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20 Unique African Girl Names And Meanings

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The African girl names are quite sweet and they come with beautiful meanings as well. If you are in love with such names, then in this article, we will be discussing some of the best names under that category which will be totally suitable for girls.

African Girl Names

Top 20 Beautiful African Girl Names And Meanings:

Here is a list of most famous and traditional african girl names are as Follows.

1. Abimbola:

This is one of the best names for the African female children. The name comes with a very beautiful meaning and any parent will be more than happy to name their female child by this name. The meaning of the name, “Abimboal” is “rich child”. This is one those names which the girl be really proud to speak out and will be admired especially because of this name.

2. Adisa:

You have definitely heard this name before. It is said to be one of the finest names for all the girls out there who are born in the African regions. The awesome thing about this name is that it will be quite effectively used and can be stated to be one of the best names out there for all the female children. Adisa means “the lucid one”.

3. Afua:

The meaning of the name Afua is “Friday born child”. This means that if the baby is a female and is born on Friday, then you can name here by this one. It will be totally appropriate for you and can be said to be one of those names that will be suitable for all women out there.

4. Akachi:

This name suggests “God’s hand”. The name makes the child blessed who has been given this name. It is one of the most prestigious names for a child and when that kid grows up to be an independent woman, she will realize that how lucky she is to be named by this this beautiful name.

5. Akua:

If an African girl is born on Wednesday, she is often named “Akua”. The name is usually given to those special child who are born on this day.

6. Afolabi:

The name Afolabi means “Child of high status”. This one is different from all the names that you have seen till now. The name is quite unique and will make a female child really special.

7. Akinyi:

If a girl in Africa is born during the forenoon, she is often named “Akinyi”. You probably have guessed the meaning of the name by now. It is “born during forenoon”.

8. Adebowale:

This name is quite a fascinating one and is something that almost everyone will admire. The meaning is equally beautiful like the word itself. The meaning is “return of the crown”.

9. Amara:

This is a beautiful name for a girl. The meaning of this name is “grace” and it can be said to be one of the finest names for all African girls out there.

10. Arusi:

This name means “born during the wedding season”. The name is quite fascinating for a girl.

11. Ebele:

The meaning of this name is “compassion”. It means that the girl named by this name will probably have a compassionate behavior.

12. Ekene:

Ekene means “acclaimed”. This is a pretty old and is quite used for its meaning. If you want to name your child with something unique and that sounds good as well, then this might be the one for her. The name is quite catchy as well.

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13. Desta:

Anyone would be more than happy to name their female child by this name. Desta means “pleasure”. The case might be something like that that the birth of the child has provided the mother and father with infinite pleasure.

14. Dubaka:

The means the child that has taken birth on 11th. The name is quite fancy and can be stated to be one of the best names for all the African female children out there. If you are looking for one of the most trendy names for your child, then this might be the right one for you.

15. Dada:

You might have heard this name before. Many female children in Africa have wavy hair and that is why they are named “dada” which means “one with wavy hair”. This can be said to be one of the most fancy names for the African girl babies that one will ever hear of.

16. Ekua:

The meaning of the name Ekua is “child born on Wednesday”. This name is generally given to the female African children who are born on that particular day. The name is considered to be quite good and holy for the person and for all the catchy features of the name is it one of the best names for the child out there.

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17. Femi:

The name Femi means “adored by God”. This is one of the best names for the child’s out there who are female and belong to the African culture. Besides it’s catchy nature, the name will be suitable for all the females out there.

18. Ife:

This is one of the most adorable names for little baby girls. The name means “woman of love”.

19. Furaha:

The meaning of this wonderful name is “delight”. It is said to be one of the best names for African baby girls and the name suggests the beautiful character of the one being named by it. If you are thinking of naming your child by one of the best African names, then this might be the one.

20. Folami:

Folami is the one who demands respect. A person named by this is generally provided with utmost respect in the first place. The name will go hand in hand with an impressive personality.

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