This is another very trendy and stylish name that is already quite famous. Atticus means man of Attica. It has roots in both Latin language and Greek too.

4. Bardy:

Bardy means winner. Bardy’s name came from Italian language origin and is a vintage and stylish name choice.

5. Brax:

Brax means Brick. The name is also short cut for Braxton. It has an old English origin. This is a popular short aesthetic male names idea.

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6. Clyde:

Clyde is a mesmerizing poetic name idea. It means the name of the river. The other meaning is ‘keeper of the keys.’

7. Ellis:

Ellis is a beautiful name that implies benevolence. It has origins in Welsh and English. If you love short and cute name ideas, this is very appealing.

8. Evan:

You might have heard this name enough already. The name Evan is getting very trendy, which means young warrior. How do you like this one in aesthetic guy names?

9. Hale:

Hale implies someone who is brave. The name also symbolizes a hero. It has English origins too!

10. Jasper:

Jasper means treasurer. The name initially has roots in Persian, however nowadays very famous in entire Europe.

11. Kyler:

Kyler is a bowman or archer. It has its roots in Dutch origin. This name is unique, short, and sweet, perfect for those who love modern yet poetic names.

12. Lyon:

The name Lyon simply implies a lion. It also symbolizes brave and fierce. It has roots in French origins.

13. Orion:

Orion in several Greek mythologies means son of Poseidon. It also means a mighty hunter. This is a trendy and trending name right now.

14. Percy:

This is another very famous name in fiction, which means Pierce valley. The origins of the name are French and are unique too.

15. Richen:

You might already guess the meaning of this name. It means rich. This is a widespread and popular European name for baby boys.

16. Ronan:

Ronan simply means a citizen of Rome. It is a unique and very rarely found name choice for boys.

17. Rufus:

Rufus has originated from Latin, which means redhead. The name Rufus is also the trendy ancient Roman name that is considered creative and artistic.

18. Scout:

Scout name is originally from the American lands, and it means explorer. Eventually, the name also began to symbolize adventure and traveler.

19. Spruce:

Spruce is a lovely name that means handsome. It has its origins in Middle English.

20. Tate:

Tate means cheerful. This unique name has both Norse and English origin; however, it is rarely found too. It has a beautiful and different vibe to it.

21. Texas:

If you guessed it right, yes, Texas is just the name of the city in America. However, it is also a trendy aesthetic baby boy name idea. Isn’t it fun?

22. Theo:

Theo is a Greek famous named Theodore. It symbolizes a brave man. However, many believe its actual origins are from Germany.

23. Van:

Van is a shortcut name for Ivan or Evan. It has Dutch origin and is a very cute and tiny short beautiful male baby name.

24. Walden:

Walden means a wooden alley. It has origins in old English and is a very vintage classic name idea.

25. Zane:

This is another of the most trending aesthetic male baby name idea, which means, ‘God is Gracious.’ We love this one!

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Aesthetic Baby Girl Names with Meaning:

Now, let us also check out the most famous aesthetic baby girl names ideas list. Some are quite famous already, while others are rising in the trend, and others are rare. However, all of them are pleasing, pretty, and beautiful. Check these aesthetic female names out!

26. Ailee:

Ailee is a very unique and new baby name idea for girls. It means hay meadow. It also symbolizes warmth. The symbolism and meaning both are unique and mesmerizing. It has origins in old English lands.

27. Aria:

Aria! Such a short and cute name, isn’t it! Aria’s name is popular in different regions. In Italian origin, Aria means air. In Albanian, Aria means treasure. Meanings in Persian symbolize Aria as noble. All the meanings are gorgeous, isn’t it!

28. Avery:

This is a very popular and vintage baby name idea. Avery means ruler of the elves. It has origins in English.

29. Birdie:

Biride name itself implies a bird. It also symbolizes brightness and peace. The name has origins in English, American, and German.

30. Blythe:

Blythe means cheerful and merry. The name is originated from English.

31. Cami:

The name Cami is a short form of Camilla. It is originated from Latin and English and means helper to the priest.

32. Claudine:

Claudine, in French origin, means warmth, peace, and calmness. It is a beautiful and very feminine baby girl name idea.

33. Cora:

Cora is a unique and gorgeous name idea. It means heart in the Greek language.

34. Darby:

Darby name originated from the Norse regions. It means a person who is free from envy. Such a dense and meaningful name, isn’t it!

35. Effie:

Effie is another sweet name choice, which means baby with freckles. It originated from Scottish. However, Effie in Greek also means pleasant speech. We love both meanings!

36. Elora:

Elora means ‘God is light.’ The name is famous, and a new day is an appealing contemporary idea for girls. It originated from Hebrew. However, in India, Ellora is another variant of the name; it means cave temples. This is both a famous Aesthetic Indian and Hebrew names idea.

37. Feather:

Feather implies light, calmness, and purity. The name is popular right from the 13th century and has origins in America.

38. Flora:

Flora simply symbolizes flowers. It has its origins in Latin. The name otherwise also means Roman Goddess.

39. Hazel:

Hazel simply refers to Hazelnut. It is a very popular English name idea for girls, which is feminine and short, and beautiful.

40. Ivy:

The name Ivy is a pretty cute and chic baby name idea. Ivy symbolizes a vine or climbing plant. It has origins in Latin and English.

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41. Kaira:

This famous name is getting pretty popular these days. The name Kaira means beloved or a friend. It has origins in Latin, Italian and Gaelic.

42. Lilly:

This is a well-known name for girls right from the ancient era. Lilly symbolizes purity and someone passionate. The name initially has its roots in Greek lands. However, it is now famous all across.

43. Luna:

Luna means moon. The name has origins in Italian and Spanish and is a lovely and beautiful feminine girl name.

44. Mari:

Mari means a drop in the sea. The name, also another hand, symbolizes beloved. It is a lovely name of Welsh origin.

45. Melanie:

Melanie in Greek means dark. This is a very vintage poetic name idea that is aesthetic and pleasant.

46. Mira:

Mira means peace, ocean, and someone who is admirable. The name initially has roots in Latin regions.

47. Peony:

Peony means healing. It has origins in Latin. However, in Chinese, Peony also symbolizes a flower that signifies honor.

48. Rose:

Rose simply means a rose flower. This name is quite a sensation from several generations together. Originally, it has roots in the Latin language.

49. Ruby:

Ruby is a gem name hailing from Latin origin. It also implies a precious red stone. The name is meaningful, short, and pleasant.

50. Sia:

Sia means victory. It is a very vintage and classic Norse name. In Hebrew, Sia means helper. There is also a famous singer with the name.

Aesthetic Baby Names: Unisex and Gender Neutral Names Ideas

There are some gorgeous and appealing unisex, gender-neutral name ideas too for baby boys and girls. They are lovely, stunning, and mesmerizing choices. Take a look!

51. Branwyn:

Branwyn means fair or just. This lovely name is suitable for both boys and girls and is a gender-neutral name that is appealing. It has origins in Welsh.

52. Briar:

Briar name has origins in the English language. It means thorny. The name also symbolizes a bush of wild roses.

53. Cleo:

Cleo is a lovely and very famous unisex name idea for boys and girls. It is a short form for Cleopatra, which means glory and fame.

54. Fjord:

The fjord is a beautiful name from Norweigan origins. The name implies ice-laden landscapes. It is a lovely and very unique winter-inspired aesthetic name.

55. Grey:

Grey simply is the name of the color and also symbolizes someone who has grey tone hair. It is another trendy gender-neutral unisex baby name with old English origins.

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56. Hayden:

Hayden symbolizes fire. It is a very famous European unisex baby name idea for boys and girls.

57. Juno:

Juno means queen of Heaven in Latin origin. In Roman mythology, Juno implies the Goddess of Love, Marriage, and Childbirth.

28. Kyrie:

Kyrie means a lord in Greek origins. The name is a very meaningful and philosophical one in baby names ideas.

59. Rory:

Rory means Red King in Irish origin. It is short and beautiful, yet a unique choice in unisex names.

60. Quincy:

Quincy technically means the estate of the fifth son. It is an ancient name from the French.

This list of aesthetic baby names ideas for boys and girls are all gorgeous, unique, and dense in their meanings. We hope you enjoyed exploring this latest trending list. Let us know which name you have loved the most; we love to hear from you!


This is exclusively a guide to learning about the latest Aesthetic baby names. These are for informative purposes only. Please keep in mind that the meanings of several names vary according to different cultures, regions, and languages. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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